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💼 Learning Needs are included in 360Learning Enterprise plan. For more information, please contact your 360Learning Account Manager.





Declare a Learning Need

Where to declare a Learning Need

All users can declare a Learning Need.

Learning Needs are declared on a group basis: only users from the group can see the group's Learning Needs. 

User can declare a Learning Need:

  • From the Homepage, by clicking Declare a Need
  • From the Catalog > Learning Needs menu, by clicking New Learning Need
  • From the search bar: if the platform can't find any results, click Declare a Learning Need


Find out more about the declaration form

Users need to fill in 3 required fields:

  • Title 
  • Description
  • Group

When the Learning Need is filled out, click Share to publish the Need.

Publishing the Learning Needs generates email notifications to the following users:


💡An email featuring trending Learning Needs is sent out every 2 weeks to group members. 


Find out more about visibility rules 

Learning Needs follow the same visibility rules as newsfeed publications: all users who have a Learner, Coach, Author or Admin role in the group can see the Learning Need. 

In the newsfeed, Learning Needs are ranked according to a score. This score is based on the number of votes and the date of publication. 

The score is computed as follows: ranking score = (number of votes) - (number of days since last publication). 

💡If 2 Learning Needs are published on the dame day, the most recent Need will be at the top of the newsfeed.



Edit or delete a Learning Need

The user who declared the Leaning Need can edit it from the Catalog > Learning Needs menu, by hovering over the Need and clicking Edit. They can alternatively delete the Need by clicking Delete in the same menu. 

Group Admins or Platform Admins can remove a Learning Need from the Catalog > Learning Needs menu, by hovering over the Need and clicking Delete. 


🤓 Upon deleting the Learning Need, they will have to justify the suppression. An email featuring the justification will be sent to the user who declared the Learning Need. 




React to a Learning Need

When published, Learning Needs are visible in the Catalog > Learning Needs menu.  

Users who can see the Learning Need can react to it: 

  • By upvoting it
  • By commenting, via the social hub
💡Use the social hub to tag users who might be a good fit to answer the Learning Need, using the @ key!



Reacting to a Learning Need generates email notifications to the following users:

  • The user who declared the Need
  • Users who liked/commented on the Need



Respond to a Learning Need

When a Learning Need is published, group members can volunteer to address it by clicking APPLY NOW in the Need's social hub. 

There is no limit to the number of participants who can apply to answer the Need.  

🤓 Only group admins can see the full list of volunteers. Users who volunteered will only see their name, even if multiple users applied for the Need.


When a user applies to a Need, an email notification is sent to the group Admins. 


Match a Champion to a Learning Need

🤓 Group admins can select a Champion from all group users. 


The users who can select a Champion are:

To match a Champion:

  • In the Need's social hub, click CHOOSE A CHAMPION
  • Match the chosen Champion

An email notification will be sent to the Champion.

When the Champion has been selected by a group Admin, all group members can see the Champion's name in the Learning Need description box. 


💡You can remove a Champion from their Need at any time. To do so, hover over the Champion' s profile picture next to the Learning Need, click the pencil-shaped icon and click Remove. The Learning Need will revert back to Match and the pool of previous volunteers will be visible again for Admins to select a new Champion. Any course that had been created will still be available in the Training Programs menu.


Find out more about the course creation process

Course creation workflow

When the Champion is selected, everything is intended to help them create courses rapidly: 

    1. The new Champion receives an email notification
    2. They are granted Author permissions for the group (if they hadn't been assigned this role ealier)
    3. A course draft is generated, featuring the Champion as main Author
    4. Upon login into their account, the Champion will complete an automatic 360Learning course on Author permissions (if they hadn't been assigned this role ealier)
    5. Group Admin can add Co-Authors to the course from the course settings
    6. When the course is published, the course author and group admins can assign Reviewers
    7. Reviewers are notified over email and can share internal comments via the course forum 
📚 Read more about Internal Comments.



Share the course

Users who can see the course are:

📚 Read more about collaborative editing.

Once the course is reviewed, Admins can add it into a program template, share it in the Catalog or add it to the group's Library



Monitor the status of Learning Needs


Group Admins can monitor the status of Learning Needs via the Catalog > Learning Needs menu. 

  • The Manage Opportunities offers a project management approach to Learning Needs: 
    • The Ongoing Opportunies view features Learning Needs that have been turned into courses upon selecting a Champion. For each Need, you will find:
      • The Team (Authors and Co-authors)
      • Status (Creation in progress, In review, Live)
      • Last Activity date
      • Access to the course (click the puzzle icon)
    • The Learning Needs view features Learning Needs that haven't yet been matched to a Champion? From this view, you can start the course creation process by clicking Launch Project.
  • You will find all Learning Needs in their respective newsfeed via the Browse All menu.

All users can check the status of ongoing Learning Needs from the Catalog > Learning Needs menu.

Learning Needs are filtered by status:


  • New: Learning Needs with no volunteers
  • Match: Learning Needs with at least 1 volunteer 
  • Create: Course drafts 
  • Review: Published courses waiting to be proofread by Reviewers 
  • Share: Courses with attached Reviewers
  • Live: Courses shared in the Catalog of at least 1 group
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