Create a course

  • Updated
  1. On the bottom right, click +>COURSE
  2. Give a title to your course
  3. Click an activity type to add it to the course (Document, Cheat sheet or Question)
  4. To make the course available when creating programs, click Publish

You can also upload SCORM courses.

Cover image display rules

A course cover image can be displayed with two different formats:

  • 4:3 in the Discover section of the Catalog, in the search results page, in newsfeed, and in session pages
  • Large format (1100x470 pixels) on the course home page

Additional information:

  • We recommend using an image that does not contain any text 
  • In large format, the cover image is darkened with a dark gradient, with the following CSS characteristics:
background: linear-gradient(180deg, rgba(24,25,29, 0.3) 0%, rgba(24,25,29, 0.9) 100%);
  • You can use this template to understand which part of the image will be visible depending on the format:

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