Create custom fields

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If you are currently using labels, we recommend that you begin using User Custom Fields. We designed this functionality to replace Labels, and will begin phasing Labels out of the platform in 2022.

User Custom Fields are fields that you can add to your platform to collect user information outside of what is already captured by our default fields. 

There are a lot of use cases you could utilize User Custom Fields for. Some examples would be Location, Department, Year Hired, Country, or State.

Platform administrators and group administrators of the main platform group have the ability to create custom fields.

Create a custom field

To create a custom field:

  1. In the left navigation panel, click the main platform group
  2. Click Settings
  3. In the left sidebar click Keywords
  4. Click User Custom Fields
  5. In the bottom right of the User Custom Fields section, click +
  6. Enter a name for your custom fields
  7. Click SAVE
  8. Add a custom field to a user

Add custom field to user

To add custom fields to a user:

  1. In the left navigation panel, click on the platform group
  2. At the top right of the group page, click ... > Settings
  3. Go to the USERS tab
  4. Select a user
  5. In the Custom Fields section, click +
  6. Check which ever custom fields you would like to add
  7. On the bottom right, click SAVE
  8. Enter the Value
    • Example: Custom Field = Department, Value = Customer Support
  9. Click outside the field to save your entry

Filter users using custom fields

  1. On the top right of any list of users (for example: Dashboard>USERS), click Filter
  2. Below Custom Fields, click +
  3. Select the custom fields
  4. On the bottom right, click CONFIRM

The table now displays an additional column, whose title corresponds to the custom field.

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