Synchronize users, program sessions and statistics with Cornerstone

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This integration is based on the CSOD data export via a TSV file delivered to the CSOD FTP server (Reporting 2.0) and the CSOD APIs for the LMS portion of the integration.

The scope of this integration is in two parts user management (what we call HRIS integration) and content synchronization (what we call LMS integration):

HRIS integration includes:

  • Creating, updating users that have an “Active” status
  • Deleting users that have an “Inactive” status
  • Assigning users their direct manager
  • (Optional) Assigning users to “groups” in 360Learning based on the user metadata you can include in the file.
  • (Optional) Filtering out users to ensure only relevant users are synchronized.

LMS integration includes:

  • All Program Sessions in 360Learning that have started will be exported as Materials in CSOD
  • All users that are assigned to a Program Session in 360Learning will be assigned to the relevant Material in CSOD using Learning Assignment API
    • Time spent, score and progress are sent as Custom Fields on the user’s Transcript in CSOD.
  • Once a user finishes a Program Session (or the Program Session ends) an Express Class is created to mark that work as completed.

Find more details in the attached file.

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