Release Notes 2022

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Your 360Learning platform is updated every 3 weeks (on Wednesdays between 6 AM and 8 AM GMT+2. See below the list of modifications from 2022.

December 21st, 2022 (v79)

Core product updates

Introducing the Single Page course layout

We’re giving Authors more flexibility in how they present training to their learners with a new course design option: Single Page.

The Single Page presentation type lets Authors:

  • Mix learning activities in a single scrolling view.
  • Design an immersive experience for learners.


Impacted application:

Compare activity between subgroups

We added a new view to the Group Dashboard: Compare subgroups. This view allows Group Admins to quickly view and compare data between subgroups all in the same graph.


Impacted application:

Save custom reports

Cut out time spent reentering report filters by saving custom reports. Once you save a report, it'll be available for you to reuse in the new export interface.

To get started, click + New Export.


Impacted application:

Customize export columns

Arrange and export data exactly how you need it. In the new Columns display tab of the export page, users can now: 

  • Add or remove columns from their exports.
  • Rearrange the column order in their exports.


Impacted application:

New course option in paths: Availability

As part of our migration from programs to paths, we added the Availability course option to paths. 

Using this option, Platform Admins, Group Admins, and Authors can make a course step available to learners after a specific amount of time passes from the path session start date.


Impacted application:

Other Core updates:

  • Emails notifications got a new look

    • We updated the design of email notifications to better match the overall look and tone of the platform. Impacted applications:

  • Internal comments deactivated by default

    • In an effort to help prevent accidental internal comments, we changed the default Internal comment setting to Off. Impacted applications:
  • User Custom Fields added to Classroom exports

    • When exporting Classroom data, users can now add User Custom Fields to their reports. Impacted applications:
  • Challenge mode is moving to mobile

    • As part of the challenge mode revamp, challenge mode is no longer available on existing program sessions in the web application as of December 21st. Impacted applications:
  • Check how far other learners are in a course

    • When playing a course at the same time as other users, learners can now see the live progress of other users by looking at the progress ring around their avatar. Impacted applications:
  • We've made several quality of life updates to the player

    • Fixed an issue causing icons/images to appear distorted in cheatsheets.
    • Increased line spacing.
    • Reverted the cheatsheet background color to white.
    • Increased the content width. Impacted applications:


Integration Updates

SAP SuccessFactors componentTypeID update

We've made some changes to the SAP SuccessFactors integration. You can now customize the componentTypeID, allowing you to select the most appropriate value for your needs.

Impacted applications:

Microsoft Teams notifications

When assigning a path or program to a group, we will now send a notification through Microsoft Teams.


Impacted applications:


Solution: Team Plan

Invoices on the Team Plan

To help clarify the information presented, we've updated the look of the invoices in Team Plan.

Impacted applications:


Solution: Globalization

Overview of translated steps within a path

To help streamline the translation process for paths, we've added an overview that shows which steps have been translated and which steps have not been translated.


Display the best-suited language in paths

We've made a change to paths containing translations. If a path has been translated, that path will now display in the default language of the user.

Impacted applications:


API Updates

Filters for getPaths and getPathSessionStats

We've added some new filters to the API routes getPaths and getPathSessionStats:

There is now a "range of date" filter in the getPaths route with these options:

  • createdBefore date
  • createdAfter date
  • modifiedBefore date
  • modifiedAfter date

As well as a "range of date" filter in the getPathSessionStats route with these options:

  • completedBefore date
  • completedAfter date

Impacted applications:

Post Learning Needs in the API

We've added the ability to post Learning Needs within the API.

Impacted applications:


November 30th, 2022 (v78)

Core product updates

View our product roadmap in the platform

To give users more insight into what updates are coming in the future, Platform Admins can now:

  • View our product roadmap directly on the platform.
  • Let us know how you feel about roadmap items through reactions.

To view the roadmap:

  1. At the bottom left of the nav panel, click questionMarkCircle.pngHelp Center.
  2. Click Product RoadmapTake a look.

To send feedback on a roadmap item:

  1. Click the roadmap entry.
  2. At the bottom of the entry, select a reaction: 😃, 😐, or 😔.

Impacted applications:

See who is playing the same course

When you are playing a course, you can now see the profile picture of users who are playing it at the same time (only users who are visible to you), on the top right of the course in play mode.

Impacted applications:

Course editor mode redesigned

We cleaned and redesigned the interface of the course in edit mode — which felt a bit old. There’s a decent amount of tweaks here and there, but here is a complete list if you’re interested:

  • Bigger titles, without field box
  • Narrower content width
  • No border around the content
  • Smaller left and right margins around the content
  • Bigger font for default text
  • Increased space between paragraphs
  • Updated tables and bullet points
  • New warning indications when the activities are invalid, and only display them when the author has interacted once with the component
  • Cheat sheets have a new media picker
  • The course setup screen shows a wider cover picture
  • The section "Additional information" in questions is now more visible, and collapsed by default.

Impacted applications:

More filters in exports

  • You can now filter exports by group. In DashboardEXPORTS, the section Filters now has a subsection Groups selection.
  • You can now filter Classroom exports by Classroom. In DashboardEXPORTS, the section Filters now has a subsection Classrooms filter.
  • You can now filter users by last activity date. In DashboardEXPORTS, click on the section FiltersUsers selection. On the top right of the list of users, click Filter. Below the Registration date filter, you can now filter by Last activity date.

Impacted applications:

Maximum attempts for paths

When creating or editing a path, Platform Admins, Group Admins, and Authors can now add a maximum amount of course attempts in a path.

When a learner reaches the maximum amount of authorized attempts in a course within the path, they cannot retry the course, and can only close it.

The number of remaining attempts is displayed on the path homepage and the course homepage.


Impacted applications:

Assessment status visible in the mobile app

Learners can now see if a path assessment has been corrected or not, directly from the mobile app.

Impacted applications:

Other core product updates

  • We removed the pictures representing the different categories of users in the section Users of the groups. They weren’t bringing any value, and were not particularly inclusive.
  • We removed the "beta" next to paths, when creating one from the homepage and in the dashboard.

Show company logo on third-party courses - mobile version

Following the Web update on October 19th, paths containing third-party courses will now display the logo of the company that the course originated from, in the mobile app.

Impacted applications:

Solution: Globalization

Language selector for paths in the mobile app

Learners can now choose the path language from the mobile app.

At the top right of a path homepage, tap the dropdown menu, which will show all the available languages for this path.

Languages are ordered alphabetically.

Impacted applications:

API updates

  • We’re adding 4 new query parameters of the route getPathSessions, allowing to filter the list of path sessions based on the date when they were created or modified:
    • createdBefore
    • createdAfter
    • modifiedBefore
    • modifiedAfter

Free trials

Users who create a free trial platform now receive a welcoming email with an auto-login link to a showcase platform, where they can see examples of content (courses, users, comments, among others) with the experience of a learner.

That access will be revoked once they get a paying plan, or when their free trial expires.

November 9th, 2022 (v77)

Core product updates

Aggregated subgroups data on the group dashboard

Instead of having to click through multiple group dashboards, Group Admins can view the aggregate data of all their subgroups from the parent group's dashboard.

To view the aggregated data on the group dashboard, check the Aggregate subgroups data box at the top right of the page.


Impacted application:

Assessments are now available in paths

When creating or editing a path, Platform Admins, Group Admins, and Authors can now add assessment steps to assess the knowledge of Learners on specific items.

Impacted applications:

More filters for platform exports

For more flexibility on the data you export, we're adding more filters to the export interface. For example, you can now filter the Paths export by users, date, enrollment type, and path session.

To use the new filters, after selecting your export type:

  1. Click the Filters tab.
  2. Click the filter type to open the section.
  3. Select your filter criteria.


Impacted application:

Customize email branding

We're rolling out the beta version of our new branding feature. To give users more control of the look and feel of platform notifications, the beta allows Platform Admins to change the button color on some email notifications.

To access this setting, go to the platform group settings page and click Branding.


Impacted application:

New email notifications for recommended contents

Learners who can see the "Recommended for you" section on the platform will receive an email notification with the top five recommended contents every other week at most.
Learners can unsubscribe from email notifications. For more information about email notification preferences, see Email notifications.

Impacted applications:

Other Core Product updates

  • When adding a course or off-the-shelf content to the Catalog of a group, you can now filter the course list by language. Impacted application:
  • We've renamed "collaborators" to "authors" in the top menu, in edit and play interfaces of courses. Impacted application:
  • We've redesigned the buttons to add steps in the Path editor. Impacted application:
  • When deleted users have their email notifications turned off, they will still receive invitation emails to join the platform again or another platform. Impacted applications:
  • We've removed the Additional info field from the custom learning need form template. Impacted application:

Solution: Globalization

New language: Romanian

Users can now set their platform language to Romanian!

