360Learning Release Notes

Please find below the list of modifications related to the 3 latest updates of your 360Learning platform.




February 20th Release Notes

You can find the email version of our release notes in the article's attachments section ("20_20_19_EN_360L" document).

  • Improvements in the message editor:
    • The newsfeed's message editor has more formatting options: italic, underlined, bold, • bullet points
    • You will get a better view of the groups in which you're about to post
  • Improvements in the cheatsheet text editor:
    • You can now add and indent code blocks  
    • You can now insert tables
  • Improvements in the course player:
    • When a learner reacts negatively to an activity ("I did not get it" or "I disagree" types of reaction), they will be prompted to elaborate on their reaction
    • Display of Scorm courses in the course player is improving: the white scrolling bar in the Scorm can be hidden and the wording "exit" and "suspend all" is replaced by "exit activity" and "exit course"
  • Improvement regarding waitlists for programs in the catalog:
    • Programs tutors can email learners who are on a waitlist
    • Program tutors can register learners of the waitlist to another session
  • Improvements regarding CSV extracts for program statistics:
    • Exports for general statistics include users who do not have assigned programs
  • There are new permissions for administrators:
  • Improvements regarding security on the platform:
    • The interface in case of forgotten passwords is improved to make it easier for your users to reset passwords.
  • Improvements in mobile apps:
    • Your 360Learning mobile apps now use deep linking: links received by e-mails and opened from your smartphone will redirect you to the right place in the mobile application.
    • Reactions are now available on mobile apps
    • The interface and overall design of the forum have been improved to enhance the experience of users posting messages. Comments with the most "likes" now appear among the first comments under a publication.


January 16th Release Notes

You can find the email version of our release notes in the article's attachments section ("01_16_19_EN_360L" document).

  • This version update is mostly technical in order to improve platform performance and robustness
  • You can now set a validation workflow for programs in the catalog. Either program tutors or manager can perform this validation.
  • In addition to featuring the sending date of the last reminder email, your Invitations menu will now feature their platform registration date
  • Improvements regarding mobile apps:
    • SCORM courses can now be played online and offline
    • Forum redesign


December 12th Release Notes

You can find the email version of our release notes in the article's Attachments section ("12_12_19_EN_360L" document).

  • Your newsfeed will showcase publications better
    • Our algorithm is evolving to showcase the most important publications first (posts from admins and coaches, posts with the most likes).
    • Admins and coach's posts can stay up to 10 days in your group's top 3 publications
  • You can now cancel invitations in batch
  • Learners can now find content according to their language:
    • On platform with programs available in multiple languages, learners will see:
      • first, content in their account language
      • then, content in English
      • and finally, content in other languages, in ascending order. For instance, users with an account in Spanish will see programs in Spanish first, then English, then French (10 programs) and Chinese (20 programs)
  • When a program is available in the catalog, a notification will prompt in the group's newsfeed
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