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After a successful testing phase, we’re rolling out a new navigation experience in our ongoing efforts to improve the consistency of the navigation across the learning platform.

Overview of the new navigation

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  • Consistent top navigation: The top navigation menu (1) is now displayed on all pages, except for the course player and editors. Breadcrumbs make it easier to navigate through pages and know where you are.
  • Quick navigation through pages: Instead of having to click through the left navigation panel and various dashboard menus to get to different pages, you can now navigate to different pages in one click (2).
  • Dashboard data is moving to the homepage and group pages: Using navigation filters (2), you can now access any object (courses, classrooms, paths, etc.). You can switch from the content view to the statistics view (3) and get instant analytics directly from the homepage and any group page.
  • Workspaces: From the left sidebar, you can access two different workspaces (4).
    • From the Home workspace, you can access objects related to all groups, just like in the old dashboard.
    • From the group workspace, you can access objects related to the selected group or public channel.

Get access to user statistics faster

From the homepage or any group page, click the Users navigation filter to access user statistics.

Access users statistics.gif

Access dashboard data directly from the homepage

Admins, coaches, authors, and owners can access any platform object (courses, users, program sessions, etc.) from the homepage.

Access analytics.gif

You can switch to the statistics view and find instant analytics directly on the homepage and any group page. The content view is only available when using the All navigation filter.

All statistics.gif

For learners, there is no change on the homepage and group pages.

Access to exports has moved

With the release of the new navigation experience, access to exports has moved:

  1. On the home page, make sure the All navigation filter is selected.
  2. Switch to the statistics mode.
  3. Open the Custom reports tab.
    From there, you can build a new export or access saved reports.

Custom reports.gif

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