Create sets of training items with skills

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You can use skills to create a set of training items, in the same spirit as a folder. This allows you to assign them easily, from a selection interface.

Example: assign the same set of 1,000 courses to several paths.

You can adapt this example to assign the same set of courses, program templates, sessions, or paths, to several paths, Catalogs, Library, exports.

  1. Create a skill with the name of the set
  2. Assign training items to that set
  3. When selecting courses, sessions, or any other training item, click Filter on the top right
  4. Click +
  5. Select the skill created in the first step
  6. On the top right, click Select all (icon with several lines, on the left of Filter)
  7. On the bottom right, click CONFIRM

You can then delete the skill.

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