360Learning Release Notes


 Please find below the list of modifications related to the 3 latest updates of your 360Learning platform.




March 27th Release Notes

You can find the email version of our release notes in the article's attachments section ("03_27_19_EN_360L" document).

  • You can now feature an Estimated Duration on the course description. It will also be visible in the course statistics
  • Discussion forums and reactions are now visible in course Edit mode to ease course edition based on your learners' feedback
  • When sharing a program/course URL, the link will change into a thumbnail featuring the description.
  • The publication scoring system has been improved
  • Your Homepage now features a Leaderboard to motivate your Leaders to share courses and unlock Achievements
  • Also, the Dashboard now features 3 key performance indicators in the General tab: completion rate, published courses, number of Leaders in your organization
  • Improvements regarding mobile apps:
    • You can sign up to the platform directly via the app
    • Learners progress in courses/program miniatures is now available for both iOS and Android devices


February 20th Release Notes

You can find the email version of our release notes in the article's Attachments section ("20_02_19_EN_360L" document).

  • Message publication interface:
    • More formatting options in the newsfeed: italicunderlinedbold, • bullet points
    • New layout for the group you're about to message
  • Cheat sheets editor:
    • You can now add indented code
    • You can also add and edit tables
  • Course player:
    • When a learner reacts negatively to an activity ("I didn't get it" or "I disagree" reaction types), they will be prompted to elaborate on their feedback in the discussion forum
    • SCORM courses: you can now disable the scroll bar in the left-hand side. Also "Quit All" and "Exit All" buttons have been rephrased into "Exit activity" and "Exit course")
  • Waitlist for sessions in the catalog:
    • Program tutors can now message learners who are in the waitlist
    • Program tutors can now sign up learners in the waitlist to another session
  • CSV exports:
    • The "general statistics" report now features all learners, including those unassigned to a session
  • Admin permissions:
  • Security:
    • The password renewal window has been improved
  • Mobile apps:
    • Deep linking: email notifications opened via the app will redirect to the corresponding part of the app
    • Reactions are now available on mobile apps
    • The forum interface has been improved to facilitate social collaboration. Most liked messages are now at the top of the comment section


January 16th Release Notes

You can find the email version of our release notes in the article's attachments section ("01_16_19_EN_360L" document).

  • This version update is mostly technical in order to improve platform performance and robustness
  • You can now set a validation workflow for programs in the catalog. Either program tutors or manager can perform this validation.
  • In addition to featuring the sending date of the last reminder email, your Invitations menu will now feature their platform registration date
  • Improvements regarding mobile apps:
    • SCORM courses can now be played online and offline
    • Forum redesign
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