Hosting provider and migration

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360Learning’s main infrastructure is hosted within our partner OVH's data centers. Another service provider called Online SAS hosts our backup infrastructure. 

We are changing our main hosting provider from OVH to Microsoft Azure in their French datacenters. 

The migration of our production environment to Microsoft Azure is scheduled for the third quarter of 2021. 




Why do we do this hosting migration?

  1. To get a scalable infrastructure that will support our fast growth and our international development
  2. To get a robust infrastructure that will deliver a better quality of service for you


What will be the impact of the migration for you as a client?


The good news is that this migration will have no visible impact: it will be transparent to you and your users. Our data is still hosted in France in a GDPR compliant standards environment. 

🤓 An update will be required if you whitelisted our IPs instead of our * domain. This is quite rare, and most of you should not be concerned, but if you are in this case, please let us know by sending a message to our support team and we will let you know what to do when the shift will be scheduled. If you do not know if you whitelisted or not, we invite you to contact your IT service.
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