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Upvoting a Learning Need allows group administrators to prioritize Learning Needs.

You can upvote any Learning Need linked to a public or a private group to which you belong.

  1. In the homepage, on the right of the section name Learning Needs, click See all.
  2. On the left of a Learning Need title, click upvote.svg Upvote.
    • If you have administrator role on a group, click on the learning need in the list, then click upvote.svg Upvote in the right sidebar.

To cancel your vote, click upvote.svg Upvote again.

You can also comment on a Learning Need.

Ranking & order of Learning Needs

By default, Learning Needs are ordered according to a score that takes into account the interest of your peers, the number of upvotes, and the time since creation.

You can change the sorting order by clicking Most relevant on the top right. Learning Needs can be sorted by:

  • Most relevant (ranking score explained above),
  • Most recent (Learning Needs created last at the top)
  • Oldest (Learning Needs created first at the top),
  • Most upvotes (Learning Needs with most upvotes at the top), or
  • Most comments (Learning Needs with most comments at the top).
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