Major update (Nov. 18th, 2020): merging the Dashboard and Training Programs menus

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Date of the migration


We plan to roll out this migration on November 18th.

Why merge the menus?

Today, the content in those 2 menus is identical:


  • Here’s what you see in the Dashboard > Courses menu:


  • Here’s what you see in the Training Programs > Courses menu:



To harmonize the navigation, we are merging the Training Programs menu into the Dashboard menu. This merge is one of the most visible steps after months of behind-the-scenes work to ease platform navigation. Rationalizing menus will also simplify platform maintenance.  


Expected changes

Whether you’re a long-time user or have just started exploring 360Learning, chances are you spend a lot of time exploring the Dashboard and the Training Programs menus. Even though the merge is intended to ultimately ease platform navigation, we understand that you may have some concerns.

Here are the changes you can expect starting November 18th:

  • On the Homepage, Authors, and Coaches and Admins will see 3 menus instead of 4: Home, Dashboard, and Catalog
    We will also update the icons of each menu. Here are the new visuals:


  • Upon first connection, users will see a pulsar (green dot) informing them of the change :
  • From the Dashboard, Admins, Coaches and Authors will be able to 
    • Create courses & program templates
    • Edit training content 
    • Access statistics

Most importantly, the change will be transparent to your Learners, since they don’t have access to the Dashboard/Training menus. They will only see the new icon for the Home icon & Catalog icons.



If you’d like to communicate the change to your team:

  • You can watch a presentation video in French and in English over on our Youtube Channel
  • You can download a PDF version of this newsletter (see attachments)
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