Web Release Notes 2024

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Your 360Learning platform is updated every 3 weeks (on Wednesdays between 6 AM and 8 AM GMT+2)*. Please find below the list of modifications for 2024.

*Two exceptions are planned in 2024:

  • Wednesday, April 17th → Tuesday, April 16th.
  • Wednesday, May 8th → Tuesday, May 14th.

Click here to see the release notes for the mobile application.

June 19th, 2024 (v105)

Core product updates

Skills: recommended content

If the new skills feature is activated on your platform, users can now access recommended content from their personal skills dashboard. This will open a search results page filtered on the related skill.

Improved navigation between tables on the manager dashboard

We've redesigned the navigation between tables in the Results section of the manager dashboard. Switching between tables that display the results by user completion, user scores, training results, and user synthesis is now more intuitive.

Role-based display with the custom CSS and HTML feature

We've introduced a new role-user property for the Custom CSS/HTML feature. Now, you can display custom CSS and HTML on your homepage or group page based on the user’s highest role.

Updated carousel design

For better readability and a more visually appealing experience, we've updated the design for the carousel. Now, when the carousel displays the postcard layout with the image on the left side of the slide and the accompanying text on the right of the slide:

  • Bigger titles and descriptions make the content easier to read.
  • A consistent white background for text ensures visibility, regardless of the platform background color.
  • The call-to-action button is vertically centered, keeping it aligned with the content for a clean look.

Other core product updates

  • On the platform, we made minor updates to the AI features icons and the pointer for Pick-a-point questions.
  • The “Reset password” email now matches the new email framework used across the platform.

Integrations updates

Advanced Group Synchronization: new rule for the fallback group

When updating the Advanced Group Synchronization rules, you can no longer select the integration group as a fallback group. To ensure efficient synchronization, we recommend setting up a dedicated fallback group specifically created to accommodate users that do not match any rules.

Zoom and Teams integration: clearer guidance on attendance threshold

We've removed the tooltip and updated the copy on the Zoom and Teams integration pages to adhere to accessibility guidelines and provide clear information about the group attendance threshold. This straightforward design makes it easier for everyone, especially those using assistive technologies, to understand and use the attendance threshold feature effectively. 

We're always working to make our platform more intuitive and accessible for everyone. For more information about our commitment to accessibility, check out our Digital Accessibility Statement.

May 29th, 2024 (v104)

Core product updates

Enhanced manager dashboard

We've revamped the manager dashboard to better support the stats for courses or sessions in which learners have self-enrolled, and provide actionable data for a broader range of users. With the enhanced dashboard, managers can now:

  • View the self enrollment stats in the same format as assigned trainings.
  • Use flexible filters to switch between different training types.
  • Track your team's progress in a single, comprehensive table featuring 4 tabs: Completion by user, Score by user, Results by training, and Synthesis by user.
  • See the number of courses and paths that each team member has started, and the time spent on them in the new Synthesis by user tab.

Enhanced manager dashboard.jpeg

For more information about the enhanced manager dashboard, see Track the statistics for your managees.

Schedule the display of configurable widgets

Plan ahead and program your group communications with our new scheduling feature for configurable widgets! Group admins can now set start and/or end dates for the following widgets:

The widgets will automatically appear on the group page to all users based on the set dates.

Skills: history and search

If the new skills feature is activated on your platform, users can now access the history of events related to a specific skill.

They can also use skills to filter search results for courses, paths, program sessions and activities.

File size limit for upload: 4GB

We added a hard limit to the size of uploaded files in the platform (see Add a document to a course and Add a video to a course). We used to have no limit, which could be abused 😕

Most similar solutions have an upload size limit under 2GB, so there should still be plenty of room.

June 4th edit: This section wasn’t part of the release note published on May 22nd. I’m adding it now for transparency, along with my apologies for the overlook. — Flavien

Other core product updates

  • When you enter a link for a carousel slide or a gallery block, you can now click Open link to quickly check for incorrect links or typos before saving your configuration.
  • We’ve improved the visibility of search text when your branding main color is dark. Now, when you search for a group in the left navigation sidebar, the typed text automatically adjusts to white or black based on your branding colors.
  • When viewing reports of path stats, the Step # Time Spent & Time Spent fields will now be calculated using the reported attendance duration from Zoom/Teams where it’s available.
  • The deprecated Invitations feature has been removed. It has been replaced with the Invited Users feature since November of last year. Click here to learn more.

