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Scaling Sales Success

Sales-driven growth depends on new hires hitting the ground running and reaching targets. Training is key in ensuring that new sales recruits are equipped with the best practices, knowledge and tools required to be successful. A recent CSO Insights report shows that effective training can increase quota attainment by 20%. Put simply: Sales Enablement is no longer an option. It’s crucial for survival, growth, and success in today’s economy.

But setting up a winning Sales Enablement strategy is hard. How do you ensure your reps have the right resources to boost conversions? How do you get your top performers to share tricks of the trade? How do you demonstrate the impact of sales training?

360Learning helps you engage and enable a top-performing sales team. With the 360Learning Sales Enablement solution, you can reduce time-to-productivity s for new sales hires, foster a culture of continuous learning and achieve results in a measurable, predictable way.




Reduce ramp-up time for new sales hires

The key to onboarding new sales hires is to make sure that they can polish their demo skills and get actionable feedback on the fly. This is where the 360Learning Enablement Solution can help:


  1. Learners record themselves pitching with their webcam, their screen or their mobile phone and seamlessly share their video with their coaches

  2. Sales coaches share customized and actionable feedback

  3. Sales reps can replay their video over and over to understand the feedback and improve

📚 Read our section related to video pitch activities in our Questions article.


Sales trainers need to cope with many sales to hire each year and struggle to get out from under an endless pile of low value-add tasks for each onboarding.

360Learning does everything to relieve the administrative burden:

  • Create automated role-based learning paths to quickly assign the right courses to the right Learners
  • Track and maximize completion through exhaustive dashboards and automatic reminders
  • Automate workflows through HRIS integration: from user creation to data synchronization




Create a culture of continuous upskilling

Most sales training programs suffer from a fatal flaw – they only happen once a year. As a result, salespeople are quick to forget what they’ve learned, as well as the information, content, and tools they’ve been equipped with. To combat this, you need to make sales training a continuous effort.

Here's how:

  1. One critical sales enablement best practice is to designate over-achievers as leaders/teachers of the program. Our simple, collaborative authoring tool lets your top performers create compelling courses within minutes. They can easily share their expertise with the rest of the team. Through the collaborative hub, sales reps enrich training programs with their own experience, knowledge, and questions. 



    💡 Empower newbie authors by giving them all the resources that will help them create courses 
    that comply with your quality guidelines
    : corporate messaging, acronyms, core values, online resources... Anything that will help them create the best content in no time!
  2. Make Learning happen in the flow of the sales process. Sales reps can access 360Learning in a Salesforce tab, for a seamless experience and a greater engagement.


    💼 Reach out to your 360Learning Client Success Partner for information regarding the Salesforce integration. 


  3. Make your Sales reps learn anytime, anywhere, on any device. 360Learning comes with native iOS and Android apps and enable offline mode as well as video recording. This is useful for sales reps who are often traveling, don't always have WiFi or 4G access, and don't have a webcam on their computer.


  4. Engage your sales reps in a Continuous Learning journey through gamified achievements. Top trainers & Learners are rewarded in the Champions Leaderboard. Appealing to their competitive side is how you can nudge top performers into sharing more!



    📚 Read our detailed article on Achievements and the Leaderboard



Measure the impact of your training programs


Data is key in rolling out successful sales training programs!

  • Let the experts focus on what they do best: sharing knowledge. Sales trainers get instant feedback on what's most useful to their sales teams, what needs clarification, what has not been sent to the right person or what is outdated. Result: 100% up-to-date and relevant content.



💼 Receive even more tips on Sales Enablement training in the 360Learning Sales Enablement community! Ask your 360Learning Client Success Partner for more information on how to join. 
  • With the 360Learning integration for Salesforce, sales trainers can finally know, communicate and improve their impact on sales performance. Time to first deal, quota attainment, hit ratio… measure what’s most important to you. 



💼 For more information on the 360Learning Sales Enablement Solution, reach out to your 360Learning Account Manager or contact the team: account-management@360learning.com


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