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You can get an achievement by filling certain conditions. Those conditions cannot be changed.

Once a user reaches a certain threshold, they get a new level in the achievement.

Check the achievements of a user

  1. At the top of the homepage, click Users.
  2. Open the Current tab.
  3. Click on a user.
  4. On the top, click the section ACHIEVEMENTS.

Check the Leaderboard

You can see the ranking of Champions per group.

The ranking is determined by the number of Champions’ achievements, then (in case of a tie) by the number of Learners’ achievements.

The ranking is updated every night.

  1. In the left sidebar, click on a group.
  2. On the top right, in the section Leaderboard, click See all.

You can also request the deactivation of the Leaderboard in your platform, by contacting your Client Success Partner (CSP).

Download the Champions ranking

You can download the ranking of the users in a group, in a CSV file.

  1. In the left sidebar, click on a group.
  2. On the top right, in the section Leaderboard, click See all.
  3. On the top right, click download.svg Download.
  4. Click DOWNLOAD.

The downloaded file will display the following columns:

  • « Rank »: position in the ranking.
  • First name: first name of the user.
  • Last name: last name of the user.
  • Champions Achievements: number of Champions achievements obtained by the user.
  • Learners Achievements: number of Learners achievements obtained by the user.
  • Email: email of the user.
  • Additional information: value of the field Additional information in the user profile, visible from the menu USERSActive members in the group settings.

List of achievements

Champions achievements

By creating new courses

  • Champion: created 1 course
  • Guide: created 5 courses
  • Role Model: created 25 courses
  • Guru: created 100 courses

Archived courses are taken into account and deleted courses are not taken into account.

By answering comments in your own courses

  • Educator: answered 1 comment
  • Teacher: answered 5 comments
  • Professor: answered 25 comments
  • Expert: answered 100 comments

By receiving positive reactions in your own courses

  • Recognized: received 1 positive reaction
  • Renowned: received 50 positive reactions
  • Acclaimed: received 250 positive reactions
  • Glorious: received 1,000 positive reactions

Reactions I LIKE IT and I LEARNED SOMETHING count as positive reactions, for all courses and activities for which the user is the author.

By exploring the authoring tool

  • Aspiring Champion: the user played the onboarding course for the authoring tool.

Learners achievements

By playing courses

  • Scholar: played 1 course
  • Master: played 100 courses
  • Brainiac: played 250 courses
  • Enlightened: played 500 courses

By answering comments in courses

  • Helping hand: answered 1 comment
  • Contributor: answered 5 comments
  • Pillar: answered 25 comments
  • Savior: answered 100 comments

Answering twice in the same course counts as 2 comments.

By reacting

  • Community member: reacted once
  • Supporter: reacted 50 times
  • Influencer: reacted 250 times
  • Sponsor: reacted 1,000 times

Reactions made on activities, courses (at the end of the course), or any posts are taken into account.

A reaction that is canceled then made again (for example: clicking 3 times on I LIKE IT is counted as 1 reaction.

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