Help users who don’t receive notifications

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Check users have their notifications enabled

See Enable email notifications.

Check that the email address is correct

See Edit the email address of an existing user.

If the user’s account is not yet activated, see Track, cancel and renew invitations.

Check the spam folder

Ask users to check their spam folder, in their email software.

To avoid this case for future users, ask them to add to their contact list.

If you added a custom email address, ask them to add it to their contact list as well.

Send reminders

You can send email reminders to users.

Check the firewall

If several users with the same domain name in their email address cannot receive notifications, contact your IT team and ask them to authorize incoming emails from (or your custom email address).

Some firewalls automatically block out emails featuring offensive content. If you plan on releasing anti-discrimination programs (e.g "Preventing sexism in the workplace"; "How to deal with discrimination based on race or gender), make sure to contact your IT team to avoid emails being filtered.

Whitelist 360Learning

See Whitelist 360Learning.

Still stuck?

If you’ve checked all the steps above, and the user still can’t receive the notification, send us a message from the platform widget. 🙂

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