360Learning Release Notes

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Your 360Learning platform is updated every 3 weeks (on Wednesdays between 6 AM and 8 AM GMT+2)*. Please find below the list of modifications from the last 12 months.

*Two exceptions are planned in 2023:

  • Wednesday, May 17th → Tuesday, May 16th
  • Wednesday, November 1st → Thursday, November 2nd

May 16th, 2023 (v86)

Core product updates

Hide answers on courses in paths

We’ve added the ability to completely hide answers on courses within paths.

In the course settings within a path, you will now see a toggle next to Correct Answer. Turning this setting ‘Off’ will keep a course from displaying the correct answers.

CleanShot 2023-05-08 at 15.10.14@2x.png

Impacted application:

Send automated reminders on path sessions

We’ve added a new option to paths: Send automated reminders.

When this option is activated, learners enrolled on the path session are emailed a reminder when they have been inactive for 2 days, and when they have been inactive for 7 days.

CleanShot 2023-05-08 at 13.51.44@2x.png

Impacted application:

Performance improvements on paths

We’ve made some changes on the back-end to help improve the loading time of paths.

Impacted application:

Paths homepage redirect

When programs are migrated into paths, migrated program URL’s will redirect to the paths homepage.

Impacted application:

Introducing the Session Builder

Create custom audiences and flexible rules that take human error out of the training enrollment process.

Using the Session Builder for path enrollment, Platform Administrators, Group Administrators, and Coaches can:

  • Quickly select a custom audience that fits their specific needs.
  • Connect filters with AND or OR logic.

Impacted application:

Group creation limit

To ensure optimal performance within the platform, we have implemented a limit of 30,000 to the number of groups that a user can create.

Impacted application:

Quickly send reminders to learners registered to classroom slots

We’ve added the ability to send a quick reminder/message to learners who are assigned to a classroom slot.

Classroom instructors who need to reach out to a registered learner shortly before a classroom, or, need to remind a learner who has not submitted an RSVP response, can quickly send a message using this new option.

CleanShot 2023-05-08 at 16.27.57.gif

Impacted application:

Deleting a user removes them from classroom slots

We’ve corrected an issue where deleting a user from the platform did not remove them from classroom slots.

Now, when a user is deleted from the platform, they will also be removed from all upcoming classroom slots.

Impacted application:

Redesigned "Paths" list page

The page that shows the list of paths has been redesigned with a more modern look. While this version keeps existing capabilities, such as filtering data or searching for paths, it also adds new capabilities:

  • You can now reorder and resize columns.
  • You can easily download data and create a custom report using the new MORE ACTIONS menu.


Impacted application:

New columns in custom reports

You can now add columns about classrooms (title, start date, and end date) in your OPCO logs reports.

For more information about the new export interface, see Export platform reports.

Impacted application:

Select specific user custom fields as columns in exports

You can now tailor your exports with specific user custom field columns to match your reporting needs.


Impacted application:

Custom colors for buttons and sidebar

Platform admins can now customize the colors of their platform in 3 places:

If you cannot see the color changes, it may be because custom CSS is activated on your platform. Contact your platform owner to know more.

Impacted application:

Request deactivation of the Leaderboard

If the Leaderboard doesn’t make sense for your organization, you may now contact your CSP to request its deactivation.

Impacted application:

Help for authors

Newly appointed authors now have access to a special course template that helps them create their first course.

When creating a course, choose the template Guided creation, and follow the guide.

Impacted application:

Other core product updates

  • You can no longer access the old export interface from the custom reports page. For more information about the new export interface, see Export platform reports. Impacted application:
  • The Manager dashboard has been renamed to My team’s dashboard. Impacted application:

API Updates

New API route: getPath

We’ve added a new API route:

  • GET getPath: Returns information about a path.

April 26th, 2023 (v85)

Core product updates

Schedule and share reports with the export interface

Save time by scheduling dates for the export interface to run and send your routine exports automatically. You select what to include and choose the frequency, we do the rest.

You can also select the users with who you want to share the report as needed. They will receive the report automatically on the scheduled date.

For more information about custom reports, see Export platform reports.

Impacted application:

Advanced settings in paths

We've added two new fields to paths: Addition path information & Additional session information. These fields are located in the Advanced settings dropdown in path settings.

