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We strongly recommend using a real email address when adding a user to the platform. Using a fake email address (an email address linked to no mailbox) could lead to blocking email notifications for all users, because the mail server would identify your platform as spam.

You can add users without email addresses to the platform, in one of three ways:

  1. Create an email address (cleanest way).
  2. Create an email alias (easiest way).
  3. Use a personal email address (fastest way).

Create an email address for the user

If you can, create an email address for the user you want to add. This allows them to receive all the platform’s notifications, and ensures the best experience for the user when using the platform.

Although this is our first recommendation, we are aware that it has a cost on your side.

Create an email address alias

If you can’t create a real email address for the user you want to add, we suggest using an email alias.

An email alias is a variation of an existing email address, with #something or +something before the @ (something can be replaced by any text). The 360Learning platform interprets them as two separate accounts, but notifications for the email alias are sent to the inbox of the existing email address.

For security reasons, we recommend each account have their own password.


  • Existing email address for Ada Lovelace:
  • Possible alias for Michael Faraday:

In the example above, Ada connects to the platform using the login, and Michael connects using They have two separate accounts with different passwords.

But notifications sent to Ada Lovelace or Michael Faraday both arrive in Ada Lovelace’s inbox.

Use a personal email address

If you can’t create a real email address, nor an email alias, a third option is to use the personal email address of the user, if they give you their explicit consent to do so.

Users then receive all platform notifications in their personal mailbox.

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