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Who can use this feature?

  • This feature requires the Personio Integration. Contact your Account Manager for more information.
  • Platform Administrators can activate the integration once it’s been enabled by their Solution Architects.
  • Accessible only on the Web Application.

Synchronize your users from Personio to 360Learning. This integration allows you to:

  • Choose your connector administrator.
  • Map which 360Learning groups your Personio users will be synchronized to.
  • Synchronize information from key Personio fields into 360Learning.
  • (optional) Select additional Personio fields to synchronize to 360Learning as custom fields.
  • (optional) Automatically structure your 360Learning group hierarchy to match your Personio org chart.

At activation, the integration will:

  • Add synchronized Personio users to 360Learning if they didn’t previously exist.
  • Edit existing 360Learning fields with the information from Personio.

💡 The integration will not delete or synchronize users who only exist in 360Learning.

Set up the integration

There are a few items you need to complete before you can start setting up the integration in 360Learning.

Step 1: Generate Personio API keys

💡  Personio Article Link: How to Generate and Manage API Credentials for Personnel Data

First, you need to generate your Personio API keys under and enable the following API permissions:

  • Employee data: Read only
  • Absence data: No access
  • Attendance data: No access
  • Documents: No access
  • Attendance data: No access
  • Documents: No access

Step 2: Contact 360Learning

After you have your Personio API keys, email either your 360Learning Client Success Partner or Solution Architect with the following information:

  • Integration Name: Personio.
  • Personio Domain: Your Personio application URL.
  • Personio API Keys: client_id, client_Secret
  • 360Learning Group Id: Include only the ids for the groups that you will sync with Personio.
  • 360Learning Connector Admin Email: The email of the user who will act as the administrator for your integration. In 360Learning, this user needs to be either a platform administrator or the platform owner.
  • (OPTIONAL) Custom Fields: If you want to sync additional fields, include the Personio API field name and how you would like the field name to appear in 360Learning.
  • (OPTIONAL) Group Structure: If you want to sync your users into a group hierarchy structure based on Personio fields, include the Personio API field names. Your Support Architect will setup a workshop for you to determine the best hierarchy to reflect your Personio Org Structure.

After that, your Solution Architect will reach out and complete configuration and setup testing with you. Once testing is complete, they will turn the integration on in your live platform.

Step 3: Test the integration

Next, your Solution Architect will send you a URL to test the integration.

The test environment does not automatically synchronize from Personio and 360Learning. When running through your tests, contact your Solution Architect to manually run the synchronization scripts.


  • Production URL:
  • Test URL:

Other things to know about the test environment:

  • Any changes made in production will not show up in the test environment.
  • Any changes made in the test environment will not show up in production.
  • The test environment does not send any emails.
  • The test environment is temporary. If you cannot log in to it anymore while still testing your integration, ask your Solution Architect to restart the test environment.

Suggested test scenarios

💡 When running through your tests, remember to contact your Solution Architect to manually run the synchronization scripts.

  • All Active Personio users show up as learners in your synced group(s).
  • The data from Personio was copied over to the correct 360Learning fields for each user.
  • When you modify a user in Personio, the edit shows up correctly in 360Learning after the sync.
  • When you create a new user in Personio, they show up in 360Learning after the sync.
  • When you terminate a user in Personio, they are deleted in 360Learning after the sync.

Step 4: Activate the integration in production

Once you’ve completed your tests, request for your Solution Architect to deploy the integration into your production platform.

Once the integration is in production, your platform administrators can activate it in the relevant groups:

  1. From the homepage, select the group you’re synchronizing data with.
  2. In the top right corner, click Settings.
  3. In the left panel, select IntegrationsManage integrations.
  4. Click Personio.
  5. Verify the API information is correct and click SETUP INTEGRATION.

New users added through the synchronization will get an email notification with an email and password they can use for their initial login. Once they’ve connected, the platform will prompt them to change their password.

More information about the Personio integration

Default synced data

Here are the default fields that the integration syncs from Personio.

💡 The integration only syncs data employees that are marked as active, onboarding, or leave in Personio. It won’t sync data for inactive Personio users.

Personio API Field Name

Where the field is visible in Personio

360Learning Field Name

employee_id Employee Information → Public Profile External id
first_name Employee Information → Public Profile First Name
last_name Employee Information → Public Profile Last Name
email Employee Information → Public Profile Email
position Employee Information → Public Profile Title / Employment
supervisor Employee Information → HR Information Manager

Syncing custom fields (optional)

In addition to the default synced fields, the integration can sync any standard or custom Personio field that is reachable through the Personio API. These will show up as custom fields in 360Learning.

To add additional fields to the integration:

Things to know about how custom fields synchronize:

  • If you remove the custom field from a user in 360Learning but not in Personio, the integration will add the custom fields back to the user in 360Learning in the next sync.
  • If you delete a synced custom field from 360Learning but not Personio, the integration will recreate and add the custom field back to users in the next sync.
  • If you change the title of a synced custom field in 360Learning, the integration will create and add a new custom field for that field in the next sync. The renamed custom field will still exist in 360Learning, but it will be removed from synced users.
  • If you add a non-synced custom field to a synced user in 360Learning, the custom field will stay in place during syncs.

Syncing group structure (optional)

By default, the integration adds synced users to one group in 360Learning. You can choose to sync them in a group hierarchy structure based on Personio field values.

To set up group hierarchy through synchronization, contact your Solution Architect. They will organize a workshop with you to determine the best hierarchy to reflect your Org Structure.

💡 The integration does not create groups. If the field values of a synced user do not correspond to any existing 360Learning group, the integration will add them to the top-level synced group.

If you choose to activate group structure synchronization, note down the following items: 

  • The Personio API field names for each hierarchy level. (Example: office and department are Personio API field names.)
  • The level in the group hierarchy for each field. (Example: office is level 1 and department is Level 2)
  • The possible values for each field. (Example: Paris and New York are possible office values. Support and HR are possible department values.)

What would the example group structure look like in 360Learning?

  • Top Level: the synchronized group
  • Level 1: office
  • Level 2: department


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