Validate skill assessments

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We’re currently activating skills on a per-platform basis. If you’re a platform admin and would like to use them, contact your Client Success Partner (CSP).

Once users have assessed themselves on skills, managers can validate the mastery level of their managees.

Admins can validate the mastery level of all their group members.

  1. Open the skills dashboard
    • If you’re a manager: click Users at the top of the homepage, then click the tab My team’s skills.
    • If you’re an admin: click Skills at the top of the homepage.
  2. In Skills to validate, click on the name of a user.
  3. Click on a skill with the status Pending validation.
  4. If you agree with level, click VALIDATE.
  5. If you disagree, select another level, then click VALIDATECONFIRM.

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