You can use these fields to store information about the path (i.e., registration number, ID in another tool, etc.). The information stored within these fields will be available within the CSV exports of the path, as well as the API, but it will not be displayed elsewhere.

CleanShot 2023-04-18 at 12.13.54@2x.png

Impacted application:

Require validation of registrations in path sessions

Users that can edit a session can activate the option Require validation of open access registrations. Once the option is enabled, you can select if the validation is done by Instructors or Managers.

By enabling this option, you will add a validation step for the learners enrollment. From the path page, learners will be able to request enrollment. An email will be sent to the managers or the instructors (determined by the setting), where they will be able to validate or decline the request. No validation will be necessary if you directly enroll your learners.

CleanShot 2023-04-27 at 14.41.09@2x.png

Impacted application:

Course homepage redirect

We have corrected an issue that caused a redirect popup to appear unnecessarily. If a learner searches for a course that is part of a linear path, or a path with mandatory replay, they will be redirected to the start of the path.

Impacted application:

Coach view update

Coaches are no longer required to also be an author of a group, in order to see certificate results and statistics. Certificates that have been given to learners of the group will be displayed to the coach.

Impacted application:

Minimum score reached in paths no longer requires replay

If a course has a 'Minimum score' requirement within a path, but the course has been previously completed by a learner and the minimum score has already been met, the learner will no longer be required to replay the course.

Impacted application:

Programs sessions end date

Newly created program sessions can no longer have an 'end date' after December 31st, 2023. When attempting to create a program session that would end past December 31st, you will receive a message: "Create a Path to have an end date that is after 1/12/23"

Impacted application:

Set up a user page improvement

To make the process of setting up users within the platform easier, we have made some changes to the Set up a user page.

We've rearranged the fields and added placeholder text, to make the page easier to read. We've also updated the password field, to better communicate when a password is properly secured.

CleanShot 2023-04-18 at 12.52.54@2x.png

Impacted application:

Save time on classroom setup with the Google Calendar 2-way sync.

Instead of having to update classroom info in both the Google Calendar invite and the 360Learning platform, Authors can choose whichever location is most convenient for them in the moment.

With the Google Calendar 2-way sync enabled:

  • Edits made to a classroom on the platform are pushed to the corresponding Google Calendar event(s).
  • Edits made to a Google Calendar event that’s linked to a 360Learning classroom now update the slot date, time, and description in the platform.

Impacted application:

New columns in custom reports

You can now add one column per learner's group in your Paths and Classrooms reports.

You can also add one single column that contains all learners' groups, separated by commas, in all your custom reports.

For more information about custom reports, see Export platform reports.

Impacted application:

AI-generated questions in courses: video edition

We are now expanding our AI engine to generate questions based on videos.

This is an extension of our previous feature, generating questions from cheat sheet: the AI engine (QGen) will now take into account uploaded videos with automatically generated subtitles.

The same types of questions are available: Single Selection and Yes / No.

Impacted application:

Search results page for the Quick search

The Quick search feature (still in beta) can now display a search results page, with 4 chips:

  • All
  • Courses
  • Paths
  • Program sessions

Contact your Client Success Partner (CSP) or Solution Architect (SA) if you wish to opt-in to the Quick search feature.

Impacted application:

Mandatory feedback for negative reactions

In order for authors to focus on improving their courses, learners who click THIS IS OUTDATED or I HAVE A QUESTION in a course must now enter a comment for the reaction to be taken into account.

This should help avoid non-actionable negative feedback, and keep course scores high.

Impacted application:

This is not outdated anymore

In order to avoid having updated courses still marked as outdated, we’ve automated the removal of the THIS IS OUTDATED reaction when the comment linked to that reaction is handled.

From the Feedback Inbox, when the author of the course marks the comment as read, the THIS IS OUTDATED reaction is automatically removed from the course, and the comment is archived.

Impacted application:

Breathing room in email notifications

In order to avoid the spam feeling, we’ve bundled a few email notifications together. You should now receive fewer emails, and at longer intervals.

There are three types of bundles:

  • direct mentions and answers: not more frequent than every 5 minutes (this feels like real time, and is commonly used by similar apps).
  • likes: not more frequent than every hour.
  • all the rest: daily.

