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Any user with a Microsoft Teams account and a 360Learning account, and the same email address for both, can install an app in Microsoft Teams that will send them a chat message when the following events happen in 360Learning:

  • they are assigned to a path session or a program session;
  • they are mentioned in the forum of a group;
  • they are part of a group mentioned in in the forum of a group.

The following permissions are required by the application on your Microsoft Teams account:

  • View your email address (User.Read)
  • Read all users basic profiles (User.ReadBasic.All)

Step 1: Activate the integration in 360Learning

  1. Contact your 360Learning Client Success Partner (CSP) or Solution Architect (SA), to ask them to enable the application for your platform.
  2. Once you’ve received confirmation that the integration is enabled on your 360Learning platform, click on the platform group in the left sidebar.
  3. At the top right of the main section, click settings.svg Settings.
  4. In the left sidebar, click plug-socket.svg Integrations.
  5. Click the tile Microsoft Teams Bot → Activate.

Step 2: Add the app in Microsoft Teams

  1. Log in to Microsoft Teams ↗.
  2. On the bottom left, click Apps.
  3. In the search bar at the top of the left column, search for “360Learning”.
  4. At the top right of the tile “360Learning”, click Add.
  5. At the top, click Add.

If you are a Microsoft Teams admin, you can also auto-install the app for all users. See the article Use app setup policies to pin and auto-install apps for users ↗.

Step 3: Connect the app with 360Learning

Remember that you must have the exact same email address for both your Microsoft Teams account, and your 360Learning account.

  1. In the Microsoft Teams sidebar, select the app “360Learning” (you can also find it in the Chat section).
  2. Click Get started.

That’s it! You will now automatically receive path session and program session assignments as a chat message in Microsoft Teams, through this bot.

Deactivate notifications

You can deactivate the notifications in your Microsoft Teams account. This brings you back to the beginning of step 3, and will stop any further notifications.

  1. In the Microsoft Teams sidebar, select the app “360Learning” (you can also find it in the Chat section).
  2. At the bottom of a notification, click Mute.
  3. Click Confirm.

You can also deactivate notifications in your 360Learning personal notification settings.

  1. In 360Learning, at the top right, click on your profile picture → Personal settings.
  2. Click the tab Notifications.
  3. Click on a section.
  4. In the column Teams, toggle the notification to deactivate or activate it.
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