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This feature requires the Globalization Solution. Contact your Account Manager to learn more.

You can add subtitles to a video, that are specific to the language of the course. This allows you to translate subtitles only, instead of the whole video.

There are two prerequisites to adding localized subtitles:

  • The course must be available in the target language (see Translate a course for more information).
  • You must have the .srt or .vtt subtitles file corresponding to the target language.
    • We do not provide the automatic translation of subtitles. If you wish to add subtitles in a different language than the language of the video, you must manually add the subtitles file.

When both conditions are met, you can add the localized subtitles.

  1. At the top of the homepage, click Courses.
  2. Click on a course.
  3. In the top banner, on the right of the pen icon, click Translate.
  4. In section Source content, on the top right of the video, click Download (icon of an arrow pointing down).
  5. In section Translated content, below the field Name, click the gray box to add a video.
  6. Click OR SELECT A FILE and select the video you just downloaded.
  7. On the top right of the new video, click settings.svg Settings.
  8. Click Upload your subtitles (.srt or .vtt file).
  9. Select your .srt or .vtt subtitles file.
  10. On the bottom right, click SAVE.

When you play the course in the target language, the video will now display the subtitles linked to that language (don’t forget to activate subtitles on the bottom right of the video when playing it).

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