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Download classrooms statistics

Coaches, administrators and program session instructors can download learners’ statistics in classroom slots.

NOTE: To view the fill rate of classroom slots, go to the Classroom Dashboard.

  1. At the top of the home page, click All.
  2. At the top left, click bar.svg Statistics.
  3. Open the Custom Reports tab.
  4. Click plus.svg NEW REPORT
  5. Enter a File name and select the export type Classrooms
  6. In the Filters section, select your criteria for the report (groups, users, date range, sessions)
  7. Under the Columns selection tab, rearrange/add/remove columns in the export.
  8. Click Save or Download chevronDown.svg.
    • Save: Save the export settings for future use.
    • Download: Download the export (locally or via email).

For more information on reports, see Export platform reports.

Breakdown of a classrooms export file

The downloaded file will display one line per learner per classroom slot in which they were registered, with the following columns:

  • Learner email: email of the learner.
  • Learner Id: unique identifier for the learner.
  • Learner groups: list of the name of groups to which the learner belongs, separated by a comma.
  • Type:
    • on-site: the classroom slot is on-site.
    • virtual: the classroom slot is virtual.
  • Block title: title of the classroom block.
  • Slot Id: unique identifier of the classroom slot.
  • Slot title: title of the classroom slot.
  • Session Id: unique identifier of the program session to which the classroom slot belongs.
  • Reported duration (hours): number of hours (as integer) for the reported duration of the classroom slot.
  • Start date: date and hour of the start of the classroom slot, in the format YYYY/MM/DD HH:mm.
  • End date: date and hour of the end of the classroom slot , in the format YYYY/MM/DD HH:mm.
  • Status:
    • registered: the learner is registered to a classroom slot for which attendance was not filled.
    • attended: the learner was added to the attendance list.
    • missed: the learner was not added to the attendance list (and at least one other learner was added to the list).
  • User Custom Field: title of the custom field (one column per custom field, ordered alphabetically). All custom fields are displayed by default, unless filtered in the export popup.

Automated attendance tracking with Zoom & Microsoft Teams

If your classroom slot is configured to use one of our webinar providers (Zoom or Microsoft Teams) you will have access to automated attendance tracking.

Automated attendance tracking provides you with unique classroom slot attendance statistics:

  • Actual Duration: Actual duration of the webinar. If a meeting is scheduled from 9 AM to 11 AM but it ran for an extra 12 minutes, the actual duration is 2h 12m.
  • Attendance Threshold: Determine if a user should be marked as Attended or Absent for the classroom slot. If the threshold is set to 75%, any user who attended less than 75% will be marked as absent. Any user who did not attend at all will also be marked absent.
  • Attendance %: The duration of the meeting that each learner attended. A learner that attended the entire meeting will have 100% attendance. A learner who attended 1.5 hours of the 2 hour meeting will have 75% attendance.
  • Attendance Duration: The amount of time that each learner spent in the meeting.

Automated attendance tracking also provides admins, path instructors, and trainers on the classroom slot access to the SYNC ATTENDANCE button. This will reach out to your webinar program (Zoom/Teams) and fetch attendance data about the corresponding meeting.

For the automated attendance to work, you will need to use meeting links generated from the 360Learning integration - links that are manually copied into the text box will not work. Also, users must use the same professional email address in 360Learning and Zoom/Microsoft Teams, and be logged in with that email to both platforms. Email aliases ( and are considered different email addresses.

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