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A path is a training object containing steps. Steps can be courses, classrooms, other paths, programs, or assessments.

Want to learn more about when to use a path or a program? Check out our "Paths or programs?" article!

Platform Admins, Group Admins, and Authors can create paths. 

Creating a path has two main steps:

Create the path

  1. At the top right of the homepage, click plus.pngPath.
  2. Enter a Title and Description.
  3. (Optional) Change the owner group.

  4. (Optional) Change the main author.

  5. (Optional) Add co-authors.

  6. In the Steps section, enable or disable Linear Progression.
    • enabled.pngEnabled: Learners must follow the steps in a defined order.
    • disabled.pngDisabled: Learners can follow the steps in the order of their choice.
  7. (Optional) Select an Estimated duration.
    1. At the top right of the Steps section, click the Estimated duration dropdown menu.
    2. Select a duration type: Month(s), Weeks(s), Day(s), Hour(s), or Minute(s).
    3. Enter a number in the Estimated duration field.
  8. Add path steps:
    • To add courses, click + Course and select one or more courses.
      The path will make courses available to enrolled learners when they reach the step (linear paths) or at enrollment (non-linear paths).
    • To add a classroom, click + Classroom and create a classroom.
      The path will allow learners who self-enroll to the path through the catalog to select a classroom slot. For learners that are enrolled directly into the path, the author needs to add them to a classroom slot.
    • To add paths, click + Path and select one or more paths.
      For learners to access and complete paths that you add as a path step, enroll them in one of the path sessions or add that path to their group catalog. Otherwise, they will get stuck on that step.
    • To add programs, click + Program and select one or more programs.
      For learners to access and complete programs that you add as a path step, assign learners to one of its sessions or add it to their group catalog). Otherwise, they will get stuck on that step.
    • To add assessments, click + Assessment and configure the assessment.
      When a learner has completed the step right before the assessment in linear and non-linear paths, the assessor needs to check the Learner's work. Assessors receive a notification when a Learner reaches the Assessment step.
  9. (Optional) Adjust step options
    • For more info on adding, configuring, reordering, and deleting steps, go to Edit a path.
  10. (Optional) Add a certificate to a path.
  11. Verify first session info.
  12. At the bottom right of the path creation page, click Create New Path.

If you’re using a Free Trial platform, replace the first step with these:

  1. At the top of the homepage, click Paths.
  2. At the top right, click plus.png.

See Edit a path to learn more about path options.

Once you hit save, the platform will create the first path session. After that, you can create and share more path sessions and add more classroom slots.

Adjust step options

Platform Admins, Group Admins, Authors, and co-authors can set path step options.

To adjust a step's options:

  1. From the path creation page, click on the step.
  2. Adjust the options as needed.
Option title Available on More info
Optional content Course, Classroom, Path, and Program steps

Sets a step to optional or mandatory for learners.

Relative due date Course, Classroom, Path, and Program steps Sets a due fate for the step that is calculated from the learner's enrollment date.
Automatic registration Classroom steps Automatically registers new learners to the next open classroom slot when they are enrolled in the path.
Correct Answer Course steps

Choose when a course displays the correct answer and feedback to learners.

Forum & reactions Course steps

Choose when learners will see the course forum and reactions.

Time limit Course steps

Set the minimum or maximum duration for the course.

Minimum score Course steps

Set the minimum score learners must achieve to successfully complete a course.

Attempts Course steps

Add a maximum number of attempts in a course.

For more info on adding, configuring, reordering, and deleting steps, go to Edit a path.

Verify the first session info

The path automatically generates the first session when a new path is created. Verify that the session info is correct before saving the new path:

  1. From the project creation screen, scroll to the session info section.
  2. (Optional) Change the session group owner.
  3. (Optional) Edit or add path session instructors.
  4. Enter a session title in the Title field.
  5. Select a Start date.
    1. Click the Start field and select a date
    2. Click out of the field to save.
  6. (Optional) Select an End date.

You can enroll learners in the path session or add it to a group catalog before or after you create the path.

  • If your path has classroom steps and you plan to use the automatic registration option, wait to enroll learners and groups until AFTER you've created all of the classroom slots. 
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