Major update (May 12th, 2021): new homepage and navigation 🚀

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Your business needs are shifting constantly. Whether you’re welcoming new employees or simply trying to keep up with new products and processes, you have a lot of balls in the air. 
With so much on your plate right now, efficiency is the name of the game. You’re looking for ways to cut down on the unimportant and make sure that everything is running as it should. 👌

Your 360Learning Homepage should reflect that. A place to follow up on your assignments and check on your groups. But also a place to get inspired by your peers and keep learning every day.

The new Homepage concept will drive success on crucial use cases:

  • Empower your teams, by accessing all your groups in one click
  • Keep learning, via direct access to your workspace
  • Leverage internal expertise, by collaborating with your peers

Video from an administrator account

Video from learner account



Focus on group navigation

  • All the groups you belong to 1 click away
  • Access to all the current pages




The homepage as your personal workspace

  • Assigned sessions, never miss an assignment
  • Main catalog, discover new trainings directly from the homepage
  • Creation button, find all the creation options in one place




Showcase your groups

  • Identify experts, a specific leaderboard on each group
  • Group catalog, organized by type of training (Courses, Programs, and Paths)





  • Contextual newsfeed, a quick overview of all the collaboration happening
  • Publish box, collaborate, give feedback, ask for help!




See our full guide, which includes an information email template, and a slide deck of the major changes.

How can I access the "Users" tab, or the "Courses & Programs" tab of a group?

In the left sidebar, just below the group name, click Settings. You can then access the different tabs of the group.

You can also click the + button on the bottom right, then USERS to directly access the user creation menu.

How can I go back to the homepage?

On the top right of the screen, click the "X" button.


What happened to the "About" tab for groups?

Coaches and Administrators on the group can access it by clicking Settings in the left sidebar (below the group name), then ABOUT.

We had originally decided to hide it entirely for Learners. But it seems it wasn’t the greatest idea; we’re reintroducing it at the next release, on June 2nd.

How can I know who are the group coaches?

Only Coaches and Administrators can see the list of the group’s Coaches: on the bottom right click the "+" button, then USERS. In the left sidebar, select Active users.

What is the size for the new logo?

250x250 pixels.

What is the size for the group cover picture on the top right?

480x270 pixels. The ratio remains unchanged (1440x480) for accessing the settings page of the group.

How can I access the billing menu?

  1. In the left sidebar, click on the platform group (it should be the one at the top of the list)
  2. In the left sidebar again, below the name of the platform group click Settings
  3. In the left sidebar, click Billing

How can I access the Public channel?

  1. In the left sidebar, click on the platform group (it should be the one at the top of the list)
  2. In the left sidebar again, below the name of the platform group click Public channel
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