Help Learners who don't receive notifications

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In this article, we'll go over several ways you can assist users who can't find platform emails. 



Check the Spam / Trash /Junk folders

First, make sure the email isn't located in the user's junk emails.

💡Tip: make sure your Learners add no-reply@360learning to their contact list. This will help notifications be sent to the inbox instead of the spams folder.



Send reminders

You can generate new invitations by sending reminders.

You can:

  • Send reminders to access the platform from the Users menu
  • Send program reminders from the session stats
📚 For more information: find out more about reminders.



Check the firewall

In most organizations, the email network is secured by a firewall that monitors incoming communications. If you find out that most users who don't receive the email are on the same email network (e.g, then it's likely the firewall is blocking 360Learning notifications.

If that is the case, contact your IT team and ask them to authorize incoming emails from Once it's done, you can send reminders to your Learners.

💡Tip: some firewalls automatically block out emails featuring offensive content. If you plan on releasing anti-discrimination programs (e.g "Preventing sexism in the workplace"; "How to deal with discrimination based on race or gender), make sure to contact your IT team to avoid emails being filtered.



Whitelist 360Learning 

To improve the deliverability of 360Learning emails, you can ask your IT team to whitelist 360Learning.

📚 For more information: check out our Technical Documentation to find out more about whitelisting (page 6).



Check notifications preferences (existing users)

⚠️ Important: only users themselves can set their notifications preferences. As an Admin, you can't set notifications for them.


If an existing user doesn't receive platform notifications, it's likely that their notifications are disabled. 

To ensure notifications are activated: 

  1. Ask your Learner to hover over their profile picture


  2. Ask them to click My Settings 


  3. Ask them to access the Notifications section (bell icon)


  4. The Enable email notifications option should be activated. If it's disabled, ask your Learner to tick the corresponding box. 


  5. Send a reminder 



Proofread the email address

Finally, it's possible the email address is invalid.

To proofread an existing user's email address:

  1. Go to the My Workspace > Users menu


  2. In the All the users menu, type in the Learner's name and access their profile


  3. If the email address is incorrect, click Change and type in the new address 


  4. Send a reminder


To proofread a pending invitation:

  1. On your Homepage, hover over the group and access the Settings


  2. Access the Users menu


  3. Click Invitations


  4. Proofread the email address. If incorrect, you can delete it by clicking the X icon


  5. Invite the new address from the Add users menu

📚 For more information: find out more about adding users.
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