Upvote a Learning Need

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Upvoting a Learning Need allows group administrators to prioritize Learning Needs.

You can upvote any Learning Need that is linked to a public group, or a private group to which you belong.

  1. In the left sidebar, click Learning Needs
  2. On the left of a Learning Need title, click Upvote (icon of an arrow pointing up)

To cancel your vote, click the Upvote button again.

You can also comment on a Learning Need.

Ranking & order of Learning Needs

By default, Learning Needs are ordered according to a score, based on the number of votes and the date of publication.

  • ranking score = (number of votes) - (elapsed time since creation)

You can change the sorting order by clicking Most relevant on the top right. Learning Needs can be sorted by:

  • Most relevant (ranking score explained above);
  • Most recent (Learning Needs created last at the top);
  • Oldest (Learning Needs created first at the top);
  • Most upvotes (Learning Needs with most upvotes at the top);
  • Most comments (Learning Needs with most comments at the top).
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