Impacted application:

Slack connector audience extended

In order to improve users’ learning experience in the flow of work, and maximize impact of training notifications where your learners are, we’re launching the second iteration of our Slack connector by extending the audience.

The Slack Connector displays notifications for program session assignments and path assignments (whether the registration was done individually or part of a group).

Contact your Client Success Partner (CSP) or Solution Architect (SA) to install this connector.

Other core product updates

  • The default cover picture is now unbranded. Impacted application:
  • We updated the platform loading animation, to make it more consistent with the overall design. Impacted application:

Mobile updates

Integration updates

  • You can now synchronize any SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central field as a user custom field in 360Learning, using the SAP SuccessFactors integration.

API updates

New routes for managing external content

We've added new routes to help you include content from external providers in your 360Learning platform:

  • POSTimportExternalCourses: import external content from an external provider to a 360Learning group.
  • DELETEdeleteExternalCourses: delete external content from a 360Learning group.

User Custom Fields in the updateUser route

We've added a new field to the updateUser route:

  • customField: add User Custom Fields to a user.

April 5th, 2023 (v84)

Core product updates

Require learners to retake courses in a path

Use our new path option Mandatory Replay to help your learners stay in compliance; when enabled, this option requires learners retake all courses within a path and only shows the results for the retake in path result reports.

Identify paths that came from programs

We've added a Migrated Program tag to help differentiate paths that are manually created from paths that were created from a program.

Add a cover image to your path with the Unsplash image bank

You can now add a cover image to your paths using the Unsplash image bank.

CleanShot 2023-03-23 at 13.08.14.gif

Estimated weekly commitment option added to paths

In the path steps setting, you can now set an Estimated weekly commitment.

Quickly tell which learners are attending classroom training with the new RSVP status.

Instead of having to manage invites in an outside calendar invite, RSVPs are part of the 360Learning platform:

  • Learners can submit their RSVPs in 360Learning or via automated invitation emails sent by the platform.
  • Instructors can see how learners have responded to their classroom invite directly in 360Learning.

Learner View


Instructor View


New and improved path statistics page

Using revised metrics and modernized data visualization, the new path statistics page helps you quickly understand impactful training data:

  • Filter statistics by session, enrollment type, user custom field, or group.
  • View the progress, attendance, completion rate, median training time, and average score.
  • View the completion rate, average score, average training time, and user data for each step.
  • Get a recap by user or group.
  • Generate and download certificates of completion, if applicable.


Impacted application:

New columns in Paths reports

You can now add columns that contains details per step, such as the step type, title, or status, in your Paths reports.

For more information about custom reports, see Export platform reports.

Impacted application:

Enhanced table of contents in courses

For a better navigation experience, you can now see the full activity titles in the table of contents while playing courses.

And if you don't want to see the table of contents, you can also hide it.


Impacted application:

Archive comments in the course forum

In order to hide questions that have been answered and requests that have been dealt with, authors and admins can now archive comments in the course forum, and filter them by:

  • Feedback inbox status (pending or completed);
  • visibility (internal or external);
  • archivity (archived or live).

(I am aware archivity isn’t a word. But it should be.)

Impacted application:

Other core product updates

  • To prevent accidental deletion of media when editing cheatsheets and question activities, we've moved the delete and edit icons to the top corners of the image, video, or document. Impacted application:

Solution: Coaching

Learners can download subtitle transcripts

To help make our platform more accessible, we've added the ability to display and download the subtitle transcripts of videos.

CleanShot 2023-03-23 at 13.49.48.gif

Mobile updates

Self-register to a classroom slot

As a learner, you can now self-register for classroom slots directly from the mobile app.

Integration updates

HRIS connector: updated retention period for CSV files

We've updated the file retention period applied to the CSV files for provisioning users through our HRIS connector. CSV Files uploaded to our SFTP server are now deleted after 30 days.

API updates

Added results to the getPathSessionStats & getUserPathSessionStats routes

The getPathSessionStats & getUserPathSessionStats API routes will now return information for the results within a path.

March 15th, 2023 (v83)

Core product updates

No more legacy navigation sidebar

With the new navigation fully in place, the Dashboard link in the left navigation sidebar is no longer available.

Learn more about the new navigation.

Impacted application:

Navigate through activities more easily

Hopefully, you'll be able to navigate through activities more easily. The Next Activity button is back (but at the bottom of the screen)!


