Pin a post in a group newsfeed

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Who can use this feature?

  • Platform admins, group admins, and coaches can pin posts in the newsfeed.

Administrators and coaches can pin a post in the newsfeed of their group. The pinned post will stay at the top of the newsfeed for all users in the group.

Pinning a new post will replace the currently pinned post.

  1. On the top right of a post in your newsfeed, click Pin.
  2. Click YES, PIN.

You can also directly pin a post you’re writing by clickinghairPin.svg Pin to the top of the feed at the top right of the popup.

To remove a pinned post, click Unpin at the top right of the post in the newsfeed, then click UNPIN.

You can only pin posts that were created directly in the newsfeed.

You cannot pin the following posts:

  • Comments from the course forum that appear in the newsfeed.
  • Declaration of learning needs.
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