Globalization updates

Translate the gallery on your group page

During the last release, we introduced the Gallery widget. Now, you can translate the gallery into other languages to keep your group page globalized. The gallery automatically displays the blocs in the language of the user's platform.

Other Globalization updates

  • In the Manage Languages tab, the source language will always be displayed at the top of the list of languages.

Integration updates

HRIS connectors: Improved advanced group synchronization rules

We've modified the group assignment behavior for HRIS connectors to ensure users are not inadvertently removed from groups they should belong to.

Previously, any rule targeting a public group required a duplicate rule targeting its parent groups until a private group was reached. Otherwise, users matching the rule for a public subgroup (Group B), but not its parent group (Group A), were removed from both groups during the following sync cycles.

The new behavior ensures that:

  • Users matching the rule for the public subgroup (Group B), but not its parent group (Group A), will remain in both groups across all syncs.
  • Users initially in the parent group (Group A), who only match the rule for the public subgroup (Group B), will also remain in both groups across all syncs.

May 14th, 2024 (v103)

Core product updates

Introducing the gallery widget on group pages

A gallery is a row of up to 3 image blocks in a group page. But a gallery is more than just images! It's a storytelling tool that allows you to curate a custom experience for your learners. Each image block is accompanied by a brief caption and a hidden link to an online resource. By adding a gallery to your group page, you can:

  • Create an engaging visual section to showcase images related to your brand.
  • Categorize the content of your group page by redirecting your learners to a filtered search results page or some new training content.
  • Guide your learners to relevant resources beyond your platform by adding a link to an external URL.
  • Enable direct communication between you and your learners by including a mailto link that allows learners to easily send an email from their own address to any recipient you specify.

Gallery widget.gif

Improved path assessments for managers

We’ve made some improvements to assessments for managers and learners.

Managers can now dive into detailed stats of a subpath, and the elements within that subpath, for a given learner to see if a learner had problems with a step.

Learners can see the status of each of their assessments from the path homepage.

CleanShot 2024-04-29 at 21.28.08.gif

New date filter for Paths custom reports: Add learner start date

To track which learners have started a given path within a specific date range, filter your Paths custom reports with the ADD LEARNER START DATE filter.

Skills, REVAMPED! — continued

The new Skills feature is being progressively deployed. You can find the basic features here →

Contact your Client Success Partner (CSP) if you want to activate it on your platform.

Other core product updates

  • We updated placeholder text when creating groups to better represent the feature.
  • We reworded the error message that appears when a group ID has the wrong format in the user CSV import (it’s now a popin detailing the exact problem, instead of a generic orange error message at the bottom of the screen).

Integrations updates

Update: OpenSesame connector

Before, when a learner launched an OpenSesame course from their 360Learning platform, the course was immediately marked as Completed in 360Learning, with a progress of 0%. We’ve updated this behavior to better reflect the completion status of the course in 360Learning.

Now, when a learner clicks START on the course homepage in 360Learning, the course is moved to the Ongoing section in the learner's homepage, with a progress set to 50%.

When the learner completes the course in OpenSesame, the course is marked as Completed and the statistics are updated in 360Learning in almost real time.

Globalization updates

Additional languages for translations

You can now translate your training content into Sinhala, Marathi, and Estonian.

Translated skills displayed in search filters

In the search results page, you can now see the Skills filter in your platform language instead of the default language (if the skill is available in your language).

Other Globalization updates

  • To allow for better readability, we have made some minor changes to the Manage Languages page for Skills, Courses, and Paths.

April 16th, 2024 (v102)

Core product updates

Simplify logging in to multiple platforms with Magic Link

We’ve added the ability to quickly access multiple platforms without needing to remember alias emails/passwords!

When the user logs in, they have the option to login with Magic Link. When logging in with Magic Link, they will only need to enter an email address (with or without alias) and they will then receive an email with links to access all of their assigned platforms.

You can enable this feature in the platform settings under Advanced → Activate login with Magic Link. Enabling this feature will add the LOGIN WITH A MAGIC LINK option to the login screen.