Impacted applications:

Other Globalization updates

  • Once translated, the path title, description, and session titles are now displayed in the Group catalog's path sessions, emails, and profile using the user's platform language. If the user's platform language is not available, the default language is used. Impacted application:
  • When translating a course, you can now use any available language as the reference language. Impacted application:
  • Once a path is translated, translators can make that language available to Learners directly from the Translate tab. Impacted application:

API updates

Added timezone parameter to classroom slot related routes

The timezone parameter has been added to the following routes:

  • POSTcreateProgramSession, where timezone is the timezone used to format dates for the admin
  • POSTcreateProgramSessionClassroomSlot, where timezone, an optional property in the body, is the timezone used to format dates in the classroom slot editor
  • PUTupdateClassroomSlot, where timezone, an optional property in the body, is the timezone used to format dates in the classroom slot editor
  • GETgetProgramSessionClassroomSlots, where timezone is added to the list of fields for each slot

New route for courses stats

  • The new route GETgetCourseStats retrieves all users stats for a specific course.

Added path info to getUserCourseStats

When a course has been played in the path context, the route GETgetUserCourseStats now returns the ID of the path (path) and the ID of the path session (pathSession).

Added date filters to getCourses

We've added optional query parameters accepting a date value in ISO 8601 format to refine results when using the route GETgetCourses:

  • createdBefore: only courses created before this value (including the provided value)
  • createdAfter: only courses created started after this value (including the provided value)
  • modifiedBefore: only courses modified before this value (including the provided value)
  • modifiedAfter: only courses modified after this value (including the provided value)

Added language info to getCourse and getCourses

The routes GETCourses and GETCourses now return language information:

  • defaultLang returns the default language for the course
  • sourceLang returns the source language for the course

October 19th, 2022 (v76)

Core product updates

Paths homepage redesign

We've updated the design of the Paths homepage. Aside from the new look, we've added some new functionality to the Paths homepage as well:

  • Added a Statistics tab, allowing you to quickly view Path statistics without leaving the page.
  • Added the current progress on individual Steps.
  • Added a language selection dropdown, to quickly switch between different Path translations.


Impacted applications:

Paths side panel redesign

We've updated the design of the Paths homepage with a new side panel. Within the new side panel you'll find:

  • A list of all Sessions associated with the Path.
  • The status of the current Session.
  • The estimated duration of the Path.
  • The number of steps within the Path.
  • If the Path will reward a certificate upon completion.


Impacted applications:

Path Recommendations

Paths have been added to the Recommended For You section on the homepage. Learners will now see Paths alongside Courses in the Recommended For You section of their homepage.

Impacted applications:

Show company logo on third-party courses

Paths containing third-party courses will now display the logo of the company that the course originated from.


Impacted applications:

Notification center: Training Notifications

As part of our continued effort to improve the notification center within the platform, we have added a new notification type: Training Notifications. With this update, alongside your normal notifications, the notification center will now show you:

  • Invitations and enrollments to Paths.
  • Invitations to enrollments Programs.


Impacted applications:

Self-register to a classroom slot

Learners can now self-register to a Classroom slot. When editing a Path, click on a Classroom to open the Options side panel, here you'll find the Self registration option. By default, Learners will be able to self-register to a Classroom slot up until the event begins. However, you can also set a self-registration cutoff date in the Options side panel.


Impacted applications:

New export experience

To give you more flexibility with the data you can export as an Admin, Author, Coach, or Manager, we’re creating a new export interface.


You can use filters to narrow down the data to be exported to what you need.


As an Admin, Author, Coach, or Manager, you can still access the old export experience from the link above the new interface.

Impacted applications:

Update users via CSV import

We've made some changes to the Set up multiple users screen. To help ensure that you always have access to the correct template, we've added a "Last updated on YYYY-MM-DD" cell to the CSV template.
When you download the CSV template, the Set up multiple users page will now display the date that the template was downloaded, which you can cross-reference with the "Last updated on YYYY-MM-DD" cell in the CSV.


Impacted applications:

Administrators can declare learning needs

Administrators can now quickly declare Learning Needs from directly within the Learning Needs page. When viewing the Learning Needs page, Administrators will see the new ADD NEED button located at the top right of the page.


Impacted applications:

Assessment criteria on Open-ended questions

Previously, when adding assessment criteria to an open-ended question, it was easy to accidentally delete the criteria by clicking on certain areas of the button. We've updated the button to only remove the assessment criteria when clicking on the word Remove.

Impacted applications:

View path session info in SAP SuccessFactors

The SAP SuccessFactors integration now syncs information about 360Learning path sessions.

Learn more here!

Impacted applications:

Other Core Product Updates

  • We retired the rule that automatically disabled user notifications when an email bounced from their address. Impacted applications:
  • The default profile picture will now display the users initials. Impacted applications:
  • We've removed the Most Viewed section from the homepage. Impacted applications:
  • Learners can now comment and react on opinion questions in a course. Impacted applications:

Impacted applications:

Globalization Updates

Translating Paths

Authors can now translate Paths and Sessions from the Edit Path screen. When accessing the Edit Path screen, Authors will now see a Translate button located at the top of the screen. Opening this Translate page will allow Authors to quickly translate a Path's title, description, and Session titles.


Impacted applications:

SCORM Courses on Mobile

Learners can now play SCORM courses on the mobile app in the available translation languages. Impacted applications:

API Updates

New route for learning needs

We’re adding one new learning need route:

  • GETlistLearningNeeds: Retrieves the list of all the learning needs declared on the platform.

Impacted applications:

Added duration to getCourse and getCourses

We've modified the endpointsgetCourseandgetCourseswith a new value: duration, which will return the duration of the course(s).

Impacted applications:

September 28th, 2022 (v75)

Core product updates

New navigation experience for alpha testers

In our ongoing efforts to improve the consistency of the navigation across the learning platform, you can opt in to a new navigation experience for testing purposes and become alpha testers.

To opt in and become alpha testers of the new navigation, please fill in your email address in this form or contact your CSP.


The new navigation will be released in January 2023 to all clients, without any exceptions. Opting in gives you the opportunity to test it and get prepared for the general release of January 2023.

Quick navigation through pages

Instead of having to click through the left navigation panel and various dashboard menus to get to different pages, you can now navigate to different pages in one click (see more below).

Consistent top navigation

The top navigation menu (1) is now displayed on all pages, except for the course player and editors. Breadcrumbs make it easier to navigate through pages and know where you are.

Dashboard data is moving to the homepage and group pages

Using navigation filters (2), you can now access any objects (courses, classrooms, paths, etc.).

You can switch from the content view to the statistics view (3) directly from the homepage and group pages.

You can still access the old dashboard from the left sidebar until March 2023.


From the left sidebar, you can access two different workspaces (4):

  • Home. From this workspace, you can access objects related to all groups, just like in the old dashboard.
  • Group. From this workspace, you can access objects related to the selected group or public channel.

Impacted applications:

New course option in paths: time limit

When creating or editing a path, Platform Admins, Group Admins, and Authors can now add the minimum or maximum amount of time learners have to complete a course.


Impacted applications:

Course results page redesign

Learners can now access the redesigned course results page with a simplified layout:

  • The new design makes it easier for learners to see key information (results, reactions, related courses, and progression).
  • Learners should now be able to navigate between activities in paths and programs easily.
  • When learners complete a course successfully, they can now celebrate with confetti. 🎉


Impacted applications:

New columns for translation languages in course statistics export

We've added columns for translation languages in the course statistics export file, indicating languages available and unavailable to learners.

Learn more about tracking course statistics →

Impacted applications:

Other Core product updates

  • To improve the path author experience, the minimum score set on a course included in a path is now displayed in the path editor mini-view. Impacted applications:
  • We've removed the User only and Invitations only filters from user selection popups in program sessions. Impacted applications:

Enterprise updates

Default learning need form enhancements

The default form now includes three questions to better guide learners as they declare learning needs:

  • What is the problem that creating this training would solve?
  • Who specifically is facing this problem and would benefit from this training? (team, role, etc.)
  • What do you expect to see differently if this training is successful?

Impacted applications:

Improvements in the table on the Projects homepage

To help you quickly see key project information at a glance, we've made some improvements to the Project table on the Projects home page:

  • We've added the Group column so that you can easily identify the group linked to each project.
  • We've reordered columns to make the Deadline column more prominent.


Impacted applications:

Other Enterprise updates

  • We've moved the Learning Needs activation setting to groups' general settings, enabling Admins to more easily activate them in their groups. Impacted applications:

Solution: Globalization

Translate SCORM courses

You can now translate SCORM courses, just like any other courses authored on the platform.

Impacted applications:

Updated search engine to show more relevant Globalization courses

For platforms with Globalization enabled, we've updated the search engine to display more relevant courses in other languages.

Impacted applications:

Integration updates

New integration: Go1

You can now integrate Go1 courses and learning stats into your 360Learning platform.

New integration: SCIM

The platform now supports SCIM API users and groups provisioning with Azure Active Directory identity provider.

Mobile updates

  • Users can now see their training history on the iOS application. Impacted applications:

API updates

Delete path sessions using the API

Delete path sessions using the API with the new route DELETEdeletePathSession.

September 7th, 2022 (v74)

Core product updates

New course option in paths: minimum score

When creating or editing a path, Platform Admins, Group Admins, and Authors can now add a minimum score learners must achieve to successfully complete a course and receive the certificate, if applicable.


Impacted applications:

Self enrolled tab added to the manager dashboard

In the new Self enrolled tab added to the manager dashboard, Managers can now have a view of the training content played through the catalog.

