Track course impact with the Reaction Score

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You can measure the impact of a course by checking its Reaction Score in the Dashboard.

The Reaction Score is a numerical value between -100 and 100 that the platform calculates using the following information:

  • The course view count.
  • The difference between positive reactions (Like, Learned something, and Useful) and negative reactions (Outdated, Have a question, and Not useful).
    • We take into account all the reactions that were done on the course, including the activities  that were deleted since.

View the reaction scores of your courses

  • At the top of the homepage, click Courses.

You will see the following key sections on your dashboard:

  • Continue creating these courses
  • Courses that need your attention

Continue creating these courses

In this section, the platform displays all published courses that you are either the author or co-author of that have been updated within the past three months. If there are no courses that meet that criteria, this section won't appear.

You can use this section to quickly edit your recent courses: hover over the course and click pen.svg Edit course.

Courses that need your attention

This section is geared towards helping authors identify which of their courses need some extra attention. Once a course that you have published gets ten or more views, this section will display courses with a Reaction Score below 50.

If none of your published courses meet that criteria, the section will not appear.

Manage courses

To download your Reaction Score, see this article.

Reaction Score details

In the second column, you will see the Reaction Score for each course:

  • Green: Scores that are greater than 50 with a max of 100
  • Orange: Scores that are between 25 and 50
  • Red: Scores that are lower than 25 with a minimum of =100
  • Gray: Courses with no views

For more details of each reaction, hover over the number.

There will be no reaction score displayed for courses when:

  • Nobody has completed the course
  • Reactions are disabled on the course
Additional notes:
  • The Reaction Score is computed regardless of visibility; it doesn't take into account the groups of the reactions.
  • Reactions made by deleted users are taken into account.
  • The specific ratio Useful/Not useful is called the Relevance Score; its percentage is computed by dividing the number of learners who clicked Yes, I'll use this! at the end of the course, by the total number of learners who answered the survey. There is no minimum required number of reactions for the score to be computed.

Send a message to the course Author

See Send a message to the author of a course.

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