We’re cooking a major rehaul of skills (which include jobs and proficiency levels). Admins will progressively see new sections appear in their interface, and we’re updating the Knowledge Base accordingly.

Enroll your managees in paths

To decentralize learning assignments and empower managers to upskill the learners in their teams, managers can now enroll their managees in path sessions from the manager dashboard.

Make Custom Fields mandatory during self-registration

When customizing the self-registration form, you can now make custom fields mandatory.

In the Add custom fields section of the Self-registration settings, enable the option Mandatory response. With this setting enabled, users will be required to fill out the custom field(s) before they can submit their self-registration.

CleanShot 2024-04-05 at 17.38.13@2x.png

New column for Paths reports: Learner start date

You can now track when a learner begins their first activity on a path by adding the Learner start date column in Paths custom reports. This optional column is in YYYY/MM/DD HH:mm format.

Other core product updates

  • 🖼 We added a border to the carousel in the homepage of a group, when it is displayed in postcard mode. This should be a little neater.
  • Coaches accessing group settings will now automatically land in the Library & Catalog page of the group settings.
  • [Edit April 11th] At the bottom left corner of the platform, we've changed the color for the notification icon of the support widget to a neutral grey Neutral grey.jpeg. It now fits in with any branding!

Customization updates

New optional branding setting: The primary group

Platform admins can now assign a primary group to a learner's profile to select the primary branding of their platform on pages that are not related to any group.

If a learner belongs to multiple groups with different brandings, the colors of the group selected as the primary group apply to:

You can assign the primary group to learners in multiple ways:

The primary group is an optional setting. When the primary group is not set, the branding of the lowest private common ancestor group applies by default.

API updates

Customization solution: Updated routes for the primary group setting

The new primary group setting applies the branding of a specific group to the primary appearance of a learner's platform.

To select the primary group for specific learners, we've added an optional primaryGroupId request parameter to the following routes:

To retrieve the primary group for existing users, we've added an optional primaryGroupId response parameter to the following routes:

Globalization updates

Translate the titles of custom training sections

Group admins can translate the titles of custom training sections. With this new feature, all the content in group pages can now be displayed in the learner's profile language, provided they are translated on the platform.  

March 27th, 2024 (v101)

Core product updates

AI-generated courses: compliance check on prompts

When using AI to create a course, we now apply compliance checks to the text for the fields What is the objective of your course? and Who is this course for?, on top of the course title (instead of only the title).

Access the courses available in your group in just a few clicks

Admins, coaches, and authors can now easily view the list of courses available in their group, tailored to their permissions and visibility rules.

Select the Courses chip at the top of your group to access the following features:

  • Streamlined access: See, filter, and sort the list of courses that are either owned by your group, published in your group's catalog, or added to your group's library. This page only displays the courses that you can see according to your role permissions.
  • Enhanced catalog visibility: Get a clear snapshot of which courses learners can play from your group's catalog.
  • Bulk publishing: Publish or remove multiple courses from your group's catalog from one convenient page.
  • Seamless library expansion: Add multiple courses to the group's library so that authors can integrate them into their paths and program templates.
  • Efficient course management: Preview, edit, create, copy, archive, and delete a course, depending on your role permissions.
  • At-a-glance course stats: View the courses' authors and creation date, and compare the reaction scores, views, and course activity diversification to measure learner engagement.
  • Detailed stats deep dive: Select a course in the list and explore the detailed statistics for a given course.

Notification change for path enrollment

To help improve path session interactions, we have made a slight change to the notifications users receive during path enrollment.

Now, when a learner is enrolled in a path, they no longer receive a notification. Instead, the learner will receive a notification when the path session starts, allowing them to react to the notification immediately.

Sunset of the old group dashboard

We are gradually removing the legacy group dashboard, but fret not, the data is not lost! You can still find all the statistics from the old dashboard on the platform in other locations.

Old group dashboard section New location
General View and download the general data in the new Group dashboard.
Subgroups View and download the subgroups' data in the new Group dashboard.

View the list of learners in the Users chip.

Create a General report to download the data.