The Self enrolled tab includes the following statistics over the selected period:

  • Courses started and Paths started: the number of courses and paths played through the catalog
  • The average time spent per managee
  • Most played courses and Most played paths: courses and paths played the most by team members that they self-enrolled to
  • Individual team member statistics: the number of courses started, the number of paths started, and time spent
  • Skills: the number of courses started for the top six skills

Impacted applications:

Edit and remove custom learning need forms

Platform Admins and Group Admins can now edit and remove custom learning need forms, after sharing them with their groups.


Impacted applications:

Homepage design improvements

We improved the display of the remaining time to complete a path and program on the homepage.


For a better understanding, the remaining time is now displayed according to the following rules:

Remaining days Displayed time Color
<0 Late Red
Before the end of the day Today Red
Ends after the end of the day and less than 2 days 1 Day Red
From 2 to 21 # Days Orange
From 22 to 28 # Days Dark Grey
From 29 to 60 # Weeks Dark Grey
61 and more # Months Light Grey

Impacted applications:

Retry a completed course played in the path context

Learners can now retry completed courses in the path context.


Impacted applications:

No more labels

We’ve now entirely replaced labels with custom fields.

This last step has specifically removed labels from the following places:

Impacted applications:

Other navigation and design improvements

  • When contacting us using the support widget, you can now resize the Description text box. This feature is particularly useful if you're writing a long message. Impacted applications:
  • After playing a course from the catalog, we now recommend related courses in the same language as the course that was just played. Impacted applications:
  • Administrators can now access detailed info about learning needs in a dedicated panel. Impacted applications:
  • To improve the path author experience, the NEW SESSION button is now directly visible in the path editor. Impacted applications:

Integration Updates

New integration: ADP Decidium

You can now provision and synchronize users from ADP Decidium to 360Learning.

Contact your Account Manager to learn more.

Mobile Updates

  • Users can now edit their profile. Impacted applications:
  • Learners now see the course forum and correct answers either after each activity or at the end course, based on the course option selected by the path author. Impacted applications:
  • Users can now display and download Paths certificates. Impacted applications:

API Updates

We’re replacing the field labels with customFields in the routes getPathSessionStats and getProgramSessionStats.

August 17th, 2022 (v73)

Core product updates

Automatically generate video subtitles

We’re making it easier for all learners to access video content with automatically generated subtitles on uploaded and recorded videos.

  • Authors and Co-authors can add and translate subtitles from course videos within the activity video settings.
  • Users can add subtitles to videos they post in the group newsfeed and course comments.

auto-subtitles (EN).png

💡 Subtitles take a couple of minutes to generate. You may need to refresh your page.

Impacted applications:

Add Classrooms to paths

Live sessions are now a part of paths. Platform Admins, Group Admins, Authors, and Instructors will be able to:

  • Add a classroom step to their paths.
  • Create classroom slots from the path editor.
  • Register learners to classroom slots.

In this first release, instructors will not be able to allow learners to self-register to classroom slots. Look forward to that in a later release!


💡For more info on what feature best suits your training setup needs, check out our paths or programs article.

Impacted applications:

Autoregister learners to classroom slots

To remove admin work for path authors, we’re adding the new automatic registration option to classroom steps. When this option is turned on, the platform will auto-register new learners to the next open classroom slot when they are enrolled in the path.


💡To make the most of this feature on new path sessions, wait to enroll learners and groups until AFTER you’ve created all of the classroom slots.

Impacted applications:

Update course options in paths

We’re adding more options to path sessions! Platform Admins, Group Admins, Authors, and Instructors can select when learners see the course forum.

  • After each activity: Learners see the correct answers after they submit their answers. (Program equivalent = Learning mode).
  • At the end of the course: Learners see the correct answers after they take a course (Program equivalent = Training mode, Examination mode).

The course option panel will also list future options we’ll be adding to paths soon: Minimum score, time limit, and attempts.


Impacted applications:

New page: Confirm unsubscribing from all emails

To make sure users don’t accidentally cancel important email notifications, we’re adding a new confirmation page. Users will go to this page when they click the unsubscribe from all types of notifications option in email footers.

unsubscribe page (EN).png

Impacted applications:

Other core product updates

  • We added an exit button to the course player and editor screens.
  • When users click the back button after creating a new path, the platform goes to the last page they were on before the path editor. Previously it went back to the create a new path page.
  • Because all logins now go through HTTPS instead of HTTP, we removed the users log in via https instead of httpadvanced setting.

Enterprise updates

Custom learning need forms

Platform Admins and Group Admins can now create custom learning need forms. Guide learners as they declare Learning Needs with titles and questions unique to your groups.


Impacted applications:

Simplified project phases

To simplify project workflow, we’re removing the Outline phase from projects. Project team members will be able to start creating and editing training content as soon as a project is launched instead of waiting for an outline to be validated.


Impacted applications:

Integration updates

New content integration: OpenSesame

Organizations can integrate OpenSesame content into their 360Learning platform.

Contact your Account Manager to learn more.

API updates

Create and update path sessions with API

Add and update new paths through API with the following new routes:

  • POSTcreatePathSession: Create a new path session.
  • PATCHupdatePathSession: Update path sessions.

View path session status with API

Users will be able to return path status information with both the getPathSessionStats and getUserPathSessionStats routes.

  • Possible path statuses: succeeded, unsucceeded, on time, and late.

July 27th, 2022 (v72)

Core product updates

Updated In-app Help Center

As part of our in-app communication rollout, Admins, Coaches, and Authors will have access to an updated help center from within their platform.

On top of the features from our old help center, the new help center includes access to announcements and in-app guides.


If you were added to the platform before May 4th (be with you), we won’t suggest the in-app guides, as we assume you already know the platform. If there is no recent announcement either, the resource center will directly open as the support widget.

Impacted applications:

New and improved group dashboard

We're updating the design and info in the group dashboard to give Admins and Coaches more impactful reporting.

  • To access this new dashboard, click DashboardGroupsclick on a group.
  • To access the original dashboard, click DashboardGroups → click on a group, then select the Old dashboard tab.

group dash (EN).png

Impacted applications:

Automatically generate subtitles on your videos

NOTE: Automatic subtitles have been moved to our v73 release (August 17th).

We’re making it easier for all learners to access video content with automatically generated subtitles on uploaded and recorded videos.

  • Authors and Co-authors can add and translate subtitles from course videos within the activity video settings.
  • Users can add subtitles to videos in group newsfeeds and course comments.

Impacted applications:

Course options for Paths

We’re adding more options to path sessions! Platform Admins, Group Admins, and Authors can select when learners see the correct answer and feedback.

The Correct Answer option in a path functions as course modes do in programs. 

  • After each question: Learners see the correct answers after they submit their answers. (Program equivalent = Learning mode).
    At the end of the course: Learners see the correct answers after they take a course (Program equivalent = Training mode, Examination mode).

paths.options (EN).png

Impacted applications:

View completed paths in your profile

Learners can now view their previously completed paths from the Learning tab of their user profile.

Impacted applications:

Updated the design of classroom slots

To better communicate classroom information with your learners, we’ve updated the design of the classroom slots.


Impacted applications:

New interface for Pick-a-Point questions

Continuing our global improvements to question interfaces, we are now tackling pick-a-point questions.

pick-a-point.learner (EN).png

Impacted applications:

Other Core Product Updates

  • Renamed the Completed status to Successful. Impacted applications:
  • Renamed “Active Users” to “Current Users” across the application.Impacted applications:
  • Removed the first-time login banner.Impacted applications:

Solution: Enterprise

View tasks on the Projects grid

To help Team Members and Admins quickly understand which projects need their attention, we’ve added a Tasks column to the Projects grid.

projects.tasks.deadline (EN).png

Impacted applications:

Other Enterprise Updates

  • Renamed “Squads” to “Teams”. Impacted applications:

Solution: Globalization

Select a default language for a course

You can now select a default language for a course, allowing authors to write in their preferred language when creating a course for several languages.

Impacted applications:

Mobile Updates

  • Learners can now edit their profile from iOS devices. 
  • Renamed “Withdraw” to “Unenroll” on the path homepage.

Integration Updates

HRIS SFTP connector improvements

We've made a few improvements to the HRIS integrations that use our SFTP connector.

Impacted Integrations: Foederis, HiBob, Lucca, Workday, Oracle, and the generic user provisioning connector.

  • Advanced group synchronization options: You can now define more complex sync rules for your SFTP connector. This allows the connector to support use cases such as automatically syncing users into multiple groups and setting up diverse structures from group to group.
  • Update fields on inactive users: Integrations that use our SFTP connectors will now update the fields for inactive users as part of their sync.

To set up advanced group synchronization, reach out to your Solution Architect.

July 6th, 2022 (v71)

Core product updates

User score displayed in all cases on courses in training mode

We now display the score of the user, at the end of courses in Training mode with a minimum score, when the user hasn’t reached the minimum score.

Impacted applications:

Embed 360Learning in Microsoft Teams

You can now embed your entire 360Learning platform within your Microsoft Teams environment.

  • Access 360Learning from your Microsoft Teams sidebar.
  • Pin 360Learning to your Microsoft Teams sidebar.
  • Pin 360Learning for all your Microsoft Teams users.

Learn more →

Impacted applications:

Unsubscribe from similar emails (continued)

Continuing our attempt to provide a link "Unsubscribe from similar emails" at the footer of all email notifications, we’re now adding it to 4 new types of optional emails:

Clicking on the link "Unsubscribe from similar emails" will redirect you to the notifications settings page in the platform, with the corresponding deactivation option highlighted, and unchecked.

