Download an overview of the courses

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You can export the statistics of one or several courses in the CSV format.

  1. In the left sidebar, click Dashboard
  2. In the left sidebar, click COURSES
  3. On the top right, click Download (icon of an arrow pointing down)
  4. Click DOWNLOAD

You can filter the download course status, by clicking Drafts, Published, Archived, or All in the left sidebar.

The file will display one line per course in the subset, with the following columns:

  • "Course Name": title of the course;
  • Course Id: a unique string of characters, identifying the course;
  • Author: first name and last name of the Author;
  • Co-authors: first name and last name of the Co-authors;
  • Views: number of times the course has been started (a user who played the course twice, counts as 2 views);
  • Status: "Draft", "Published" or "Archived";
  • Creation date: date of the first save (in format ISO 8601);
  • Last update: date of the last edition in an activity, or the settings of the course (in format ISO 8601);
  • Reaction Score: reaction Score of the course (See Measure course impact with the Reaction Score);
  • Likes/Learned something/Outdated/Didn’t get it/Useful/Irrelevant: for each column, number of reactions in the course;
  • Documents: number of Document activities in the course;
  • Cheat sheets: number of Cheat sheet activities in the course;
  • Questions: number of Questions activities in the course;
  • Language: language chosen when the course was created;
  • Skills: name of the Skills added to the course (or an activity of the course), separated by a "|";
  • Group: name of the lowest level group of the Author.
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