Display randomized questions in a course

  • Updated

When this mode is activated, questions are displayed at the end of the course. This ensures that Learners can read all required activities before answering a question.

Because opinion questions are primarily intended for gathering feedback from learners, this feature does not impact them. All opinion questions added to a course will appear even when randomized questions is enabled.

Display questions in a random order

  1. In the left sidebar, click Dashboard
  2. In the left sidebar, click COURSES
  3. Click on a course
  4. On the top right, click Course Settings (icon of a cog)
  5. Enable the option Random questions

Disable the option to deactivate the random order mode.

Display only a subset of questions

You can display only a subset of questions, amongst all the questions in the course.

  1. Activate the random order mode
  2. Below Questions per learner, enter the number of questions to display
  3. Click outside the field to save
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