Owner, not coach

We’re removing a rule, where a change of platform owner would remove the new owner from the list of platform coaches, and add the former owner to the list of platform coaches.

While this may have made sense in the earlier stages of the platform, this automatic change is not needed anymore, so we’re removing it entirely. The new rule is therefore as follows.

When user A (current owner) yields platform ownership to user B:

  • User A is added as a platform admin (if they weren’t already).
  • User B gets the role of owner (which gives them de facto all platform admin permissions + some others).

Updated buttons in the search pop-up

We’re adding one button, and renaming another one in the search pop-up.

  • At the top right of the pop-up, a new buttonSEE ALL RESULTS, that you can click to open the full search results page.
  • On the bottom, we renamedDISCOVER intoDiscover more, to make it more explicit.

Impacted applications:

Co-authored courses are now mine

If you are the co-author of a course, you can now see it in the section COURSESActiveMine.

This should reduce the hassle of finding back your co-authored courses, in the myriad of courses in the subsection All.

After all, they’re your courses too.

Impacted applications:

Confirmation toasts from top right to bottom left

We’re moving the green confirmation notifications (called "toasts") from the top right to the bottom left, to avoid overlapping with some other elements (such as the X to close popups).

Impacted applications:

Withdraw → Unenroll

We’re rewording the term "withdraw" to "unenroll", to be more consistent with the corresponding action ("enroll").

This applies mostly to the situation when a user could cancel their participation to a path session in which they enrolled autonomously, from their Catalog.

Subsections for My work in the homepage

We’re regrouping several sections in the homepage, under "My work".

CleanShot 2022-06-22 at 11.30.51.gif

Learn more about the homepage sections →

Impacted applications:

Design update: top bar

We’re updating the appearance of the top bar, on the following pages:

  • homepage;
  • group pages;
  • search results;
  • feedback inbox.

In the new top bar, the three dots icon "..." is replaced with the connected user’s profile picture, which is clickable. The same options (Results, Personal settings and Sign out) are available.

This new top bar will progressively be visible in other pages, as we upgrade them to our new design rules.

Impacted applications:

Downloading attendance sheet

You can now download the attendance sheet of a Classroom slot in the CSV format.

Impacted applications:

Horizontal scrolling on the homepage 

Users will be able to scroll horizontally through training content on their homepages. Hover over the content in the section and then click the arrows to scroll through the content.

homepage-scroll (EN).png

Impacted applications:

New notifications for paths

In the continuation of our quest to replace programs by paths, we’re now sending a notification when a path session ends in 72 hours (if the path session has an end date).

Linear paths by default

To best prepare for the transition from programs, new paths will now be linear by default. You can still deactivate the option, only the default value is changed.

Impacted applications:

Share path Certificates on LinkedIn

Just like program Certificates, you can now share path Certificates on LinkedIn.

Learn how to share Certificates on LinkedIn →

Impacted applications:

Design update: attachments in posts

We improved the appearance of attachments in posts. They now take less space, and have an icon.





Impacted applications:

No more posts from correction forum in Feedback inbox

Posts coming from the 1-to-1 forum in the open question validation interface are no longer displayed in the Feedback inbox. We want to keep those private exchanges in the validation interface exclusively, and not handle them as tasks.

Learn more about the Feedback inbox →

Impacted applications:

New column for direct reports in user export

To be consistent with the view in the interface, we’re adding a column "Direct report" in the user export file, indicating the number of managees for the user.

Learn more about tracking user statistics →

Impacted applications:

Custom fields in path enrollment

You can now use custom fields to filter users when enrolling them in a path session.

Impacted applications:

Projects: fewer bubbles, more explanations

At the top of the Projects page, we’re now displaying user profile pictures only if there are at least 3 ongoing Projects for the connected user.

If profile pictures are displayed, we’re also adding a text indicating to click on them for filtering.

Impacted applications:

Focused learning needs

When creating a learning need, the default group is now the lowest in the hierarchy, to which the creator belongs (instead of the highest). This should avoid spamming your whole organization with learning needs that concern only your team.

Impacted applications:

Flexible learning needs

When creating a learning need from the homepage, you can now change the group linked to it.

Impacted applications:

Projects average delivery time

We added a section "Average delivery time" to the section "Projects" in the group statistics page.

Impacted applications:

Admin section for managing learning needs

We’re adding an admin section for administrators (group admins, not user admins), to better manage learning needs. They can give them a status (New, Exploring, On hold, Project ongoing, Done, Already exists, Discarded), and see them in a table view.

Learn more about managing learning needs →

Impacted applications:

Redesigned reactions and next activity button — continued (and, for now, ended)

Following our initial attempt, quickly followed by an A/B rollback (remember?), we’re now deploying our new UX for the reaction section and next activity button to all users.


  • No more "Next" button at the top right.
  • New scroll bar at the top, to indicate where you are within the activity.
  • New scroll button at the bottom right.
  • Slight update for the UI of reactions (+ micro-animations).

Impacted applications:

Labels in CSV exports and API only

Labels are now hidden in the Web platform. You can still see them in CSV exports and retrieve, edit or delete (but not add) them through the API until September 2022. We suggest, however, using custom fields instead, in all situations where you might need labels.

Reminder: labels are currently being phased out of the platform for User Custom Fields.

⚠️ Upcoming phase-out dates:

  • June 15th, 2022: Users will no longer be able to assign labels to users.
  • July 6th, 2022: Labels will no longer be available on the platform (still available through API and exports).
  • September 7th: Labels are no longer available through API Get calls, exports, or the CSV import file.

Solution: Globalization

  • You can now select the course language in the mobile app (iOS and Android), at the top right of the course home screen.

    Impacted applications:

Solution: HCM Connect

  • We’re adding a new integration with OpenSesame, which will synchronize OpenSesame’s courses and stats into 360Learning.
  • Synchronized Coursera courses now display the following information in 360Learning:
    • Expected time commitment (displayed as the course duration);
    • Difficulty level (displayed in the homepage of the course);
    • Content type (displayed in the homepage of the course);
      • Course,
      • Specialization,
      • Article,
      • AudioBook,
      • Book,
      • Channel,
      • Curriculum,
      • Journey,
      • Mooc,
      • Podcast,
      • Video.
    • Subjects (displayed as skills).

Mobile Updates

Custom links visible on mobile apps
The iOS and Android mobile apps will now display custom icons in the user's Profile sections.

Visit our API documentation for the custom link API routes→

June 15th, 2022 (v70)

Enterprise updates

Add existing courses to projects

Project squad members can add and create tasks for existing courses to their projects.

project - existing course (EN).gif

Core product updates

Administrators can no longer assign labels

As part of the transition from labels to custom fields, administrators can no longer assign existing labels to users, except through the CSV user import file.

More information on creating custom fields →

Reminder: labels are currently being phased out of the platform for User Custom Fields.

⚠️ Upcoming phase-out dates:

  • June 15th, 2022: Users will no longer be able to assign labels to users.
  • July 6th, 2022: Labels will no longer be available on the platform (still available through API and exports).
  • September 7th: Labels are no longer available through API Get calls, exports, or the CSV import file.

Challenge mode moving to mobile

As part of the challenge mode revamp, we are phasing out the old challenge mode from the platform.

  • Coaches canchallenge their group from the mobile app.
  • Learners can play courses in challenge mode from the web application on existing program sessions.
  • Learners can not play courses in challenge mode from the web application on new program sessions (even from existing templates).
  • Authors, Coaches, Group Admins, Platform Admins, and Owners can not create new program sessions with courses in challenge mode (both new and existing templates).
  • Authors, Group Admins, Platform Admins, and Owners can notadd or set courses to challenge mode in program templates (both new and existing templates).

⚠️ Upcoming phase-out dates:

  • June 15th: Challenge mode no longer available on new program sessions in the web application.
  • Q4 2022 (TBD): Challenge mode no longer available on existing program sessions in the web application.

Replay starts at the beginning of courses

When Learners replay their courses, the course player now starts from the beginning of the course. Previously, courses opened on the results page.

Remind Learners about path sessions

Instructors, Coaches, Group Admins, and Platform Admins can send path reminders to Learners from the path session results and statistics page. From the Paths Dashboard, go to the path’s Results and statistics page and then click the path session.path session reminder (EN).gif

Path editor updates

We updated a couple of items in the path editor screen:

  • Share path sessions when creating a new path: When creating a new path, Authors, Coaches, Group Admins, and Platform Admins can now share the first path session with users.
  • New panel for path steps: Authors, Coaches, Group Admins, and Platform Admins can preview step information, view course descriptions, set content to optional, and set relative due dates in the new step preview panel.

path editor - step preview (EN).gif

Path notification updates

Notification for path session completion

Instructors and Managers can receive notification emails when Learners complete path sessions. This was previously a default notification for Instructors only.

  • Notification setting:My Learners → A learner completes a path session and I manage the learner or I am an instructor for the path. In your personal settings.
  • Notification triggers:
    • (Managers) A Learner that they manage completes a path session.
    • (Instructors) A Learner completes a path session that they're an instructor of.

