Set up multiple accounts via a CSV import

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Your platform allows you to set up multiple accounts in one attempt. To do so, you can use a CSV template.

In this article, you will find our hands-on, hassle-free tips to setting up multiple accounts.



Find the CSV template

To set up the accounts, you need to use the 360Learning CSV template. This document is available in the group's settings.

To find the CSV template:

  1. From the Homepage, go to the Groups box and access group settings
  2. Access the Users tab
  3. Click Add Users
  4. Click Set up multiple users
  5. Click download the template

🤓 We suggest you download the template from the platform for every new import. This will ensure you use the most recent version and avoid error codes.



Get a group ID

The group ID is a unique 24-character code that will help you recognize your group on the platform. Here's an example of a group ID:  56eff4ea33aa5b2974e94e65

When importing the CSV file, you will need a group's ID to assign users to their corresponding group.

To find a group ID:

  1. From your Home, click the group's name
  2. You will find the group ID in your address, next to "/home/"


Your platform also allows you to browse multiple group IDs at the same time.

To find all your group IDs:

  1. From the Homepage, hover over Workspace and click Users
  2. Click Add Users
  3. Click Set up multiple users
  4. Click Get the ID of my groups
  5. Retrieve the corresponding group ID from the list
💡Use the clipboard icon Screenshot_2019-05-06_at_11.11.44.png to copy-paste the group ID into your CSV template.



Set up multiple accounts (demo)




Fill in the CSV template: our tips

Before importing the CSV file, take a few moments to review it. This will prevent you from bumping into error codes and will help you save time!

  1. First, you should ensure that email addresses are in the correct format: they don't include any spacing, accent or special character. Also, make sure they are in lowercase letters. You can apply the "=LOWER" function to the column in the CSV file.
  2. Then, ensure that the passwords contain at least 8 characters.
  3. Avoid using special characters (","; "-";";"), line breaks or double spacing. If not, they will be considered as tab-delimiters and mess up your file.
  4. Make sure you use the Help - Aide tab of the file to use the corresponding nomenclature for group roles & languages.
  5. Don't delete any columns even if you're not using them: this would offset the template and create inconsistencies.
  6. When importing the file, only copy the lines you filled in. Don't copy the header, example lines or blank lines.
  7. We suggest you test out the file using 4 or 5 test accounts. This will help you get a better understanding of how the template works.



Update existing accounts via a CSV import

With the CSV template, you can also update multiple accounts in bulk.

List of elements you can update

✅ Here are the elements you can update with the CSV template:

  • Group(s)
  • Role within the group
  • Additional Information
  • Automatic deletion date (❗only if there was no date defined previously)
  • Title / Employment (❗only if there was no title defined previously)
  • Label(s)

❌ However, you can't update:

  • User email address
  • Automatic deletion date (if there was already a date defined)
  • User name
    💡You can edit user email address & name directly from the Users menu.
  • Password
    💡 You can trigger the  "Forgot  your password?" process for another account as explained there: Reset password
  • Language
    💡 Each user can manually change the language of their account as explained there: change the platform language


Update multiple accounts (demo)



💡 When updating multiple accounts, you can skip the "password" field. You can't update a user's password via the CSV file. However, you can send them a password reset request via the platform. 


Wrap up

Here are the 3 things to keep in mind:

  1. To create users, use the 360Learning CSV template file and fill out the fields you need
  2. To update users, use the 360Learning CSV template file and fill out the email, the group ID, and the role (these 3 fields are mandatory), the new additional information (if necessary), and label fields (if necessary). 
  3. To add users into a group, add one line per user and per group, filling out the new group ID and group role.
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