Projects View and download the projects' data in the new Group dashboard.
Learning needs If learning needs are activated, you can find the related statistics in the Learning Needs chip.
Programs This section has not been removed. You can still find the data for programs in the old group dashboard, under the Additional details tab.
Main skills This section has not been removed. You can still find the main skills data in the old group dashboard, under the Additional details tab.
Paths View the list of paths and deep dive into the statistics of a specific path from the Paths chip.
Collaborative activity

View the number of comments and reactions in the new Group dashboard.

View the number of publications, comments, and reactions per learner in the Collaborative Activities chip, under the tab Users.

Automatically enroll learners on subpaths

When adding a subpath to a path, learners are now automatically enrolled to the subpath!

With this change, there will be a single session for a path and all subpaths. This will save time for the instructors and authors creating paths.

This will also create a streamlined environment for learners by showing a single path in their homepage/catalog where they can access the path and subpaths. As well as improve the email experience for learners because they will only receive the initial path assignment email, rather than each subpath.

Other core product updates

  • In the group dashboard, you can now click on the Active users line chart to see the list of active users during the selected period.
  • On the lists of paths and courses, we've added a  eye.svg Play button to preview the training content instead of clicking on the row.
  • In the left sidebar, we've adjusted the color for the selected group to closely match the color of other components on the platform.
  • Updated the Delete a user page to include a short summary of user deletion, as well as links to the knowledge base articles for Deleting a user and Restoring a deleted account.

Globalization updates

Better navigation on Course translation

We’ve rearranged some of the tabs and shortened some of the table headers within the Manage languages page on a course, allowing for quicker navigation and better readability.

CleanShot 2024-03-15 at 16.44.21@2x.png

Better navigation of Skills settings

We’ve rearranged some of the tabs and shortened some of the table headers within the Manage languages page in Skills settings, allowing for quicker navigation and better readability.

CleanShot 2024-03-15 at 16.32.55@2x.png

Mobile updates

  • Made improvements when searching for users while sharing a post or mentioning a user in a post. Entering a space after typing the first name of a user will no longer hide the user list while searching.
  • Fixed an issue where push notifications would remain marked as 'unread' in the mobile application.
  • Made minor changes to improve consistency of the Submit button in several locations of the mobile application.
  • Fixed an issue preventing users from downloading media that was uploaded through the mobile application.

API updates

Updated route: createPath

You can now create Classroom blocks within a path using the createPath route.

Integrations updates

Updated integration: Edflex connector

We’ve deployed fixes on the Edflex connector to improve the synchronization of completion statistics between the 2 platforms.

March 6th, 2024 (v100)

Core product updates

AI-generated courses: improved UX

We improved the UX of AI-generated courses, to make it generally less confusing, and more intuitive. It’s a lot of little upgrades here and there, but here is a detailed list — for those of you who like specifics:

  • The generation of the contents of the course now starts only when the objectives and the audience are filled (previously: you could trigger course generation with just the title).
  • You can now trigger the generation by pressing the ↵ enter key on the keyboard from the objectives field or the audience field, or clicking outside the “AI box” (the section where you fill the objectives and audience).
  • You can now press ⇧+↵ to line break in the AI box (since ↵ is now used for content generation).
  • The course image is now generated at the same time as everything else (previously: before the content, which could be confusing).
  • Pressing the ⇥ tab key on the keyboard now focuses the next field (in the order Title → Objectives → Audience), instead of the next page element.
  • We also tried to decrease mental load by shortening some sentences and placeholders, and moving some of them around the page.

All in all, nothing really changed in terms of what to click where. But it feels nicer and reacts better.

Impacted application:

AI-generated courses: better text quality

We tweaked the engine for the course generation to reduce duplicated content across sheets and push conclusions at the end of the course.

Impacted application:

Path session waiting list for self-enrolled learners

Similar to programs, we have added a waitlist to path sessions for self-enrolled learners.

When a path session is accessible in the catalog of a group, path instructors and administrators will see a new setting: Limit the number of self-registration seats for this path session.

CleanShot 2024-03-04 at 17.26.47@2x.png

Once the maximum number of self-registration seats have been filled, learners will see an option to Join the waiting list on the path session.

Impacted application:

Revamped default notifications settings

Platform admins can now define default notification settings for their users.