Notification for updated main author

Users can receive a notification email when they are added as the main author on a path.

Automatically add path sessions to platform group catalog

Through advanced settings, Platform Admins can automatically add newly created path sessions to the platform group catalog.

  • Setting name: Path and program sessions are in the main group’s catalog.
  • Setting trigger: A user creates a new path session or program session in any group.

💡 If you already enabled this setting for program sessions, you do not need to reenable it for path sessions. The update will not add existing path sessions to the platform group catalog.

Other core product updates

  • Made minor design updates in the path editor screen.
  • Made the formatting of dates and titles in the newsfeed and forum comments match, as well as a few other minor design tweaks.
  • When playing courses, Learners can hover over the buttons to see why they can't progress to the next step.
  • As part of our move to Pendo for in-app communication, we removed the Administrator, Coach, and Author discovery courses.

Integration updates

Login to 360Learning with OpenID Connect SSO

Organizations that use OpenID Connect for single sign-in (SSO) can now add their 360Learning web login to their SSO.

This is not currently available on Mobile.

Contact your Account Manager to learn more.

API updates

To enable organizations to access the reaction and relevance scores of their courses through API, we added new parameters to the getCourses and getCourse routes.

  • reactionScore
  • relevanceScore

View our full API documentation here.

May 24th, 2022 (v69)

We are releasing v69 on a Tuesday instead of the usual Wednesday.

Core product updates

More visibility on manager information

To give platform administrators, group administrators, and coaches more visibility on which users are managers and what information they see, we're adding these items to the user dashboard:

  • A new column that shows the manager’s direct report count (Click DashboardUSERS)
  • A link to view the manager’s team dashboard (In the Direct report column, click # managee(s)).

(dash > user) manager info.png

Impacted applications:

Scrolling added to the manager dashboard training table

Instead of having to click through multiple pages, managers will be able to scroll through all the items listed within the training table within the manager dashboard.

mgr dash - scrolling.gif

Impacted applications:

Administrators can no longer create new labels

As part of the transition from labels to custom fields, admins will no longer be able to create new labels on the platform. Go here for more information on creating custom fields.

⚠️ Upcoming phase-out dates:

  • June 15th: Users will no longer be able to assign labels to users.
  • July 6th: Labels will no longer be available on the platform.

Impacted applications:

Access public channel statistics and settings from the group homepage

Platform administrators will be able to access the public channel settings and statistics from the platform group homepage. To access the links, click the platform group.

public channel.png

Impacted applications:

Pin notes in the newsfeed

To help communicate important topics or changes to users, platform administrators, group administrators, and coaches will be able to pin a note in the newsfeed. Pinning a note will keep it at the top of your group's newsfeed.

pinned note.gif

Impacted applications:

Group newsfeeds autosuggest user and group mentions

When you start typing a mention in a group post, the platform will autosuggest up to six users or groups:

  • User suggestions include the user title (if they listed one in their profile).
  • Group suggestions include user count.
  • Suggestions note if a user or group does not have access to view the newsfeed.

Impacted applications:

Updated icon design for platform groups.

To make it easier to identify the platform group, their group icons will have a crown in the bottom right corner.

Users will also be able to hover over the smaller icons to see what type of group it is (platform, recent, or private).

icon hover.png

Impacted applications:

New paths notification for paths that are ending soon

We’re adding a notification to remind users about incomplete path sessions that are ending in 24 hours.

  • Notification setting:Enable email notifications
  • Notification trigger: The user hasn’t completed a path session they’re enrolled in that is more than two days old and is ending in 24 hours.

Impacted applications:

Courses with open-ended questions are now visible in paths

Learners will be able to access open-ended questions within paths. Course authors can select whether the question is corrected by the instructor or by the user manager.

Impacted applications:

Other core product updates

  • To improve the learner experience, we added navigation buttons to the results screen shown at the end of courses. Impacted applications:
  • We made minor edits to the look and feel of the path editor drag and drop functionality. Impacted applications:
  • We added a Status column to the Paths section of the user profile. Impacted applications:
  • We added a Status column to the Paths session section of the group stats page. Impacted applications:
  • We removed the dialog box that popped up when users completed a path session. Impacted applications: 
  • A/B Test: We added an activity progress bar and made a couple of other design changes to the small version of the course footer we’re testing with some users. Impacted applications:

Solution: Enterprise

Updated All projects tab

Instead of listing all projects, the All ongoing tab on the project homepage will show only open projects. Delivered projects will still be visible in the Delivered tab.

projects > all ongoing.png

Impacted applications:

Learning Need statistics

We added V1 of our learning need stats section to the group stat pages. Version 1 shows your Declared learning needs. More stats to come in the future!

Impacted applications:

Updated project notifications for deadlines

With more deadlines possible within a project, we updated some of our project notifications:

  • Your weekly tasks update: In addition to other formatting updates, task deadlines will appear in the weekly project tasks email.
    • Notification setting:Projects → Weekly recap of my remaining tasks
  • [User name] has updated the deadline of your project [Project Name]: In addition to being notified when the main project deadline date changes, squad members who own a course task will get an email when their course deadline changes.
    • Notification setting: Enable email notifications

Impacted applications:

Other Enterprise updates:

  • Improved Learning Needs loading time: By optimizing some of our backend code, we improved the loading time on Learning Need pages. Impacted applications:

Integrations updates

Bulk import SCORM training

Save administrative time by bulk importing existing SCORM courses through our new integration.

💡 If you are interested in doing a bulk import, reach out to either your Client Success Partner or your Solution Architect.

New HR platform connector: Personio

We’re adding a new API-based HRIS connector for Personio to enable daily syncing of key user data between platforms.

Contact your Account Manager to learn more.

API updates

Adding custom links to the homepage sidebar

Using several new API routes, users with access to the API key can add customizable links to the homepage sidebar.

New route for user path session stats

We’re adding one new path route:

  • GETgetUserPathSessionStats: Retrieves the statistics of a user for a specific path session.

We’re adding two new Classroom routes:

  • POSTcreateProgramSessionClassroomSlot: Creates a new Classroom slot, in a program session where there is a Classroom block (and therefore, at least 1 Classroom slot already).
  • PUTupdateClassroomSlot: Updates a Classroom slot.

💡 Go here to see our complete API documentation.

May 4th, 2022 (v68)

Core product

New role: user administrator

We’re introducing a new main role: the user administrator, who will be able to manage users in a group, without access to the content.

The user administrator will be able to perform the following actions:

  • Invite learners to their group (by email).
  • Set up learners in their group (by creating their accounts for them).
  • Add existing users as learners to their group.
  • Validate invitations sent by coaches.
  • Send invitation reminders.
  • Cancel pending invitations.
  • Share self-registration links/codes.

We plan to add a few more permissions in the following releases (such as removing users from the group, editing user profiles and manager/managee relationship).

They will not, however, be able to do the following:

  • Give or remove the author, coach or administrator role.
  • Access the dashboard.
  • Perform actions related to training content:
    • Create or edit courses/programs/paths.
    • Access training data or statistics.
    • Assign sessions to group or individual learners.
    • Add content to the Catalog or the Library.
    • Validate / correct open questions.

The user administrator role cascades down to subgroups, like an administrator.

New mode: group challenge (mobile only)

Coaches can now challenge their group from their mobile app. Invited learners will be able to play the challenge from their mobile app.

Both coaches and learners will see the results and ranking in their mobile app.

Impacted applications:

Certificates for paths

Authors and administrators can now add certificates to paths. When adding a certificate, you can either choose an existing certificate or create a new one. Users receive the certificate when they complete the path.

Users who complete a path with a certificate now also receive the same email notification as with programs.

Coaches and admins can also download path certificates in the same way as program certificates.

New interface for Fill in the blank questions

Continuing our global rehaul of questions interface, we are now tackling Fill the blank questions.

We also took the opportunity to allow entering multiple words in a blank. Also, an answer is considered correct even if it has extra spaces, or a different casing.


Impacted applications:

Improved Manager Dashboard

  • You can now choose between pre-defined date range, or a custom manual range (the default range is set to "last month").
  • We removed the dropdown menu, forcing you to choose between Enrolled and Due date. Instead, we added a section Sessions ending soon (corresponding to Due date); the remaining info corresponds to the Enrolled state.
  • We added a section Managee’s teams, where you can see team performance at each level of the manager hierarchy.

Learn more about tracking statistics of managees →

Also, we removed the following graphs from the old version of the manager dashboard:

  • Attendance rate (last 12 months)
  • Completion rate (over the last 12months)
  • Success rate (last 12 months)
  • Attendance / completion bubble chart

Impacted applications:

Microsoft Teams app integration with 360Learning

Microsoft Teams users can now install a 360Learning app, that will send notifications to their Teams channels when someone posts a message , or replies to a message, in the group linked to the channel. (April 28th edit: we decided to remove notifications for replies, as it was too intrusive.)

Impacted applications:

Redesigned reactions and next activity button — continued

Following our quick rollback on April 20th, we’re now displaying by default the number of reactions, as well as a new animation, for the 25% of users who see the new design.

Impacted applications:

Deactivated email notification highlighted when unsubscribing to similar emails

When users click unsubscribe from similar emails in the footer of an email, the platform opens to the notification setting page and highlights the deactivated notification. 