Impacted application:

Improvements to user settings

We've made some improvements to the user settings page. Important user info such as Email & Role Title has been made more visible, we've also added an EDIT button to these sections, to help clarify when changes have been made.

CleanShot 2023-03-07 at 09.42.28.gif

Impacted application:

Path step results

To improve visibility within path statistics, path statuses have been updated. Learners can now see the path step results directly on the path step. We've also added a Results column to the path statistics page.

Impacted application:

Owner groups on programs

To help the transition from programs to paths, programs now have Owner groups assigned. Authors and admins can edit the owner group of a program.

The owner group will not have an impact on the program, but will be useful when the program becomes a path.

CleanShot 2023-03-07 at 10.11.23@2x.png

Impacted application:

Virtual classroom slot reminder email update

We've updated the reminder email that is sent out for virtual classrooms. Learners will now receive a single email, 5 minutes before the classroom is scheduled to begin.

Impacted application:

Hide the path forum

You can now hide the path forum, by disabling the corresponding option in the path editor screen.

Impacted application:

Onboarding for authors

To help new authors understand the possibilities of their new role, we added a quick onboarding guide for all users who are added as authors in a group.

Impacted application:

Propagate learning needs activation/deactivation to subgroups

To allow for a smoother deployment of learning needs, you can now activate or deactivate learning needs on a whole hierarchy of groups with one click.

  • In the group creation form, you now have the option to Activate Learning Needs for this new group.
  • In the general settings of any group, you can check or uncheck the option Replicate the change of status in subgroups.

Impacted application:

Other core product updates

  • Minimum score will now block learners progression in linear paths, if the minimum score has not been reached. Impacted application:
  • Coaches and group administrators can now click Courses at the top of the home page to access the statistics of courses shared in their catalog. Impacted application:
  • We've added a new Filter panel for a better filtering experience. Impacted application:
  • We now display the name of two users (closest to the connected user, in terms of groups) who upvoted, at the top of a learning need. Impacted application:
  • Path instructors now receive a notification when a comment is made in the forum of a course within their path.
  • To encourage navigation through chips at the top of the page, we removed the Projects menu in the left sidebar in the homepage. Impacted application:
  • In order to encourage people to ask questions, we renamed the reaction "I didn’t get it" into "I have a question". We realized that many people who had questions about an activity didn’t really know where to click.

Globalization updates

New languages added to courses

Added support for Chinese (Taiwan), Lao, & Latvian in courses.

Impacted application:

Integrations updates

Provision users from Workday

Our new integration makes Workday customers’ lives easier by directly connecting Workday and the 360Learning platform to synchronize user data.

Impacted application:

New business integration: Chrome extension

Accelerate learning with the Chrome extension. As users search and browse Google, the extension will show a list of related training that they can click on to start learning more about the topic.

Learn more here!

Impacted application:

February 22nd, 2023 (v82)

Core product updates

Duplicate paths

Quickly duplicate an existing path and edit it to fit your Learners' training needs.

Platform Administrators, Group Administrators, Authors, and Co-Authors can duplicate a path from the path edit page and the path dashboard:

  1. From the path dashboard, find the path row.
  2. Click Duplicate.

CleanShot 2023-02-12 at 23.19.53.gif

Impacted application:

Cleaner posting interface in the newsfeed

To post a message in a group, you can now click at the top of the newsfeed (rather than the bottom).

We also removed the user banner and info from the right sidebar in the homepage, to leave more room for messages.

CleanShot 2023-02-13 at 10.26.18.jpeg

Impacted application:

Path forum in the newsfeed

Messages posted in the forum of a path are now displayed in the newsfeed of enrolled users.

If you have the Globalization solution, users see only the messages in their language (and administrators see all messages)

Impacted application:

Simplified advanced settings

In order to simplify forum notification management, we removed two options from the group advanced settings:

Users receive an email when a new message is posted by a coach, an administrator or an instructor → corresponding to the notification option A new message is posted by an administrator, a coach or an instructor, in the personal notification settings of users.

Email notifications when a message is posted by a learner on a newsfeed are active. Each individual user can deactivate them in their settings. → corresponding to the notification option A new message is posted by a learner on a group or a session page, in the personal notification settings of users.

The corresponding notification options can still be disabled in the notification settings page, but they cannot be disabled by default by administrators.

