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Quizzes allow you to evaluate your learners or alternate the rhythm of activities in a course.



Create a new question


To create a question:


  1. In the course editing mode, click the question mark icon 


  2. Select the desired question format or import an existing question



⚠️ Imported questions can only be edited by their author. Also, edits made on imported questions will impact the original version. If you didn't create the original question and wish to edit it, you can make a copy.



💡 By default, the question is visible in the menu on the left


To prevent Learners from seeing the question on the left, you can edit the Additional Information by clicking the icon above the question







Display a random selection of questions


To display a set of random questions:


  1. In the course editing mode, click General Settings

  2. In the Random set questions section, click Activate




💡All questions will be visible by default. Click on How many questions should be picked > All and choose the number of questions to be displayed.


⚠️ When enabling random questions, they will be shown at the end of the course. This ensures Learners will have read the proper material to answer any question.


True / False 


To create a True/False question:


  1. State your question
  2. Add a document (optional)
  3. Select the correct answer
  4. Write a correction text


💡You can switch True/False to Yes/No from the question settings




Multiple Choice


To create a multiple-choice question:


  1. State your question
  2. Add a document (optional) 
  3. Write suggestions
  4. Check the correct answer(s)
  5. Write the correction text


💡You can choose to display your suggestions following a specific order




Ordered Question


To create an ordered question:


  1. State your question
  2. Add a document (optional) 
  3. Write the proposals in the correct order.
  4. Write the correction text


💡By default, choices will appear in random order.




To create linkers question:


  1. State your question
  2. Add a document (optional) 
  3. Write the proposals and associate them with the correct answer
  4. Write the correction text


💡It is possible to create matching questions with the same options (Bananas/Yellow; Clementines/Orange; Tangerines/Orange). Just make sure both choices use the same spelling and formatting. Remember to type in the question in the left section and the answer in the right section.



Fill in the blank 


To create a fill-in-the-blank question:


  1. State your question
  2. Add a document (optional) 
  3. Write the statement
  4. Double click on the word(s) Learners need to find
  5. Write the correction text



💡You can add several correct answers for one given question. Just double click on the answer to add more combinations!






To create a pick-a-point question:


  1. State your question
  2. Upload the image 
  3. With your cursor, select the correct zone(s)
  4. Write the correction text


⚠️ Identifying one correct zone will be enough for the question to be validated, even if you designated multiple zones. If your image contains several hotspots, and you want the learner to identify each one, you’ll need to create multiple questions.



Open Question


⚠️ Open questions must be corrected by a session Instructor. Therefore, they will only be visible within a program session. If a course featuring an open question is played via the catalog, the open question will not be visible.


To create an open question:                    


  • State your question
  • Add a document (optional)
  • Write a correction text


You can find answers to your Open Questions from the Dashboard:


  1. On your Homepage, click Dashboard


  2. Click Validations 


  3. Click Open Questions





Video Pitch


You can use a Video Pitch question to ask your Learners to record a video clip via their webcam. You can use this question format to train your salesforce to pitch a new offer, or to ask a Learner to record themselves when realizing a technical skill. 

⚠️ This feature uses recent Web browser developments. Therefore, it won't be compatible with all browsers: 
  • ✅You can use it on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.  Microsoft Edge will be available by the end of 2019. 
  • ⛔️You can't use it with Internet Explorer. 


To create a Video Pitch question:


  1. State your question
  2. Add a document (optional)
  3. Write a correction text


When a Learner takes the Video Pitch question:

  1. They have to allow 360Learning to use their webcam and microphone. This permission will only last for the duration of the recording



    📚 If Learners see an error code, make sure that access in HTTPS is enabled on your platform.

  2. When the Learner accepts, the video stream appears on their screen and they can start recording

    ⚠️ Recordings can last up to 15 minutes. They must be recorded in one take.


  3. When the recording is over, Learners can watch their pitch. They can alternatively:
    1. Retake the video by clicking  Google_Chrome_2019-08-07_14-41-05_2x.png when hovering over the video
    2. Or validate their answer

  4. When the answer is sent, session Instructors receive a notification to correct the question



Multiple Choice and Open Question (Opinion)


This format helps you create satisfaction surveys or polls because they don't require any right or wrong answer.

⚠️Opinion questions can only be played withing a program session. Do not panic if you don't see them in Preview mode!


 To create an opinion question:


  1. State your question
  2. Add a document (optional)


📚 Read this article to find out more about how to collect Learners' answers to opinion questions.
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