Impacted applications:

Reviews accessible from the notification bell

When a user is added as a course reviewer, they can now open the course from the bell icon in the homepage: N Pending reviews.

Impacted applications:

Task Deadlines

In Projects, you can now assign deadlines to individual tasks.

Impacted applications:

Archive Learning Needs

Learning Needs can now be archived. Learning Needs that have been archived can be reviewed separately from live Learning Needs, they can also be restored or deleted after they have been archived.

Impacted applications:

Newsfeed Mentions redesign

Mentions in the newsfeed have been redesigned.


Impacted applications:

Classroom slot attendance compliance

We’ve revamped the PDF export of attendance in Classroom slots. It now includes:

  • The name of the training session
  • The date and hour of the training session
  • The name of the trainer
  • The electronic signature of the trainer
  • The IP address of the trainer
  • The name of the trainee
  • The electronic signature of the trainee
  • The IP address of the trainee
  • The date and hour of the check-in

Impacted applications:

Navigation & design updates

  • We lightened the design of paths with only one session: the sidebar is hidden if there is only one path session, and you can add a new session by clicking ...New session at the top right of the existing one.
  • In the menu Projects, the column Squad now displays the icon of the last three added users, on top of the total number of squad members. Having just a number was a bit cold.
  • In the homepage, we increased the size of the scroll bar when hovering over it.

Solution: Extended Enterprise

  • We added a button to copy to the clipboard the invitation message of a group with self-registration enabled.

Solution: Live Training

  • You can now create a Microsoft Teams meeting directly from a Classroom slot.
  • You can now create a Zoom meeting directly from a Classroom slot.
  • Users can now mark themselves as present after the check-in is reopened.
  • We divided the Classroom slot attendance page in two subparts:
    • The stats page, displayed when clicking on DashboardCLASSROOMS shows the list of learners registered to the slot. Session instructors can manually fill attendance there, this page is available to all platforms.
    • The check-in page, displayed when clicking ATTENDANCE SHEET at the top right of the previous page. Users can check-in there, this page is restricted to Live Training platforms.
    • Learn more about filling Classroom slot attendance →

Solution: Globalization

Free Trial platform updates

Contrary to what we announced last time, the two email notifications indicating that the Free Trial is about to expire will be sent after this release only. For reference:

  • 1 email notification 5 days before expiration, sent to the platform owner.
  • 1 email notification on the day of expiration, sent to the platform owner.

We also added a welcoming popup on all new Free Trial platforms, to better explain what is included in the Free Trial.

API updates

We are adding an optional filter to the query parameters of getPaths:

  • &modifiedAfter=YYYY-MM-DD: return the list of paths where modifiedAt > modifiedAfter (the hour is assumed to be 00:00:00).

See for the complete API documentation.

April 13th, 2022 (v67)

Core product

Redesigned reactions and next activity button

We've redesigned reactions and the next activity button in courses.

  • There is now only one button to click, at the bottom right (instead of at the top right, and bottom right).
  • Reactions now take less space, while being more visible to learners. April 20th update: to get more data on the effectiveness of this design update, we changed this release to an A/B test. 25% of users will see the new design. 75% of users will see the old design.
  • Notifications grouped by section


Impacted applications:

Redesigned Project page

We redesigned the Project page, and added individual deadlines on courses.

Impacted applications:

Redesigned permissions section in user profile

We redesigned the appearance of group permissions in user profiles (when clicking on a user from the section MEMBERS of the settings of a group. The section is now called Manage group permissions, a breadcrumb is displayed under each group name to indicate hierarchy, and the different roles are more clearly labeled.

Impacted applications:

Redesigned path editor

We redesigned the appearance of some sections in the path editor:

  • Owner group, main author and co-authors are now displayed at the top of the page
  • The path session creator is moved above the steps, and is closer to the look & feel of program sessions
  • You can now access sessions from a left sidebar
  • The skills selector is cleaner when there are no skills selected

Impacted applications:

Relevance score on mobile

Mobile users can now choose between Yes, I’ll use it or I don’t think so at the end of a course, just like in the platform.

Impacted applications:

Notifications grouped by section

The notifications menu is now ordered by collapsible sections, instead of a long scary list.

We also renamed some deactivation options, for consistency.

You can access the notifications menu by clicking ...Personal settingsNOTIFICATIONS on the top right of the homepage.

Impacted applications:

Path Session completion notification

Instructors will now receive an email notification when an enrolled user completes a path session.

Impacted applications:

Custom Fields as a list

Platform admins can now restrict the possible values of a custom field. When activated, this option forces group admins to choose among a list, instead of entering the value in free form.

Platform admins can still edit all custom field values.

Impacted applications:

More scores in the Manager Dashboard

We added a new figure Global score in the Manager Dashboard, and a section Score in the table.

Impacted applications:

More robust exports

We improved the engine behind exports, resulting in a more robust computation (for both direct and email downloads).

If exporting large amounts of data was resulting in an error, clicking RECEIVE BY EMAIL will now ensure you receive the export (although really huge exports could take up to 30 minutes to process).

Impacted applications:

Learning Needs declared from the homepage

Clicking on the button to share a Learning Need from the homepage now opens a pop-in directly in the homepage, instead of redirecting to the Learning Needs menu.

Impacted applications:

Longer Learning Needs

The description of Learning Needs is now limited to 800 characters, instead of 200.

Impacted applications:

Project lead and start dates in Projects table

We added two columns in the table of the Projects page: Project Lead and Start date. We realized those two items were useful to admins, and not visible enough.

Impacted applications:

Filters on Projects statistics

In the section Projects of group statistics, you can now filter between ongoing and delivered, and display the number of created courses.

See Track Projects statistics (section View Projects statistics per group).

Impacted applications:

Cheddar → Stripe for Team platforms

Team platforms who were still using Cheddar as payment system will be automatically moved to Stripe on the day after subscription renewal. No action is required from owners; the only visible changes will be:

  • The payment system interface is now handled by Stripe, instead of Cheddar

Team platforms created after January 11th, 2022 have been using Stripe as default payment system.

Impacted applications:

Navigation & design

  • The sidebar and top navigation (breadcrumb, search bar, notifications icon, and creation button) are now displayed on the following pages:
    • Advanced search (click on the search bar, then hit enter ↵)
    • Personal settings page (from the homepage, click ...Personal settings)
  • We slightly changed the text of the banner in the menu Projects, which created confusion.
    • Before: "Learning Needs are disabled in your groups 🙁"
    • Now: "Learning Needs are disabled in some of your groups 🙁"
  • We deleted the presentation video in group settings, (which didn’t appear anywhere anymore, outside the settings page).

Free Trial platforms updates

  • We’re reintroducing a tooltip to create courses in Free Trial platforms, that was removed when we redesigned the top bar.
  • We've added 2 notifications and 1 in-app message to help inform you when your Free Trial is about to expire.

    • Email notification 5 days before expiration, sent to the platform owner.
    • In-app message 3 days before expiration, displayed to the platform owner.
    • Email notification on the day of expiration, sent to the platform owner.

Solution: Curated Programs

  • Following an update from Skillsoft, we are upgrading to V2 of their API. This will be transparent for everyone, we’re just notifying. 🤓

Solution: Extended Enterprise

  • We moved the self-registration menu from group settings to user settings (we’re still keeing the old menu for a few weeks, with a redirection to the new place).
  • We added the possibility to add a deletion date relative to the registration date.

See Enable self-registration on a group.

API updates

We are adding one new path route:

  • GET getPathSessionStats: return the detailed statistics of a path session.

See for the complete API documentation.

March 23rd, 2022 (v66)

Core product

Refined homepage

We made a few more visual updates to the homepage:

  • Background color is now white, instead of light grey.
  • Tiles now have a border, and no shadow.
  • The side navigation is now albaster-beige, instead of dark blue.

Impacted applications:

New interface for Single Selection Question

Continuing our global rehaul of questions interface, we are now tackling single selection questions.


Impacted applications:


Clickable columns for custom fields

You can now click on the header of a custom field to display certain values only.


Impacted applications:

Coaches and administrators can see courses shared in their Catalog from the dashboard

Coaches and group administrators can now access the statistics of courses shared in their Catalog from the menu DashboardCOURSES.

This is about consistency; coaches and group administrators already had the required permissions to access the course statistics page if they had its URL. This should now allow them to support their team without losing time.

Erratum (March 23rd): this feature will not be shipped on March 23rd. We don’t yet have an estimated date.

Impacted applications:

Continue editing paths

In the homepage, the section Continue editing now displays path according to their last modification date, instead of their creation date.

Impacted applications:

Weekly report becomes Activity report

We reworded a notification option for clarity.

  • Before: Weekly Report: if you have completed at least one session in the last week or if a session ends in the coming week
  • Now: Activity report: if you were assigned to a session that ended last week, is currently open, or starts next week

We also slightly modified the contents of the email notification (removed the cover picture, removed the "log in" button, and changed the title of two blocks).

Clearer consequences for group deletion

When deleting a group, we now display the items that will be permanently deleted as a consequence of this deletion:

  • number of subgroups;
  • number of users who aren’t part of other groups (and will therefore lose all access to the platform);
  • number of posts, comments, reactions and likes created in the group;
  • number of projects and learning needs owned by the group.

We then require you to check an additional box before permanently deleting the group.

