Technical Recommendations

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Recommended Web Browsers

Using an outdated web browser may lead to incorrect statistics in the platform. We recommend the following web browsers, by order of priority:

  1. Google Chrome (download page);
  2. Mozilla Firefox (download page);
  3. Microsoft Edge (download page);
  4. Safari (download page).

We only offer support for versions that are currently maintained by the editor. You can check those versions on the browser’s Wikipedia version history page:

If your navigator is outdated:

  1. If you can, download an updated version. Click on the browser you use in the list to download the latest version: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge.
  2. If you do not have the necessary rights to update your web browser, contact your network administrator so that they can update your computer. Please specify in your request that your computer’s browser is outdated and that you are unable to use your digital training software.

Performance Issues

  • First off, check that it’s not caused by a slow Internet connection. You can test your network speed by using a tool like A 1 MB/s speed is enough.
  • If the issue is not related to your Internet connection, disable browser plugins / extensions (especially ad blockers) and repeat the test.  
  • It might also be beneficial clearing your cache and delete your cookies
  • If you are using the platform from work, if possible, try also using the platform from home. If speed improves, speak to your workplace IT administrator to understand what can be done.
  • If the issue continues, run a test with the console open (type F12 and type “Console” in the window that opens) to see if there are errors. Please take screenshots if there are and contact the Support Team to share your findings.
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