Major update (Apr. 22nd, 2020): deactivating payment and automatic registration from the Public channel

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Starting April 22nd, the Public Channel is undergoing important changes:

  1. The online payment solution will no longer be available
  2. Automatic registration to your platform for programs on the Public Channel will no longer be available






Find visitor information (automatic registration)

As of today, free program sessions with automated registration don't require you to add Learners onto your platform. Through registration, you automatically receive the user's contact information (first name, surname, email). 

Starting next April, Learner will no longer be able to self-register to a free session via the Public Channel. They will only be able to play the first course in open access. To let them continue the program, you will have to add them to your platform. Here are 2 ways you can retrieve their contact information:

  • Visitors can contact you via the contact form, on the Public Channel
  • You can  insert a Typeform/Google Forms in the course survey so that Learners give you their contact details

 Each new user will be charged as 1 user license (either via your Team or Enterprise billing plan). 


Train Learners who purchased a session via the Public Channel


Visitors who purchased a program up until April 22nd will be able to continue it via your platform. 

After April 22nd, the self-registration option for paying programs will be removed. 

We recommend that you add these users directly to your platform (in a specific group) so that they can continue their training program. You will be able to remove them from the platform when they have completed the training.



Sell programs via the Public Channel


As of today, you can sell programs via the Public Channel:

  • If you use our integrated payment solution (Mangopay), visitors who purchase the program will automatically be added onto your platform 
  • Alternatively, you can choose not to use the payment solution, and add users manually.

On April 22nd, the payment solution will be removed. Of course, you will still be able to promote your programs, but you will have to manually add paying customers to your platform. Here are 2 ways they can leave their contact information:

  1. They can contact via the Public Channel contact form 
  2. Also, you can make the first course available in free access (from the session settings) to allow the learner to play, and insert a link to a Google Form/Typeform survey 


Handle online payment outside the Public Channel


⚠️  All the solutions detailed below require you to have your own website, whether it is custom-developed or built with Wordpress/Wix/equivalent solutions. You will, therefore, need a developer or at least a Wordpress admin (or equivalent solution) to do the following:


Managing payments manually

On your site, you can create a section where you showcase your offer of available paid programs. You can add a button that allows Learners to express interest. This button or link will allow them to open an online form (Google Form/Typeform) or simply open an interface allowing them to retrieve their e-mail/name/first name/information needed for payment and invoicing. The advantage of this solution is that it does not require advanced development skills.

If your site is made with Wordpress for example, a Wordpress administrator will be able to integrate a form plugin quite simply. There are a lot of plugins available on this Wordpress dedicated page. The logic is the same for other similar platforms.


Automating payment management

If your Wordpress administrator OR website developer already has experience with integrated payment solutions, you can replace the process above and your manual processing with an integrated payment module. This means that your customer will be able to pay online and you will be able to manage the entire process: from payment to digital training delivery.

The most common global player for integrated payment solutions for your site is Stripe, but there are other less expensive ones such as Mango Pay. Feel free to browse the different solutions and their specifics to find the most relevant one. Each solution has complete technical documentation that will guide your technical manager in the implementation of that solution.

If you use Wordpress (or another solution to create a website), your choice of solution will be more restricted because there is no plugin with every payment solution, but there is at least one with Stripe


Get your training program's data via the 360Learning API

If you want to be able to automatically populate the section of your site where you offer your paid training content, you can do so with data that would automatically come up from the 360Learning platform. This is possible thanks to calls to our API. It is necessary to have a developer/technician who masters these subjects, but this allows you to always have automatically updated data on your site, for example :

  • Training program name and author
  • Training program description
  • Associated skills
  • Courses contained in this training program

Your technician will find more information on our API documentation available online:


You can combine solutions 1 and 3 or 2 and 3 if you want to maximize your user experience if you think it is relevant to your business.


Can I find Public Channel user's information via the Dashboard?


The Public Channel menu will still be available on the Dashboard. It will only feature the number of views you received on your Public Channel. 

Since Learners can’t register on the platform on their own, there will be no Public Channel-incoming Learners on the Dashboard. We recommend that you add these learners into separate groups.

The only Learners you will find in your Dashboard are the learners you have added yourself to the platform. As usual, you will be able to access these user profiles via the Users or Groups menus. 

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