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The Engagement Academy is an environment hosting the training built to develop platform knowledge. This is the address to reach it:

  • The Administrators with a Team plan can contact Estelle Gaillac to request access to the Engagement Academy.
  • The Administrators with a Business plan or Champion Solution with a registered or active user license have access by default to the Engagement Academy and they can also contact the LEC team to request additional invitations.

Your login name is the same email address as the one for your platform, with #academy before the @.


Regular email address Engagement Academy email address


If you experience challenges while trying to log in:

  • Make sure that there are no capital letters in your email address.
  • Verify the presence of "#academy" before the @ in your email address
  • If you cannot find or remember your password, you can set a new one by using the "Forgot password?" option on the Engagement Academy login page.
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