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Our Learning Engagement Coaches, Solutions Architects, and other 360Learning teams offer you a monthly series of webinars to meet all your needs: 

  • creating your first course
  • understanding and optimize the structure of your platform
  • gamifying your training program,
  • setting up an engaging facilitation strategy, discover a new solution etc.

You can now:

  • register for the webinars you are interested in via the pages below,
  • receive replay videos by registering for any webinar, even if you can't attend,
  • invite your entire project team to the practical webinars 
  • or send this link to all your authors and business experts who use the platform.

Next events

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On-demand events

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You'd like a training on the 360Learning platform usage? 💡

Among the above list of webinars available for you, don't hesitate to subscribe to our next webinars sessions delivered by our Learning Engagement Coaches and Solutions Architects teams to meet all your needs. Here's some information about those:


LEC - What’s the key to creating engaging training programs?
Level: Beginner
Objective: Create your first course and program
Frequency: Once per quarter, also exists as an on-demand replay that you can watch whenever it suits you.

LEC - How can we use gamification to create an outstanding learning experience?
Level: Advanced
Objective: Learn how to use the platform's gamification features and understand its main concepts.
Frequency: Once per month


Platform setup, new features

Discover your platform’s new features
Level: Beginner
Objective: Discover the latest new features of your platform
Frequency: Once every 9 weeks


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