Anonymized user is anonymized in attendance sheet

Anonymized users are now also anonymized in the Classroom check-in page and attendance sheet.

Declaring more learning needs

We added a button to declare a learning need more easily, directly in the section Learning Needs of the homepage. Some users will see a button on the top right of the list; others may see a bigger button on the left of the existing learning needs (yes, we’re conducting an experiment 🤓).

Impacted applications:

Keep Projects warm

We removed Projects from free trial platforms. We realized this was confusing new users, who needed time to first absorb the basic features.

Impacted applications:

Navigation & design

  • The feedback inbox now keeps an access to the sidebar navigation and the top menu, like the homepage.
  • In your personal settings, the sections RESULTS, NOTIFICATIONS and SETTINGS are now are displayed in the same way as the other sections (instead of separate icons, on the top right of the page).
  • Notification settings (in the menu ...Personal settingsNOTIFICATIONS) are now toggles instead of checkboxes.
  • When toggling off Enable email notifications, we now ask for confirmation.
  • In the group or homepage newsfeeds, we updated the appearance of courses, paths, programs and learning needs. The same information is displayed, it’s just neater.
  • We moved the helper button ? on the bottom right of the main section, instead of the bottom right of the newsfeed.
  • Classroom slots are now more compact in the edition screen of a program session.
  • In a program session with a Classroom, we reworded the text "You must attend the previous course first" to "You must complete the previous block first" — it’s not always about courses.

Other updates

  • We’ve activated a small feature on the Knowledge Base search bar, replacing the title of sections with 🇺🇦 Нет войне / Stop the War in Ukraine 🇺🇦 (with a certain probability, and on IP addresses from certain countries only).

API updates

We are adding one new path route:

  • GET getPathSessions: return the list of all path sessions in the platform.

Solution: HCM Connect

Solution: Curated Programs

  • Thanks to Edflex’s updated API, we can now display the time spent in statistics. This feature is retroactive. Note, however, that:
    • Edflex will not be able to provide the time spent for all resources.
    • The retrieved time spent for videos is their theoretical time, not the time actually spent on the video. If the theoretical time is longer than the duration of the course, we will compute a new time spent for the video, as the difference between the first and last activity.

Solution: Globalization

Solution: Extended Enterprise

  • Users who self-register can now change the language of the registration form, at the top of the page. The selected language for the form will be kept for the user account’s platform language.

March 2nd, 2022 (v65)

Core product

New top menu

We’re introducing a revamped top menu in the homepage, which features:

  • the "create" button (instead of at the bottom right);
  • a unique notification icon (instead of several menus in the sidebar);
  • the search bar (instead of in the left sidebar).


Impacted applications:

New interface for True/False question


Impacted applications:

New interface for MCQ


Impacted applications:

New manager notification

Managers now receive a revamped notification email, highlighting:

  • the average team completion and participation on recent training items;
  • who's late;
  • which training item has a low completion rate;
  • direct links to their manager dashboard;
  • who's been doing great.

Stripe for everyone

Team clients who were still using Cheddar will finally be able to move to Stripe; we will contact you soon with a short process.

Reorganized user administration page

We visually reorganized the user administration page (which you can access by clicking on a user from the menu USERS of the group settings). The page now has three distinct sections:

  1. General information (with the role title now having a dedicated field).
  2. Custom Fields.
  3. Group permissions.

We also slightly updated the design for changing the name, email and password.

Impacted applications:

Project statistics

You can now view the number of ongoing projects in the stats page of a group. You can also access them by clicking on the stats icon on the top right of the projects page.

See Track Projects statistics (section View Projects statistics per group).

Impacted applications:

Rectangular paths

To be consistent with the overall design, we’ve replaced all square images of paths with rectangular images.

The recommended size for the path cover image is now 980x550 pixels.

Default filtering date for Classroom stats

The menu Dashboard > CLASSROOMS is now filtered by default on the current day, on the top right.

Impacted applications:

Programming is learning

We renamed the user profile menu PROGRAMS into LEARNING.

You can access your user profile by clicking ... > Personal settings on the top right of the homepage.

Navigation & design updates

  • We visually updated the look of internal notes (both in reading and creating).
  • We visually updated the look of highlighted comments (the one selected when you answer it from the Feedback Inbox or a notification).
  • We simplified the interface for selecting custom fields.
  • Classroom slots in program sessions get a visual update (before, after).
  • You can now access Classroom slot statistics directly from the program session edition interface. On the top right of the slot, click ... > Statistics.
  • We visually updated a couple of tooltips.
  • We visually updated lists of users.

Solution: Globalization

Solution: Curated Programs

Solution: Mobile Advanced

Session instructors can now use the mobile app to:

Impacted applications:

February 9th, 2022 (v64)

Core product

New interface for ordered questions

We redesigned the interface for ordered questions (both for authors and learners).


Impacted applications:

Time zone selector for Classroom slot dates

You can now change the time zone for Classroom slots, when editing their start and end date.


Groups for all administrators

Group hierarchy is now activated on all platforms. This means that:

  • any group can now have a subgroup;
  • group administrators can now create groups.

This also implies that visibility rules now have more edge cases. Read Create a group to know more.

Adaptive sidepan width in the homepage

We added a rule to adapt the width of the sidepan in the homepage, depending on the width of the screen:

  • If your screen width is below 1360px, the sidepan width is 432px.
  • If your screen width is between 1360px and 1440px, the sidepan width is 450px.
  • If your screen width is above 1440px, the sidepan width is 500px.

(Remember that you can still collapse it.)

Impacted applications:

Dashboard manager default filter: Enrollment date instead of Due date

The filter on the top right of Dashboard > MANAGEES now displays by default Enrollment date instead of Due date. We realized it was a more common usage.

Focused Learning Needs on the homepage

In the section Learning Needs on the homepage, we now display only Learning Needs that aren’t linked to a Project. They are the ones that really need it.

Impacted applications:

Labels ye be warned

We’re replacing labels with custom fields in 2022. We tried lightly nudging admins to use custom fields instead of labels to facilitate the switch, but it seems labels are still being created.

So, we’re nudging them a little more, by displaying a red banner:

  • at the top of the menu Settings > Keywords > Labels of the platform group;
  • at the top of the label creation popup;
  • at the top of the popup when assigning a label to a user;
  • at the top of the popup when filtering by label.

Impacted applications:

Cleaner course dashboard

We removed the reaction columns from the menu Dashboard > COURSES, and added instead a column for the number of activities.

We realized there was too much information on that screen. We’re trying to focus back on the important stuff.

Impacted applications:

Cleaner Catalog menu

We removed the following settings from the menu Settings > Catalog of the platform group:

  • Cover picture;
  • Presentation video;
  • Catalog Name;
  • Describe your business.

They were obsolete and displayed nowhere.

Impacted applications:

Free reviewers

Project squad members can now add any user from their groups as reviewers, even if they do not belong to the Project squad. Adding a reviewer to a course will not add them to the Project squad.

Reviewers who are not part of the Project squad do not have access to the Project anymore (they are not added as author to the Project group), and can only access the course from their email notification.

This change allows Project squad members to focus on selecting the most relevant reviewers for their courses, regardless of whether they belong to the squad or not, and without fear of consequences in adding them as authors to unintended groups

Impacted applications:

Training recommendations on the homepage

Getting your training to the right learners is easier than ever with our training recommendations. Using data from previous training activities, our platform recommends training to users right on their homepage.

To have recommendations displayed, a platform needs:

  • 50 or more courses that have been attempted at least once;
  • 50 or more users that have attempted at least one course;
  • Their catalog enabled.

Impacted applications:

Behavior fix: creating a course from the tooltip

In the tooltip to discover the authoring tool in Free Trial platforms, clicking CREATE COURSE now actually creates a course, instead of only closing the tooltip.

Impacted applications:

Solution: Extended Enterprise

Self-registered users can now select their language (previously: only English) in the registration form.

Reminder: you can enable the group self-registration feature now for free on your platform by contacting your Client Success Partner. Note, however, that it is a preview of the Extended Enterprise Solution that will go live in 2022. This feature will then become available only through the Extended Enterprise Solution and you will need to subscribe to keep it.


Impacted applications:

API updates

We are adding one new path route:

  • DEL cancelClassroomSlot: this will delete a Classroom slot (taking as input the id of the classroom slot that must be deleted).

January 19th, 2022 (v63)

Core product updates

Searching for groups from the navigation panel

Instead of having to scroll through the group list, users will be able to quickly search for their groups directly in the navigation panel.

  1. In the navigation panel, click Search group(magnifying glass icon)
  2. Start typing the group name

Impacted applications:

Improved visibility to group hierarchy via breadcrumbs

We added breadcrumb links to the top of group homepages for easier visibility to group hierarchy and quicker navigation between groups.

Impacted applications:

Collapsible right side-panel

For users who want to save a little bit more space on their platform and group homepages, the newsfeed panel will be collapsible.

Impacted applications:

Adding custom fields to new users

Admins can now add custom field values to new users that they are inviting to the platform by email.

Impacted applications:

Design update on the path editor page

We moved the path type (Linear or Non-linear) and estimated duration selectors to the Steps section.

