Find the statistics from the old group dashboard

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The group statistics dashboard has been redesigned! For more information on the new dashboard, see Track group statistics.

We are gradually removing the legacy group dashboard. You can still find the statistics from the legacy dashboard in the following locations:

Old group dashboard section New location
General View and download the general data in the new Group dashboard.
Subgroups View and download the subgroups' data in the new Group dashboard.

View the list of learners in the Users chip.

Create a General report to download the data.

Projects View and download the projects' data in the new Group dashboard.
Learning needs If learning needs are activated, you can find the related statistics in the Learning Needs chip.
Programs This section has not been removed. You can still find the data for programs in the old group dashboard, under the Additional details tab.
Main skills This section has not been removed. You can still find the main skills data in the old group dashboard, under the Additional details tab.
Paths View the list of paths and deep dive into the statistics of a specific path from the Paths chip.
Collaborative activity

View the number of comments and reactions in the new Group dashboard.

View the number of publications, comments, and reactions per learner in the Collaborative Activities chip, under the tab Users.

View the legacy group dashboard

You can still view the legacy group dashboard for the statistics related to programs and main skills:

  1. In the left sidebar, click on a group.
  2. At the top of the group’s page, click vector (1).svg Statistics.
  3. At the top, select the Additional details tab.

The dashboard shows the following elements:

  • Programs
    • Ongoing sessions: Number of ongoing sessions per month. The sessions taken into account are the ones which were in progress at some point during the given month.
    • Blended learning: Distribution between 100% online sessions and sessions with in-person classrooms.
    • Attendance rate (last 12 months): Percentage of users that started a program session.
    • Completion rate (over the last 12 months): Percentage of users that completed a program session.
    • Success rate (last 12 months): Percentage of users who successfully completed a program session.
    • The table at the bottom of the Programs section lists the Name, number of Learners, Attendance rate, Progress, and average Score for each program session.
      • Click the radio buttons at the top to switch between In Progress, Finished, and All program sessions.
    • For more information about program sessions statistics, see Track program session statistics.
  • Main skills
    • Average score of questions and assessments by skill: Score obtained by skill, on a scale of 0 to 100%. For a given skill, the score is the average between question activities and assessment scores of the questions and assessments tagged with this skill.
      • Hover over any branch of the chart to view the details of each of these scores.
    • Work by skill: Number of answers and assessments per skill.
      • Hover over the skill to view the score obtained for that skill.
    • Skills: The table lists the Name, Training score, Assessment score, and Average score for group skills.
    • For more information about skills statistics, see Track group skills statistics.
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