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  1. In the left sidebar, click on the platform group(with the golden crown at the bottom right of its icon).

The order of sections on the homepage is fixed, and is as follows:

  1. My work
    • Assigned: Program sessions assigned to the connected user, path sessions to which the connected user has been assigned, and Classroom slots with open check-in for which the connected user hasn’t yet checked in. In this section, elements appear in the following order:
      • First, Classroom slots are ordered by ascending start date (the oldest first).
      • Then, paths are ordered by the due date of the current path session.
      • Finally, program sessions are ordered by end date. If two program sessions have the same end date, they are ordered by creation date.
    • Continue editing: Courses, program templates, and paths that the user is the author or co-author of, and that have been edited in the last 2 months, ranked by last update date. This section also includes a button to Create a new course.
    • Ongoing: Courses and sessions that the user has not completed. These include:
      • Trainings that the user hasn't started.
      • Trainings that the user has started but not completed.
      • Trainings where the user has self-enrolled.
    • Completed: shows the 2 to 4 (depending on the width of your screen) most recently finished items (course, path session, or program session), ordered by the most recent completion date. You can click on the on the bottom to show up to 16 items; then click SEE ALL to access your Results page.
      • If you clicked Restart refresh.png on the homepage of an unfinished course shared in the Catalog of your group, the course will appear in this section as well.
  2. New training items: 20 most recent training items (courses, program sessions, path sessions, Learning Needs), ordered by creation date.
    • This section can be deactivated.
    • Courses in this section can come from visible paths, programs or catalogs. They can also be:
  3. Recommended for you: This section uses an AI engine to recommend content that you might find valuable based on your previous courses and the courses played by other users on the same platform.
    • For this section to show up, the platform needs to have its catalog enabled and have at least 50 courses with at least one attempt, and 50 users who have attempted at least one course.
    • The recommendations update weekly on Monday, at 03:00 (CET). Users created after that date will see the section on the next update.
    • The model used for generating personalized recommendations is LightFM, an open-source model.
    • To comply with data privacy, the model is trained with anonymized features. These include:
      • User ID: A unique identifier for each user on the platform.
      • Item ID: A unique identifier for each course or learning path.
      • Item Language: The language of the course or path.
      • Group ID: Unique identifier of groups the user belongs to.
      • Skills ID: Unique identifiers representing skills associated with courses or paths.
    • Each platform has its own dedicated model, trained on its own proprietary data. There is no data mixing across different platforms.
  4. Learning Needs: 2 to 4 (depending on the width of your screen) highest ranked Learning Needs (learn more about Learning Needs ranking).
    • You must be a member of at least one group with Learning Needs enabled.
    • We only display Learning Needs that aren’t linked to a project.
    • You can click on the on the bottom to show up to 16 items; then click SEE ALL to access the Learning Needs page.
    • If there is no visible Learning Need for the user, a button inviting to create a Learning Need is displayed.
  5. Skills: courses and sessions within each section are ordered by number of views.
    • 1 section per skill, ordered alphabetically.
  6. Courses from third-party content providers: third-party courses.
    • 1 section per provider, ordered alphabetically.
    • This section can be deactivated.

You can choose the order in which skill sections are displayed on the homepage.

The order of the other sections cannot be changed.

Hide optional sections on the homepage

You can hide the sections New training items and third-party providers from the homepage.

  1. In the left sidebar, click on the platform group.
  2. On the top right, click gear cog.svg Settings.
  3. In the left sidebar, click Catalog.
  4. Uncheck the corresponding option:
    • Display the "New Training" section
    • Display the section(s) from third-party content providers

Check the options again to reactivate them.

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