Delete a label

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Reminder: labels are currently being phased out of the platform for User Custom Fields.

⚠️ Upcoming phase-out dates:

  • June 15th, 2022: Users will no longer be able to assign labels to users.
  • July 6th, 2022: Labels will no longer be available on the platform (still available through API and exports).
  • September 7th: Labels are no longer available through API Get calls, exports, or the CSV import file.

Group administrators and platform administrators can delete a label or remove labels from user profiles.

In the first case, the label is deleted from the platform, for all users.

In the second case, the label is removed from the user profile only.

Delete a label from the platform

This will delete the label from the platform, for all users.

  1. In the left sidebar of the homepage, click on the platform group
  2. On the top right of the group page, click ... > Settings.
  3. In the left sidebar, click Keywords > Labels.
  4. On the right of a custom field, click Delete (trash icon).
  5. Click CONFIRM.

Remove a label from a user profile

This will remove a label from the user profile, but will not remove it from other user profiles, nor delete it from the platform.

  1. At the top right of the homepage, click + > User.
  2. In the left sidebar, click Active members.
  3. Click on a user.
  4. In the section Labels, on the right of the label name, click Remove (icon of an X).

You can click + on the right of the list of labels, and select the label in the list to add it again.

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