Review a course

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This feature is only available for platforms with the Enterprise plan; contact your Account Manager to know more.

Reviewers can post internal comments in courses for which they are reviewers.

Open a course for review

When the reviewer is added to the course by a member of the Project team, they receive a notification; at the bottom, they can then click REVIEW THIS COURSE.

They can also access the course from the notifications bell on the homepage, by clicking N Pending review(s), then REVIEW on the right of the course.

If the reviewer is a member of the Project team, they can also open the course from the Project interface:

  1. In the homepage sidebar, click Projects.
  2. In the list of projects, click a project.
  3. At the top, clickCREATE.
  4. At the top right of a course, click See course (icon of an eye).

In all cases, the homepage of the course will open, and they can start playing it.

Review a course

Reviewing a course means playing a course like a regular learner, and post internal comments in the forum.

  1. From the course homepage, click START.
  2. Play the various activities in the course.
  3. For each activity, share your feedback to the course authors and co-authors by adding an internal comment in the forum on the right.
  4. When you’ve finished the course, you can play it again.
  5. When you’ve completed your review, click COMPLETE REVIEW on the top right of the course.
  6. Click COMPLETE REVIEW again.

When the reviewer clicks COMPLETE REVIEW, a notification is sent to all Project team members, and the task X completes the review (X being the first name of the reviewer) is marked as done in the section Review of the project.

The reviewer can still play the course after the review is completed, and can still post comments in the forum.

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