Impacted applications:

New info on the path session stat updates

We’ve added a couple more stats to the path statistics page:

  • More group result info: In the Results by group section of the path session statistics page, users can now click on the group row to get a detailed list of group results per learner.
  • New path session Learner stats page: This page allows users to access more granular info (like course attempt data) for individual Learners directly from the path sessions dashboard.
    • Page location: Path Dashboard > go to a path’s Results and statistics page > click the path session > click the Learner row.

Other improvements to paths dashboard pages

  • User custom fields columns added to dashboard export: Columns for your user custom fields will now appear in the paths dashboard export.
  • Paths vs Program recommendation: We added a note to the paths dashboard that covers some of the cases that we recommend using a path instead of a program. We also wrote an article to help you choose between the two: Paths or programs?
    • Psst! We recommend using paths when sharing courses that don’t need a specific play mode and that don’t contain open questions.

Impacted applications:

Updated path session permissions for coaches

To simplify path ownership, coaches that are in a group that owns a path session but not the path itself will no longer be able to create new sessions of that path. Coaches that are in the group that owns the path will still be able to create new sessions for that path.

Filling classroom attendance

We added the Fill Attendance feature back to the attendance management page for all solutions.

Other core product updates

  • For easier access to a path homepage from the user statistics page, we added a view button (eye icon) to the Paths table.
  • After reviewing feedback, we’ve removed the user calendar from the Programs tab of the Personal Settings page.
  • We added detailed reaction stats to the Courses Collaborative Activity dashboard.
  • We updated the language in some of our notification emails.

Solution: Enterprise

Updated project creation dialog box

We updated the look and feel of the project creation dialog box:

  • Created separate pages for each step in the creation process.
  • Added a progress bar at the top of the dialog box that shows where you’re at in the creation process.
  • Clearly identified which users are authors on the Add members section.
  • Made it easy to edit project info from the Summary section.

Impacted applications:

Improved Project tasks

  • To more accurately reflect the project task, we updated the name of the Start review task to Choose reviewers.
  • If you launch a project using one of your custom templates, the project will no longer show the default project tasks.

Impacted applications:

Added Learning Need prompt to homepage

If no Learning Need exists, users will see a prompt to declare a new Learning Need on their homepage.

Impacted applications:

Solution: Live Training

Sending check-in links to learners

Session instructors can now quickly send the classroom check-in link to individual learners. Hover over the pending learner’s name on the attendance management page and click Send the check-in link(paper plane icon).

Impacted applications:

Integration updates

Syncing Custom Fields with HRIS user sync connectors

Building off the logic for our existing label sync, our HRIS user sync connectors now also sync User Custom Fields.

REMINDER: If you are currently using labels, we recommend that you begin using User Custom Fields. We designed this functionality to replace Labels and will begin phasing them out of the platform in 2022.

API updates

We are adding one new path routes:

  • GETgetPathSessionUsers returns a list of learners enrolled in a path session

Mobile updates

We updated the design of our reaction bar on Android and iOS apps.

Addendum (February 2nd)

During the v63 release, we did a partial rollout of our training recommendation feature. We then fully released the feature on January 28th.

Based on their previous training and the training of other users on the platform, some users saw tailor-made content recommendations right on their homepage.

January 5th, 2022 (v62)

Core product updates

Recent groups

If you belong to more than five groups, the five groups you’ve most recently accessed will be displayed at the top of the group list, in the homepage sidebar.

All groups remain displayed in alphabetical order below the most recent groups.

Mobile: no impact; the homepage sidebar isn’t displayed in the mobile application.

Smoother date picker

We slightly changed the behavior of the date picker for changing the end date of a program session: the confirmation message will appear only after the picker is closed (instead of every time an element is changed).

Mobile: no impact; there is no need to select a date in the mobile application.

Custom fields selector in the user creation form

The menu USERS > Add users > Set up a user of a group now allows admins to add custom field values to a new user.

Note that the custom field needs to exist beforehand. See Create custom fields.

Mobile: no impact; users cannot be created from the mobile application.

Custom fields in the user statistics export

The user statistics export now displays custom fields, on top of labels. See Track user statistics (section Download user statistics).

Mobile: no impact; exports cannot be downloaded in the mobile application.

Performance improvement: course loading time

We improved the loading time of a course when clicking from the homepage. This first part of performance improvement was mainly done through backend code optimization.

Mobile: no impact yet; we’re still checking this doesn’t break anything in the mobile experience.

Performance improvement: removal of average course score in program session pages

We removed the score that was displayed under each course in a program session page. This score was computed as the average score of participants that had played the session so far.

In some cases, the computation of this figure caused the page to load for more than 10 seconds. We’re removing it in the short term (giving a boost for program session loading), and are assessing how to reintroduce this info in an actionable way for users. This score remains visible in the session statistics.

Mobile: no impact; the average score isn’t displayed in program session screens.

Performance improvement: newsfeed loading time

Items in the newsfeed now show the total number of reactions and comments, instead of a number corresponding to the visible reactions and comments for the connected user. Removing this computational rule reduces loading time, as well as boosts the number of interactions shown for a specific element (and also satisfies the rule that the value of a statistic figure should not depend on who is viewing it).

Mobile: this feature benefits the loading time of newsfeed items in the mobile app.

Clickable lines in the manager’s dashboard

You can now click on the lines in the two tables of the manager’s dashboard.

  • Clicking on a line in the Training table will show the detailed statistics for the program session or path
  • Clicking on the learner’s name in the Learner table will redirect to the individual statistics page of that user.

See Track statistics of managees.

Mobile: no impact; the manager’s dashboard isn’t displayed in the mobile application.

Clickable team in the manager’s dashboard

You can now click on the number on the right of the page title Manager Dashboard to display the list of all managees.

Mobile: no impact; the manager’s dashboard isn’t displayed in the mobile application.

Playing courses from the Catalog when they are also part of a path

We clarified the context in which a course is played, when it is part of a non-linear path.

  • If the course is launched from a path, it is played in that path context.
  • If the course is not launched from a path:
    • if the course is only shared in non-linear paths, it is played in the path with the ongoing session that started first;
    • if the course is shared in non-linear paths and in the catalog, it is played in stand-alone;
    • if the course is shared in linear paths, we display a message redirecting them to the linear path with the ongoing session that started first.

Mobile: the behavior and the redirection message are also applied to the mobile app.

Online payments

We've moved our online bulling and payments to a new provider: Stripe.

Navigation & design updates

  • In newsfeeds, Learning Needs are now displayed with a pale pink border (instead of orange), to match its color in the homepage.
    • Mobile: no impact; training items don’t have color codes.
  • You can now click ... > Edit on the top right of a slot in the menu Dashboard > CLASSROOMS to directly open the settings page of the corresponding program session.
    • Mobile: no impact; this menu isn’t visible in the mobile application.
  • We reworded the error message displayed when a user tries to access a content for which they don’t have permissions (before, and after). We noticed this situation was often due to a user having multiple accounts. This new message was designed to give more context when that happens, and explain more clearly what to do.
    • Mobile: no impact; this message isn’t visible in the mobile application.
  • We slightly changed the design of the path editor: the section Steps is now visually distinct from the general path settings.
    • Mobile: no impact; paths cannot be edited in the mobile application.
  • The general information of a course (first activity in the left sidebar when editing a course) now has a fixed generic name Course Setup, instead of the name of the course.
    • Mobile: no impact; courses cannot be edited in the mobile application.
  • The first column of the Learner table in the manager’s dashboard is now frozen, which allows to keep the learner’s name visible even if there are many columns (= training items) in the table.
    • Mobile: no impact; the manager’s dashboard isn’t visible in the mobile application.
  • We added a small loading animation when you change the filters on the manager’s dashboard, to clarify when the data is still being computed.
    • Mobile: no impact; the manager’s dashboard isn’t visible in the mobile application.
  • We extended the scroll bar of the homepage sidebar to the whole height (instead of just the group list).
    • Mobile: no impact; the homepage sidebar isn’t displayed in the mobile application.

Solution: Live Training

Check-In code

To validate the presence of learners in a Classroom, we added a shareable code when opening check-in in a Classroom slot. Clicking OPEN CHECK-IN from Dashboard > CLASSROOMS automatically creates a code that session instructors can share with their learners. Users registered to the slot will have to enter that code from the session homepage.

Read more in Fill Classroom slot attendance.

Mobile: this code cannot be entered from the mobile application.

Send Check-In link to all pending learners in one click

Session instructors can now email the direct link to the Classroom slot check-in page, to registered learners who haven’t yet checked-in.

From the menu Dashboard > CLASSROOMS, hover your mouse over the number of pending users, and click the email icon.

You can also copy the link by clicking Copy link, on the right of the Classroom slot code.

Mobile: this feature is not available in the mobile application.

Check-In from the homepage

Learners who are registered to a Classroom slot on which check-in is open (and for which they haven’t yet checked in) can check-in directly from the homepage, in the section My work. See Access content from the homepage.

Mobile: this feature is not available in the mobile application.

Mobile updates

Path sessions now supported on iOS

Learners now have access to path sessions on the iOS mobile app.

API updates

We’re updating one existing route.

  • DELdeleteFromGroupCatalog can now delete path sessions from the Catalog of a group (on top of program sessions and courses). Just like for program sessions, give it an array of path session IDs, and voilà.
Check out our blog for more L&D resources.

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