CleanShot 2023-02-13 at 11.02.34.jpeg

We also added a new notification option Messages of all my users in a group newsfeed, in the section Other publications, which allows administrators to be notified of all new messages in the newsfeed of their group.

CleanShot 2023-02-13 at 11.03.52.jpeg

Impacted application:

Redesigned option to activate all notifications

In order to improve understanding of granular notifications and avoid accidental disabling of all notifications, we redesigned the main toggle option in the notifications settings page.

The toggle is now turned into a button labeled Mute all notifications, at the bottom of the list.

Impacted application:

AI-generated questions in courses

You can now use our AI engine to generate questions based on the contents of your cheat sheets in a course.

Two types of questions are available: Single Selection and Yes / No. The list automatically updates when you edit your cheat sheet.

Read more here →

Impacted application:

New columns on custom reports

You can now add more columns to your custom reports:

  • User field columns are now available to help you centralize all data about users.
  • New columns are also available in path exports to help you gather data about path authors, certificates, and classroom slots.

For more information about custom reports, see Export platform reports.

Impacted application:

Dynamic date filters in custom reports

We’ve enhanced our custom reporting feature with dynamic date filters. You can now easily filter data by date range, such as the last seven days, the last three months, or the last two years.

Custom reports will automatically update to show the relative date range you selected.


Impacted application:

Download OPCO attestations from the path dashboard

To improve the process of downloading OPCO Attestations, we added a new OPCO Attestation section to the path dashboard. From here, users can generate and customize OPCO attestations directly in paths.


Impacted application:

Easier course sharing

To create a better user experience, we redesigned the course editor share panel.

The updated design includes:

  • New tooltips that lead users to more info about Catalogs and Libraries
  • More straightforward selection options in the panel


Impacted application:

Several emails become one

If you receive more than one path invitation within 1 minute, you will now receive only one email (instead of one per invitation).

This should help reduce the feeling of receiving too many emails at the same time.

Impacted application:

Globalization updates

New languages added to courses

Added support for two new languages in courses: Malay and Welsh. Impacted application:

Updated translation mode questions

To help authors during translation, we have updated some of the wording used in translation mode when translating questions within courses to be more clear. Impacted application:

Mobile updates

View path step info

Learners can now see the following info on path steps (when these options are enabled): number of attempts left, relative due date, and course availability date. Impacted applications:

API updates

Added Steps and Certification to the `getPaths` route

The getPaths API route will now return information for the steps within a path, as well as the certification for the path. Impacted application:

Other updates

  • Platform owners can now link a moderation charter in the platform settings. Once a moderation charter has been linked, it will be visible by learners in their personal settings.
  • HCM Connect: You can now build Salesforce reports with path statistics from your 360Learning platform.

February 1st, 2023 (v81)

Core product updates

Simplified course duplication

Authors who duplicate existing courses have more autonomy over their work with improvements we've made to the course copy experience. Instead of staying tied to the original course (and having the frustrating dependencies that come along with that), duplicates are now their own standalone courses.

Try it out by clicking ...Make a copy on an existing course.


Impacted application:

Updated course option in paths: availability after enrollment

Path editors can now choose the option After the enrollment date (as a variation of After the session’s start date) to define an availability date for the courses.

This will allow all learners enrolled in path to have the same amount of delay until a course availability, even if they were enrolled at different dates.


Impacted application:

Updated course option in paths: at the end of the course, if successful

Path editors can now choose the option At the end of the course, if successful in subsections Correct answer and Forum & reactions of the course options in a path.

This new option will allow all learners to see the correct answers (along with their possible explanation), and/or the forum and reactions of a course, only if they have successfully completed that course.


Impacted application:

Mobile apps

Other updates

  • We revamped the email notification for recommended learning needs, to help users recognize those who would benefit them, and encourage them to upvote. More details →
  • We redesigned the service interruption message that was displayed during an update.
  • We added a popup to free trial platforms, at 15 days and 27 days after the creation of the platform, to remind owners of the remaining time.
  • In certificates, we rephrased the sentence "for all legal purposes" into "This certificate is issued for all intents and purposes, as may be required".

January 11th, 2023 (v80)

Core product updates

New navigation experience for all

After a successful testing phase, we’re rolling out a new navigation experience in our ongoing efforts to improve the consistency of the navigation across the learning platform.


