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Offensive comments can detract from the community experience and violate platform guidelines.

Any user can report a comment they can see: this will send a notification to admins, who can then archive the comment.

Report a comment

Any user can report a comment. This will send a notification to all admins of the group where the post is published.

  1. On the top right of any post, click 3Dots.svgReport.
  2. Select a reporting reason.
    • Offensive or violent content
    • Misleading content or scam
    • Inappropriate content
    • Spam
    • Other
  3. On the bottom right, click REPORT.

The post is then automatically hidden from the user who reports the comment.

Handle a report

Admins can archive reported comments. If a comment is reported more than 5 consecutive times, it is automatically archived without any action from an admin, and an email is sent to the admins.

  1. In the email reporting the comment, click REVIEW COMMENT. This will open the post in the platform.
  2. At the top right of the comment, click 3Dots.svgArchive

Archiving the comment will send an email to the user who reported the comment, and to the user who wrote the comment, indicating to them that the post is now archived.

Restore an archived comment

Admins can restore reported comments that have been archived. This works like restoring any archived comment →

A reported comment has been automatically archived.

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