This is an entirely revamped version of the feature we introduced on August 30th. We realized it was too complex, and decided to focus this time on simplicity and transparency.

Impacted application:

Welcoming email for new authors

New authors now receive a welcoming email with a call to action that redirects them to the platform to create a course.

  • For existing users, the email is sent when they are given the author role.
  • For authors who are new to the platform, the welcoming email is sent 1 week after they are added to the platform.

Impacted application:

Anyone can be an instructor on a path session

We have updated paths to now allow coaches/admins to name anyone as an instructor on a path session. Impacted application:

Activate extended statistics visibility for group admins and coaches

To allow platform admins to delegate reports and better monitor analytics, you can extend the visibility rules for group admins and coaches.

With the extended visibility feature, group admins and coaches can see the statistics for the training content that the learners in their group did in the context of publicly connected groups. The statistics include the following:

  • Courses in the catalog or library of their group and publicly connected groups.
  • Path sessions that are owned by their group and publicly connected groups.

Group admins also have extended visibility on the statistics of the learners in their subgroups.

Contact your Customer Success Partner (CSP) to activate the extended visibility feature.

Impacted application:

See the statistics of deleted users in the Group dashboard

To ensure historical data isn’t lost when a user is deleted, we’ve modified the activity chart in the group dashboard. Admins can now see the statistics of all users who were part of the group when they started the training, including deleted users.

Impacted application:

New column for custom reports: Text description

You can now add a Text description column to your Course reports to see the presentation summary.

For more information about custom reports, see Export a platform report.

Impacted application:

New task center for path registration requests

Admins of platforms that are fully migrated to paths can now process path registration validations requests from a new task center. Path registration validations are triggered when users try to self-enroll in a path session shared in their Catalog, and that path session requires validation.

From the task center, admins will be able to filter requests, and validate or reject them in bulk. Platform admin can also see the pending tasks of other admins, and complete them, as well as access metrics on the number of pending and completed tasks per admin.

Impacted application:

Other core product updates

  • Fixed an issue that was causing an error message to appear when attempting to translate off-the-shelf skills. Impacted application:
  • We removed the notification email "Recommended for you", that was meant to suggest content recommendations, sent every two weeks on Monday. We realized it created much less engagement than we had hoped. Impacted application:
  • We’ve made some changes on our end to how the search functionality works. The search will be more reliable when tagging users on shared content or forum posts. Impacted application:

  • We’ve made some changes on our end to improve load times for platforms with a large number of users. Impacted application:

Mobile updates

  • Path assessments can now be validated/rejected on mobile devices (this requires the Mobile Advanced solution). Impacted applications:
  • Fixed an issue causing the newsfeed to not automatically refresh after posting a comment. Impacted applications:

  • Improved the language selection on courses. Impacted applications:

Customization updates

Custom domains

Create a personalized experience unique to your brand with a custom URL. Full custom domains are now available through the Customization solution.

If your platform already uses custom domains, the feature will remain available on the groups where there’s already a full custom domain.

Live updates

Attendance sheets updated

We’ve added some new features to Attendance sheets for our Live solution. You can now create multiple attendance sheets in a single classroom slot. For example, if you have a classroom that requires attendance twice per day, you can now achieve this by creating two attendance sheets within that classroom slot.

Learners can now sign multiple attendance sheets in a single classroom slot.

Path instructors, path admins, and trainers can now create multiple attendance sheets, rename attendance sheets, and see the updated name of the sheet on the downloaded PDFs. Impacted application:

February 14th, 2024 (v99)

Core product updates

Customize the background colors of your platform

To showcase your brand colors, platform admins can customize the background color for the central section of the main pages in all groups.

With the Customization solution, group admins can also change the background color for their groups.

[Background custom color].gif

Impacted application: 

Display custom training sections on group pages

We're introducing a new widget called "custom training section" that displays courses and sessions from the group catalog filtered by skills.

Group admins can create multiple custom training sections on their group page if the widget is available on the platform group page layout. For each custom training section, they can select one or several skills. Group pages then display the group's catalog filtered with the selected skills.

With the Customization solution, group admins can add custom training sections on their group page even if they are not included in the platform group page layout.

