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360Learning is compliant with legal requirements applicable to regulatory training. Your platform is designed to manage large numbers of learners, and regulatory programs spanning several hundreds of hours.

Not only is 360Learning compliant with your OPCO's requirements in terms of regulatory training, it is also designed to help you save time and guide you through the implementation of your regulatory training activity.

Your advisor remains at your disposal to provide you with all the information you might need, and answer any questions you might have, throughout the regulatory training process; from the creation of courses to reporting to your OPCO.

The regulatory training program

The training program within 360Learning ensures compliances with the OPCO's requirements:

  • individual monitoring of learners' progress within the program
  • a minimum duration for courses which guarantees that learners put in a certain number of hours
  • validation requirements (%age based) to go from one course to the next
  • exchanges between learners and trainers to identify and help learners who are experiencing difficulties, in compliance with legal requirements
  • the award of a final certification if required


A considerable amount of time saved for the trainer

Thanks to 360Learning, the trainer saves time:

  • the monitoring of learners via the dashboard makes it possible to monitor their progress at a glance
  • latecomers can be contacted via the dashboard with a single click: they receive a contact email
  • the downloadable CSV on the program's dashboard contains all the time logs and can therefore be sent directly to the OPCO

The ideal program within the framework of regulatory training

The ideal program consists of several courses. Each course corresponds to a number of hours.

A module should ideally contain:

  • a document (Powerpoint, for instance, the reference tool for professionals): 15 to 20 slides should be the desired size, and it should not exceed 35 slides
  • fifteen or so questions of various types
  • 2 open questions at the end of the course, which the trainer will correct manually

Interim financing

In the case of large-scale projects, you can segment your project in order to obtain interim financing.

To do this, you can:

  • export your CSV, when fifty hours or so have been carried out for instance
  • send it to your OPCO, whom you will have contacted beforehand, in order to obtain the interim financing

Do not hesitate to consult your 360Learning advisor, who will provide you with advice regarding the matter.

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