Find out more about Collaborative features

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Collaborative features allow your learners to benefit from the best collaborative learning practices. 



Find out more about the course forum


When the Social Hub is enabled, you can see a forum on the right-hand-side of the course.  

💡 You can hide the forum by clicking the arrow on the left-hand side of the forum. 


Post in the forum

To post in the forum, click somewhere in the text zone and write your message. Then, click the arrow to send your post.

💡To insert a line break, hit Enter


If you need it, you can select a destination group. Only these group members will be able to see the post. To do so, click on the group selector below the text zone and select the group. 


Modify or delete a post in the forum message in the forum

To modify or delete a post:

  1. Hover over the post, and click the pencil-shaped icon 
  2. Click Modify or Delete 

🤓 You can only edit your own posts.


Group Admins can delete a post from one of the group's users. To do so:

  1. Hover over the post and click the pencil-shaped icon
  2. Click Delete

Find out more about internal comments

Internal comments are only visible to the training team. You can recognize them easily thanks to their yellow background.


To post an internal comment:

  1. In the forum, tick Internal (the text zone will turn yellow)
  2. Click somewhere in the text zone
  3. Write your post
  4. Click the arrow to send the post

Here is the list of users who can read internal comments:


📚 Read more about User Roles in this article. 


Internal comments are not visible by Learners.

At any time, you can access the list of users who can access internal comments by hovering over the ? sign next to Internal and clicking Who can see this message?

📚 Are you using internal comments to create courses collaboratively? Check out our best practices on collaborative editing


Tag a user or a group

Tagging a user or a group adds a touch of personalization to your message. Also, this increases engagement rates on your platform.

💡 You can tag a user in internal and public comments. 


To tag a user or a group in the forum:

  1. Click somewhere in the text zone
  2. Press @, and start typing in the name of the user 
  3. Select the user in the drop-down box

    💡You can tag several users simultaneously by spacing names with a comma, or by pressing the key again. 


  4. Type in your message
  5. Hit the arrow icon to send your post
  6. Users who have been mentioned will receive an email notification
💡You don't seem to fin the right user in the drop-down box? Make sure they have the right to see the activity! For instance: are they registered for this program? Are they part of this group? 



Find out more about Reactions


Reactions allow platform users to give their opinion on the course activities.


🤓 Reactions are integral to the platform. Therefore, it's not possible to delete or customize them. 



Analyze the social usage of Reactions

Reactions are action-oriented. For instance, the "this is outdated" Reaction helps you focus on the documents you need to update for business relevance. 

Therefore, it's important for you to track down the number of Reactions per course. 

To monitor Reactions: 

  1. On the Homepage, click Dashboard
  2. Click Courses
  3. Select a course
  4. On the right-hand side, click the chart icon
  5. Head over to the Cheatsheets and Documents section 
  6. If you need to, you can export the detailed analysis by clicking the download icon


Find out more about the Relevance Score

After playing a course, Learners are asked in one click whether the course was or was not useful to them. 

The results of this survey give a Relevance Score for the course, which you can find on the course statistics page. The Relevance Score percentage is computed on the number of learners who answered the course was useful, compared to the number of learners who answered the survey.


Disable collaborative features


You can disable the forum and the Reactions bar via the course Genera Information. 

To disable the forum:

  1. On the Homepage, click Dashboard > Courses
  2. Click Courses
  3. Select the course and click the pencil-shaped icon to go into edit mode
  4. Click General Settings
  5. Head over to the Boost Engagement > Forum section, and click Disable
💡You can enable back the forum by following the exact same procedure. 
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