Post a message

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The term "message" corresponds to three elements:

  • a post (in the section Messages of a group or a session, or the profile page of a user);
  • a comment (in the contextual forum of a course's activity, a Learning need, or the correction of an Open question);
  • a reply (to a comment or post).

Post a message

  1. Click on the text field of a message box
  2. Enter the message
  3. Select a group (this determines the visibility of the message)
  4. Click PUBLISH (for posts) or COMMENT (for comments) or Send (for replies)

You can also mention people or groups, by entering @ in the text field, then choosing the person or group from the list. You can repeat this step for every person or group you’d like to mention in your message.

A notification is sent to the mentioned users, or members of the mentioned group.

Visibility rules for messages

A message is visible by a user if two conditions are met:

  • the user can see the element in which the message was published (a course for the contextual forum, a session for the section Messages, a group for the newsfeed);
  • the user belongs to the group in which the message was published (except in the case of a session Instructor, who sees all messages from the section Messages of their session).

When a user posts a message, it is also visible in the newsfeed of their profile.

If a user posts a message on another user's wall, the message will be visible in the newsfeed of the author's and of the recipient's profile, by users who belong to the group the message was posted in. The message will not show up in the main newsfeed or in the group newsfeed.

Find the origin of a message

On the top right of the message, click ...>About this message.

You can then see:

  • the author of the message;
  • the name of the group where the message was posted;
  • the name of the course or program where the message was posted.


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