Go further with the 360Learning Suite

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Sales Enablement

Accelerate sales onboarding and product launches. Capture and share the expertise of top performers. Train from your CRM and measure the impact on performance.

Available features:


Centralize and keep control over translations. Streamline course translation process. Empower learners to pick their preferred language and increase your reach.

Available features:

HCM Connect

Manage complex organizations & usecases via group data synchronization. Increase HR Admin productivity by automating workflows & administrative work. Enrich HR workflows with Learning statistics. Gather all learning statistics in one place.

Available features:

  • Activate synchronization at group level.
  • Activate daily synchronization of users (creation, update, deletion) from your HRIS into 360Learning.
  • Automatically upload courses created in 360Learning into your LMS catalog.
  • Automatically assign sessions from 360Learning into your LMS.
  • View courses & sessions created in 360Learning directly from your LMS catalog, as Learning objects.
  • Enable SSO login.
  • Activate daily synchronization of learning analytics from 360Learning into your LMS.
  • Show 360Learning statistics in your LMS dashboards.

Curated Programs

Enrich your Catalog with off-the-shelf content. Curate, contextualize, and showcase off-the-shelf courses. Measure the impact of your entire learning catalog.

Available features:

  • Integrate off-the-shelf content into 360Learning, and index them as native courses for search.
  • Import skills from the third party provider.
  • Add a specific section in the Catalog for third party provider content.
  • Add a specific search filter for third party provider content.
  • Transparent login (through SSO) when opening the course.
  • Synchronize third party provider learning statistics (daily or in real time, depending on the provider) into 360Learning dashboard (Progress, Score, Time Spent, Last Activity Date).

Available content providers:

  • Pluralsight;
  • fitforbanking;
  • Coursera;
  • Udemy;
  • Skillsoft;
  • LinkedIn Learning;
  • edX;
  • Edflex;
  • OpenClassrooms.

Mobile Advanced

Engage field workers. Empower local managers into L&D ambassadors. Shorten time-to-train. Experts can train in the flow of work and adjust the content according to field operations feedback

Available features:

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