Quick navigation through pages

Instead of having to click through the left navigation panel and various dashboard menus to get to different pages, you can now navigate to different pages in one click.

Consistent top navigation

The top navigation menu (1) is now displayed on all pages, except for the course player and editors. Breadcrumbs make it easier to navigate through pages and know where you are.

Dashboard data is moving to the homepage and group pages

Using navigation filters (2), you can now access any objects (courses, classrooms, paths, etc.).

You can switch from the content view to the statistics view (3) directly from the homepage and group pages for analytics based on your filters.

You can still access the old dashboard from the left sidebar until March 2023.


From the left sidebar, you can access two different workspaces (4):

  • Home. From this workspace, you can access objects related to all groups, just like in the old dashboard.
  • Group. From this workspace, you can access objects related to the selected group or public channel.

Access to exports has moved

With the release of the new navigation experience, access to exports has moved:

  1. On the home page, make sure the All navigation filter is selected.
  2. Switch to the statistics mode.
  3. Open the Custom reports tab.
    rn-export-custom-exports.pngFrom there, you can build a new export or access saved reports.

Impacted application:

New Quick search experience for beta testers

We're improving the search experience on the platform so you can search and find your content more easily.

The new Quick search experience introduces:

  • a new search engine for improved relevancy,
  • a new search bar with a modern layout, and
  • chips to quickly filter the search results by category.

rn-quick-search-beta.pngTo become a beta tester, select I'M IN! when prompted and fill out the form with your information, or contact your CSP.

Opting in allows you to test out the new Quick search experience and share your feedback. Your feedback will help us build the best search experience for you.

After you opt in:

  • The new Quick search is activated on all your company platforms.
  • Access to the Discover page will be deactivated as we're working on a new Discover page.

Impacted application:

Collaborate in your path sessions

Paths now have session-specific forums for learners and instructors to interact easily!

  • Learners, once enrolled, can write posts, start a conversation with other learners and ask their instructors specific questions.
  • Instructors can switch between sessions to inform learners and answer them in each session.


Impacted applications:

Path information in OPCO logs

As part of our migration from programs to paths, path information is now included in OPCO logs. For more information, see Download OPCO statistics.

Impacted application:

Access the course and path editors when editing a path

Save time while creating or editing a path that contains courses or other paths: Platform Admins, Group Admins, and Authors can now access the course and path editors directly from the path editor.


Impacted application:

User Admins can manage the manager-managee relationship

Platform Admins and Group Admins can delegate another management task to User Admins. User Admins can now assign managers or managees to users in their groups.

For more information, see Add a manager.

Impacted application:

Quickly copy the URL of a post

You can now quickly copy the URL of a post to your clipboard and share it with others.


Impacted application:

Other core product updates

  • When creating a group, we've made it easier for Admins and Owners to identify and edit the parent group. Impacted application:
  • On the Learning Needs page, the 10 most relevant learning needs are now sorted based on your peers' upvotes. Impacted application:
  • To increase clarity across the platform, users will now only see Learning Needs that have been posted by users within their subgroups. Impacted application:
  • We fixed some issues that led to failed video conversion when learners canceled the recording or did not enable camera or microphone permissions. Impacted application:

Mobile updates

Mobile check-in

To help instructors spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on training, Learners can now confirm attendance to a classroom slot from their mobile app.

Impacted applications:

Minimum score in paths

When playing a path, learners can now see the minimum score they must achieve to successfully complete a course on the path homepage and the course homepage.

Impacted applications:

Solution: Globalization

When previewing a course they're translating, translators can now change the display language in the dropdown list.

Impacted application:

API updates

Manage API keys from the platform

Admins and owners can now easily add and revoke API keys from the platform, providing fine-grained control over authorized access.

You can use our API to automate several instructions related to users, groups, courses, paths, and programs using API Keys that represent the required credentials.


For more information about API keys, see Technical guide - API.

Impacted application:

New route for classrooms

As part of our migration from programs to paths, this version introduces the new GET getPathSessionClassroomSlots route. This route returns the list of slots for a classroom.

New route for courses stats

The new route GET getCoursesStats retrieves all course statistics for all users.

Impacted application:

Check out our blog for more L&D resources.

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