Add managers

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Assign a Manager

If you are a platform Administrator or platform Owner, you may assign Managers. If both the manager and the managee are in the group they administrate, group Administrators may also assign Managers.

  1. On the bottom right, click +>USER
  2. In the left sidebar, click Active members>All
  3. Click on the profile of a user
  4. On the top right, click Managers
    • If you wish to add Managers to this user, click at the top on the section MANAGERS, and select the Managers for this user
    • If you wish to assign this user as a Manager to other users, click at the top of the section MANAGEES, and select the users for whom this user will be the manager
  5. On the bottom right, click CONFIRM

You can also add a list of emails by clicking Add email addresses on the bottom left. Make sure the emails correspond to active accounts.

Assign Managers in bulk

You can also mass update managers by uploading a CSV file.

Before making updates, we suggest you verify your current relationship list by exporting the manager/managee list.

Download the CSV template file

You can create a CSV file from scratch however, we have provided one directly in the platform.

  1. On the bottom right, click + > USER
  2. In the left sidebar, click Active members > All
  3. Click import (upwards arrow icon)
  4. Click a sample CSV template

If creating your file from scratch, name column A “email of manager” and name column B “email of managee”.

Upload the CSV file

Once you have filled in the emails for your managers and managees, upload it to your user settings.

The email field must be in lower case, without spaces or special character. If you use Microsoft Excel, we suggest using the formula =LOWER on both columns.

  1. On the bottom right, click + > USER
  2. In the left sidebar, click Active members > All
  3. Click CHOOSE FILE
  4. Double-click your CSV file
  5. Click IMPORT
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