[RN EN] Custom training sections.gif

Impacted application: 

AI-generated questions: correction texts

Adding an AI-generated question now includes a correction text. This saves authors the trouble of writing an explanation for answers that they haven’t themselves chosen, and should generally speed up course creation.

This only works for questions created within an existing course; not for courses created entirely with AI (for now 🤫).

Impacted application: 

Customize the welcome message for self-registration

We’ve added the ability to customize the welcome message that is displayed on the self-registration page for your users. Under the Setup self-registration settings, enable Customize registration form message and enter your message.

CleanShot 2024-02-05 at 16.24.44@2x.png

Impacted application: 

Filter invited users

We’ve added a filter that allows you to separate active users from invited users during path enrollment.

CleanShot 2024-02-05 at 17.01.04.gif

Impacted application: 

Other core product updates

  • We have added two new language options for translations: Uzbek and Catalan. Impacted application: 
  • We updated the appearance of some elements in the newsfeed (when a user shares a path, a course, or a program). We moved around the timestamp and like button, and changed the color of the name of the author, to be consistent with the general UI guidelines. Impacted application: 
  • We reworded the instructions for Linker questions: “Click and drag items to link them with their corresponding match”. Impacted application: 
  • Users in platforms with the new quick search activated now land on the new search results page when clicking See all on the right of the section titles in the homepage. Impacted application: 
  • We updated the appearance of the popup that appears when a user shares a course or path in a newsfeed, to make it more consistent with the general UI, and more intuitive. Impacted application: 
  • We also updated the warning message and confirmation button when a user shares a course or path in a newsfeed to more than 1,000 users. They now mention the action (rather than a mere “Warning” and “Confirm”), to clarify the consequences. Impacted application: 
  • We’ve unified the behaviors across the statistics tables: When you click on an action, the new page opens in the same tab. You can still open a new tab with Ctrl/Cmd + click. Impacted application: 

Mobile updates

  • In the newsfeed of the iOS mobile app, videos now appear as a thumbnail, instead of a generic video player icon with the file title. Impacted applications:
  • If you changed the layout of your group pages, those changes will now be reflected in the Discover tab of the mobile application. Impacted applications:

Integration update

  • When you set up the SuccessFactor connector, you can now choose to use the theoretical duration of training instead of real-time spent when reporting learners' completion on courses, programs, and paths.

API updates

New route

  • getUserPaths: returns all paths in which the user has been enrolled (individually, via a group, or via open registration).

January 24th, 2024 (v98)

Core product updates

Improved visibility on planned path steps

We have added a banner showing the scheduled date for future-dated courses and emails within a path.

CleanShot 2024-01-12 at 17.22.37@2x.png

Impacted application: 

AI-generated courses: better outline

When generating courses from documents with AI, the outline now takes into consideration the original structure of the document (instead of reinventing the wheel).

Impacted application: 

AI-generated courses: tweak in engine

We’re now using a mix of OpenAI GPT-3.5 turbo and GPT-4 models to generate courses (previously: OpenAI GPT-4, GPT-3, Codex, and DALL-E models). This won’t create massive visible differences, but is part of our continuous effort to create the most relevant courses 🤓

Impacted application: 

Path audiences: for everyone

We’re now ready to deploy our new (and my personal favorite) path enrollment mechanism, codenamed audiences, to all platforms. This means that:

  • New platforms will use audiences to enroll users to all their path sessions.
  • Existing platforms that were already using audiences, keep it with no questions asked.
  • Existing platforms that were not using audiences, will now see this flabbergasting new feature on all their new path sessions.

Path sessions that are currently using the legacy enrollment mechanism remain untouched. We plan on migrating them (if they’re still around) towards the end of the summer. We’ll be in touch.

Impacted application: 

Following followers

Any user can now follow any other user (they can see), and check who is following them.

They will then receive a notification email once a week, with the list of courses shared by the authors you follow, and the list of posts shared by the users you follow.

Impacted application: 

Display user invitations on profile

You can now verify if a user has been invited to the platform from their profile. If a user has been invited to the platform, their profile will now display Invited User.

Impacted application: 

Path email step: to the learner’s managers

Path authors can now send emails (as part of path actions) to the learner’s managers.

Impacted application: 

Added a Start button to paths

Learners can now quickly start/resume a path by simply clicking the Start/Resume button located on the path homepage.

