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The mobile app is optimized for the learner experience. We recommend using the web version of the platform for administrative tasks.

Any user can download the 360Learning mobile app:

  • Android (version 5.0 or later);
  • iOS (version 14.0 or later).

If you have a restriction to download a mobile app on your company Wi-Fi, we suggest downloading a different Wi-Fi, or 4G.

Connect to the mobile app

Once you’ve downloaded the 360Learning mobile app, you can connect using the same email and password as with the web version.

If you can’t connect, make sure your account is activated, and you can connect to the web version.

Play a course, a program, or a path from the mobile app

You can play any available training item (course, program, or Path) from the mobile app, just like on the web version.

  1. At the bottom of your screen, tap My work.
  2. Tap a course, program, or path.
  3. Tap arrowRight.svg to start or resume a course, or tap a specific item to open it.

Play a SCORM course from the mobile app

See Play a SCORM course from the mobile app.

Support for Arabic language

If your phone (or application) has the language set to Arabic, the app will display in Arabic and the text will display right-to-left.

This feature is part of the core product, but it is different from the language manager available with the Globalization solution (where authors can add training in multiple languages). This means that content added manually by authors/admins written in English will not be translated into Arabic automatically.

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