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This feature is currently in open-beta. It is available to all clients, but it will need to be activated by your CSP.

Learners can be automatically re-enrolled in path sessions based on the completion date of their previous session. This feature is designed to ensure that learners maintain their certifications by automatically re-enrolling them in required training paths.

This setting is configured in the settings of a path session. Once toggled on, there are two main settings to configure:

  • Re-Enrollment Date: When the learner be re-enrolled in the path. This is relative to the Next Due Date that is configured in the setting just below.

  • Next Due Date: When the learner is required to finish the path session again, relative to when they last completed the same session.

Example: If a learner completed a training path on August 15th, 2024, and the settings are configured as follows:

  • Re-Enrollment Date: July 15th, 2025 (one month before the Next Due Date).
  • Next Due Date: August 15th, 2025 (one year after the last completion date).

The learner would be re-enrolled in the same path session on July 15th, 2025, and would need to complete it by August 15th, 2025.

Pre-requisites and recommendations

  • The path must be using the Audience Builder - Automatic re-enrollment does not work with the legacy session builder.
  • The path must have Mandatory Replay enabled so that learners are forced to play the path again once they are re-enrolled.
  • It is recommended that the path does not have an end date so that re-enrollment can occur indefinitely if wanted.
    • Alternatively, it is recommended to put the end date far in the future for when the training is expected to "expire" and content needs to be refreshed.

Paths containing classroom blocks are currently not supported. For more information on this limitation, please visit Automatic re-enrollment on paths/subpaths with classroom blocks.

Enabling automatic re-enrollment

  1. At the top of the homepage, click Paths.
  2. On the right of a path, click pen.svg Edit.
  3. If there is more than one path session, select a session in the Sessions sidebar.
  4. In the session Settings section, click CONFIGURE SETTINGS.
  5. Enable Automatic re-enrollment.
  6. Enter a Re-enrollment date.
    • This determines when the automatic re-enrollment happens, based on the next due date. Entering a value of "30" would re-enroll learners '30 days' prior to the Next due date.
  7. Enter the Next due date.
    • This determines the subsequent due date of the path for re-enrolled learners. Entering a value of 12 months would mean the path must be completed by re-enrolled learners exactly 1 year after the previous due date.

Re-Enrollment on subpaths

When a path has sub-paths on it, and its session was created, learners will automatically be re-enrolled into those auto-created subpath sessions as well.

  • It is recommended to create new sessions if you'd like to take advantage of both the Auto Re-Enrollment and the Auto-Enroll on Subpath features

Re-enrolling learners whose due date would be past the next due date

If a learner finished a path 13 months ago and this feature was turned on with a Next Due Date of "12 months" from last completion date, the learner would still be enrolled in that session as expected. They would be marked as late in all of the dashboards etc that managers, authors, and admins see.

Completing different sessions of the same path

If a learner completes a different session of a given path, this does not inform the next due date on a session. Learners are only re-enrolled, and have a due date, based on their current sessions.

Example: I have a path with two sessions - Session 1 (No automatic re-enrollment) & Session 2 (automatic re-enrollment turned on)

  • A learner is enrolled and completes Session 2, they will be re-enrolled to the path based on the settings of Automatic Re-Enrollment

    • If, before they're re-enrolled in Session 2, they complete Session 1, the enrollment schedule for Session 2 will not change. Session 1 does not affect Session 2.

  • A learner is assigned and completes Session 1, and then they are enrolled in Session 2, the completion date for Session 1 does not affect Session 2.

Delayed activation of automatic re-enrollment on paths

Automatic re-enrollment on paths is not immediate and occurs periodically over time based on a recurring cycle.

When this feature is enabled on a path, there may be a delay before the first re-enrollment occurs, especially if a recent processing cycle has just been completed. For instance, if the feature is activated at 2 PM, and the next processing cycle is scheduled for 5 PM, learners will not be re-enrolled until that scheduled time.

Disabling automatic re-enrollment

When the feature is turned off, learners remain enrolled. Learners who were already re-enrolled and any who would be re-enrolled later won’t be automatically re-enrolled after the setting is turned off.

  1. At the top of the homepage, click Paths.
  2. On the right of a path, click pen.svg Edit.
  3. If there is more than one path session, select a session in the Sessions sidebar.
  4. In the session Settings section, click CONFIGURE SETTINGS.
  5. Disable Automatic re-enrollment.

Re-enabling this feature on existing path sessions

This feature will work for any path session that has already been created and is using the audience builder. If the customer is using the old session assignment engine, this feature will not be available.

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