Add users when they already have an active account

When registering a user, you may bump into this error code: The user already has an active account



This means that the email address has already been taken on another 360Learning platform. 

Panic not! In this article, we will walk you through 2 workarounds. 



Delete the active account

Here's how you can delete the account:

  1. Contact the user and ask them to delete their account. For instance, they may have created a free trial account on 360Learning.
  2. Once the account has been deleted, you can register them.
📚 For more information: click here to know how to delete your Free Trial account. 



Register the user by using an alias

✅ This is the option you should go for if the email is being used by another 360Learning client and you can't delete it.

Here is how you can register a user with an alias:

  1. Go back in the Users > Add users menu
  2. Instead of using the initial email address, use
  3. They will have to use to log in via the portal



💡 Tip: you can type in anything after the # key ("training", "learner" or even "test"), the user will still receive the email in their inbox. 
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