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SSO (Single Sign-On) is an authentication method that enables users to securely authenticate with multiple applications and websites by using just one set of credentials.

OpenID works by:

  1. Redirecting a user to IDP to determine their identity. This is done by seeing if they have an active session (Single Sign On) or by asking the user to authenticate.
  2. Once the IDP authenticates the user and authorizes them to access a particular application, the IDP redirects back to that app.
  3. This redirect also passes information about the user back to the app that it can use to confirm the user’s identity.

Enable the SSO OpenID

There are a few items you need to complete before you can start using the OpenID protocol.

If you have questions about how to get started, reach out to your account manager.

Step 1: Gather your configuration information

First, you need to collect the following platform data from OpenID:

    • issuer: string, (IDP provider)
    • authorizationURL: string, (Login URL)
    • tokenURL: string,
    • userInfoURL: string, (Metadata)
    • clientID: string, (Identifier)
    • clientSecret: string,
    • callbackURL: string,
    • customScopes: openid profile, (Custom Claims)

Step 2: Contact 360Learning

After you have the configuration info, email either your 360Learning Client Success Partner or Solution Architect with the following information:

  • SSO name: OpenID
  • OpenID data: All of the OpenID information from the section above.
  • IT point of contact: The name and email of an IT resource who your 360Learning Solution Architect can reach out to for configuration questions if needed.
  • Activation level: Do you want to activate single sign-on for your entire platform or only for select 360Learning groups?
  • 360Learning group ID: If you are activating the SSO at a group level instead of for your platform, include the group IDs (Find the ID of a group).

Step 3: Test the SSO

Next, your 360Learning Solution Architect will reach out to confirm that the SSO is set up.

To verify the SSO is setup go to your 360Learning login url. Make sure you see an option to "Log in with {SSO platform name}".

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