Impacted application: 

Anyone can be an instructor on a path session

We have updated paths to now allow coaches/admins to name anyone as an instructor on a path session.

February 8th edit: the core rules of user visibility still apply, and coaches and admins keep seeing only members of their group. This new feature allows to select users who do not belong to the path session’s owner group, but does not allow coaches to select members of groups in which they don’t have the coach role. Apologies for the confusion. — Flavien

Impacted application: 

Search for a specific path session

To improve navigation in paths with a large number of sessions, we have added a search function allowing you to quickly find a specific session.

Impacted application: 

New columns for OPCO reports: Estimated training duration and Time progression

Session instructors and admins can now add two new columns to their OPCO reports:

  • Estimated training duration: estimated for the course (in HH:MM:ss format).
  • Time progression: cumulated time spent on the course, up to the attempt described in the row (in other words: the sum of the time spent for all past attempts).

Impacted application: 

More visibility on path statistics for instructors

In custom reports, instructors can now export the statistics for all learners that play a path in a path session they instruct, regardless of their group.

Impacted application: 

OpenSesame Jumpstart Content offer for new clients (for real!)

New clients can now enjoy a curated selection of 10 high-quality courses from OpenSesame from day 1 at no extra cost. The courses are available on their platform in either English, French, or German, depending on the platform's owner language.

Impacted application: 

Other core product updates

  • In the paths sessions list, admins can now click on the number of instructors for a given path session to view the names of instructors assigned to the path session.
  • 🔍 Cheat sheets from archived courses don’t appear in search results anymore (they still appear if they’re in at least one non-archived course).

Integration updates

HRIS SFTP connector: Security enhancement

The HRIS SFTP connector now supports file encryption with asymmetric keys to protect sensitive data. To activate the encryption feature on your connector, contact your Customer Success Partner (CSP) or Solution Architect (SA).

Updated integration: Workday Learning

Our Workday integration now includes the LMS solution: you can now synchronize courses, paths, enrollments, and learning history from 360Learning to Workday Learning.

This solution is part of the Technical Services catalog.

New integration: Achievers connector

Upon course and path completion in the 360Learning platform, the connector creates an achievement in Achievers.

This solution is part of the Technical Services catalog.

January 3rd, 2024 (v97)

Core product updates

Track the path status in one detailed column

To help admins and managers track the learners' progress in paths, we’ve migrated the old Status and Results columns in the path reports to a single Status column. You can now view the following detailed path Status:

  • Pending session opening when the learner is enrolled in a path session that hasn’t started yet.
  • Not yet started when the learner is enrolled in a path, but they haven't started the path yet.
  • On time when the learner starts the path and has not reached a blocking point.
  • Late when the learner starts the path and is late for at least one mandatory step with a due date.
  • To retake when the learner completes the path without fulfilling all the required conditions (time limit, minimum score, mandatory replay), but they still haven’t reached the maximum amount of authorized attempts.
  • Unsuccessful when the learner completes the path without fulfilling all the required conditions (time limit, minimum score, mandatory replay), and they reached the maximum amount of authorized attempts. If the path session was closed when the learner status was either Not yet started, On time, Late, or To retake, then they are also marked Unsuccessful.
  • Successful when the learner completes all the mandatory steps and fulfills all the required conditions (time limit, minimum score, mandatory replay).

The new path Status is implemented across the platform in the path statistics page, in custom reports, in the manager dashboard, in the leaner's statistics pages, and in the API.

This change affects how users view the path status across the platform. The old Status and Results remain available for API calls and connectors.

Discover Upcoming Classroom Slots

Allow your learners to organically discover more classrooms and engage with more content! When learners click the Classrooms navigation filter at the top of their homepage, they can now see the classrooms that they are assigned to and the upcoming classrooms that they can register to.

Impacted application: 

User emails in user tables

With our recent change in the handling of inviting users (reminder: invited users can now be enrolled and assigned like active users — only unbilled), we realized those yet-unnamed users would make user lists difficult to navigate.

To allow user identification when invited users haven’t entered their name yet, coaches and admins can now see a new column Email in the user tables when they click the Users → Current or Deleted at the top of the homepage.

