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We’re currently activating skills on a per-platform basis. If you’re a platform admin and would like to use them, contact your Client Success Partner (CSP).

Admins can validate the skill mastery level of a user in their group. Managers can validate the skill mastery level of their managees.

They can validate it either after users have assessed themselves, or edit the skill mastery level directly in the user’s profile.

Validate skill assessment

This is the recommended workflow, since this allows users to participate in their assessment.

  1. Open the skills dashboard
    • If you’re a manager: click Users at the top of the homepage, then click the tab My team’s skills.
    • If you’re an admin: click Skills at the top of the homepage.
  2. In Skills to validate, click on a user.
  3. Click on a skill with the status Pending validation.
  4. If you agree with level, click VALIDATE.
  5. If you disagree, select another level, then click VALIDATECONFIRM.

Until you’ve validated all skills for your managees (if you’re a manager) or group members (if you’re an admin), you will have a permanent notification in the notifications center.

You can quickly open the skills dashboard by clicking at the top right on bell.svg Notifications → N Skills to validate (N is replaced by the number of pending skills to validate).

Edit skill assessment

In some cases, you may want to edit the skill mastery level directly, without waiting for the user’s self-assessment.

Admins can directly edit the skill mastery level of a user in their group. Managers can do the same for their managees.

  1. At the top of the homepage, click Users.
  2. At the top, click the Current section.
  3. Click on a user.
  4. Click the Skills section.
  5. Click on a skill.
  6. In the right sidebar, edit the assessment.
  7. At the bottom right of the sidebar, click REVIEW, then CONFIRM.
    • If the skill wasn’t previously assessed, click ASSESS.

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