Reinstate a deleted account

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When you delete an account, you are only disabling their access to the platform. Therefore, you can easily recover it on your training space. 



Reinstate a deleted account 

To reinstate an account, all you need to do is invite it back onto your training space. 

Here is how to do so:

  1. Go to the My Workspace > Users menu


  2. Click Add Users


  3. Register the user by adding them to a group and specify their role



⚠️ Important: to reactivate the account, you must use the same email address as the previous account. If you need to, you can retrieve the email address from a CSV export in the Dashboard > Users > Deleted menu.



Items that will be recovered upon reactivating an account

✅ Items that will be recovered:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Language (but you may also choose to change it)
  • Labels
  • Additional information
  • Assigned programs
💡 Learning analytics are visible at all times, even for deleted accounts. Head over to the Dashboard > Users > Deleted users menu! 


❌ Items you will need to reinstate:

  • Automatic deletion, date
  • Group(s)
  • Role within the group
  • Role as session Instructor 
  • Instructor whose name appears on the invitation email subject 
  • Manager of other users 

To add the user to a group:

  1. From the Homepage, access the group settings


  2. Access the Members menu


  3. Go to the desired role tab, then click the + sign


  4. Select a user, then click CONFIRM

📚 For more information: you need to add accounts into multiple groups? Our CSV template can help. Keep here to read more about it!
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