Also, when invited users don’t have a name, we’re now displaying them as “-” (instead of “Untitled”).

Impacted application: 

AI-generated courses: prompt-based

We’re slowly rolling out a new type of AI-based course generation, where you can give ad-hoc instructions (the famous “prompt” in conversational AI) instead of a document.

Authors will be able to enter a prompt at the top of the course page, when clicking CREATE → Course → Blank at the top of the homepage.

We’re deploying this in steps to control performance, aiming at 100% towards the end of the quarter.

Impacted application: 

AI-generated courses: new document formats

On top of .PDF files, you can now upload .PPTX (Microsoft PowerPoint) and .DOCX (Microsoft Word) documents to the AI course generator.

Impacted application: 

AI-generated courses: better images

We improved the relevance of images from courses generated with AI. This targets only cover images for the course, and for cheat sheets within the course.

The course context is particularly important here, so we’re closely monitoring the results 👀

Impacted application: 

AI-generated courses: add compliance check

When creating a course with AI, we now check the input information against the guidelines, and display an error if the info or the general topic is in direct contradiction.

Impacted application: 

New path step: Microsoft Teams message

Authors and administrators can now send Microsoft Teams notifications as a path step.

The body of the notification is customizable, and can include dynamic variables such as the first name, last name, email address and organization name of the connected user.

You can also add a button redirecting to the path homepage, and schedule to send your message after the previous step, after the enrollment date, or after the session start date.

Impacted application: 

Download video submissions

Learners who recorded a video on the platform can now download it instantly on their computer when the recording ends.

This allows users to both keep a local copy of their video, and have a safeguard in case the recorded video doesn’t upload correctly in the platform.

Impacted application: 

Other core product updates

  • 📝 In the group general settings, we renamed the option Activate for subgroups into Activate for all subgroups. Activating or deactivating it displays a confirmation message with the number of impacted groups. The option is greyed out when the group has no subgroups. Impacted application: 
  • 💡 We added a small banner at the top of all path dashboard pages (the general dashboard that appears when clicking Paths at the top of the homepage, the statistics page of a specific path, and the statistics page of a specific path session), with a link to our article explaining the details of the migration. Impacted application: 
  • 💬 We added tooltips on the options Owner group, Main instructor and Co-instructor(s) in the path settings, to clarify what each of them does. Impacted application: 
  • To continue facilitating content creation on the platform, we've redesigned the plus.svg button at the top right of the homepage. With the new CREATE dropdown menu, you can now see at a glance where to click on the homepage to create users, training content, projects, groups, and learning needs. Impacted application: 
  • 🫸 If you’ve never published any post (or never created any course, if you’re an author or an admin), we added a link just below your name to help you do just that. Impacted application: 
  • ⚡ You can now share custom reports with other users without scheduling them. Impacted application: 
  • New platforms and platforms that don’t use the Public Channel won’t see it anymore. For platforms using it: rest assured, we’ll be in touch. We won’t delete it just now. Impacted application: 

Mobile updates

  • When a course author disables video subtitles, they are no longer displayed on mobile. Impacted applications:

API updates

Added detailedStatus response field

To track the new detailed path completion status, the following routes now return the detailedStatus field:

  • getPathSessionStats
  • getUserPathSessionStats
  • getUsersPathSessionStats

createPath: now with assessments and email

The createPath route now allows the addition of assessments and emails.

Integration updates

Curated programs: Deletion of the automated replication of content in the subgroups' Catalog and Library

To improve platform performance with minimal impact on learners, we’ve removed the automated replication of content from external content providers in the Catalog and Library of public children groups. Content from external content providers is now only added by default to the Catalog and Library of the group where the connector is deployed.

  • Learners in public children groups can still access the content from the Catalog in the parent group.
  • Coaches and admins can still manually add the content to the Catalog and Library of children groups.

ADP Decidium connector: Additional custom fields

The ADP Decidium connector now supports the following fields returned by the ADP Decidium Workers API:

  • workers/workAssignments/0/workArrangementCode/shortName
  • workers/person/genderCode/shortName
  • workers/person/birthDate
  • workers/workerDates/originalHireDate
  • workers/workAssignments/0/actualStartDate
  • workAssignments[0].customFieldGroup.codeFields[0].codeValue
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